Asiana Offering San Diego To LAX Shuttle Service

Per Asiana’s Facebook page:

*Free Shuttle Service Between San Diego and LAX*

If you’re taking Asiana flight OZ201/202, but find yourself in San Diego, CA, we’re offering free shuttle services to and from LAX!

Schedule: San Diego < — > LAX
Depart 7:20 (San Diego), Arrive 10:20 (LAX)
Depart 13:10 (LAX), Arrive 15:50 (San Diego)

Shuttle services will begin April 1, 2014. Contact your local travel agent for reservation and further information.

Both Asiana and EVA Air already offers a similar shuttle service from JFK to New Jersey.

San Diego seems like an interesting place to offer shuttle service to. None of the other Asian carriers that I know of offer a similar service, so maybe it’s a (delayed) response to Japan Airlines’ direct service to Asia out of San Diego?

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  1. I live in San Diego. This is interesting, as getting from San Diego to LAX via public transportation is rather complicated. I’ve flown Asiana out of LAX a few times on award tickets, but I’ve always been able to get a United flight SAN to LAX included on the award. But this is a great extra option.

  2. As a local, I agree – this is interesting. I’ve never seen an airline offer a service like this. Maybe this is an indication that they usually get a lot of people originating in SD for OZ201/202? If so, I’d like to think this could mean that OZ is taking notice of SAN – and possibly starting service here to compete with JAL.

  3. there is starting to be a big korean population in san diego, so that probably plays into it.

  4. The bus may actually be more reliable. I’m surprised they don’t sell a few seats to passengers on all Star carriers.

  5. Reminds me of when I was forced to take a shuttle from LAX to San Diego on New years eve because fog forced our plane to turn around. Took like 2.5 hours. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  6. Good for them, I’m all for carriers innovating! Would be great to see something similar with SMF–> SFO.

    The codeshares from SAN-LAX and LAX-SFO are interesting because they are often the first to delay/cancel due to fog or air traffic congestion. I could see this being the response to enough passenger complaints on missed connections to their longhaul flights to Asia and many carriers’ refusal to just charter a bus and get the 50 pax on a CR-2 out of a 3-5 hour tarmac delay. But that would be pragmatic 🙂

  7. I live in LA and take the FlyAway from Union Station (since I live along a light rail line that goes to Union Station). If you live in San Diego, you can take Amtrak up to Union Station and connect to FlyAway.

  8. An interesting offer, I guess. That said, the segment between San Diego and LAX is one of the world’s best excuses to endure a regional or shuttle airplane; Forty five minutes on a good day and 70 on a bad day sure beats the [nasty word] out of a three hour BUS trip. Sometimes ‘free’ does not matter and spending a few bucks turns out to produce twice the value over the cost. I can remember the days when driving from L.A. to S.D. too about 75 minutes. These days, even when driving at 0230 – 0300 it well be well over two hours, often pushing three. My time may not be worth much these days, but my sanity is. Screw the shuttle and FLY. Yo won’t regret it.

  9. If you have several people that need to go SAN-LAX, just rent a car one-way. Much easier to control for delays.

  10. That is a good service. I remember back in 2003 Cloud 9 shuttle had a similar service to LAX. They had pick ups at Old Town Transit Center. University Towne Center Mall and in Carlsbad.

    I can’t remember why they stopped to service, but it was very convienent.

  11. As a San Diego local, I don’t see this lasting long at all.

    Amol mentioned Amtrak from SD to LA’s Union Station with a connection on the FlyAway shuttle – it’s a great route and one I highly recommend to all my friends and to travelers seeking advice. Having done gone that route multiple times, it’s a God-send when compared to driving.

    San Diego is quickly approaching that point at which there’s *always* traffic. No drive to LA is worth it, regardless of whether you’re behind the wheel or not. The time expended in a car/van and the risk of hitting stop-and-go rush hour in either city makes for a tense and long commute, with the risk of missing your flight.

    There are too many other options for getting to LAX that will keep this from becoming a favorable option.

  12. Assuming you don’t live within walking distance of an Amtrak station, that option is less than ideal.

    First take a shuttle to Amtrak, then take Amtrak which can easily be running an hour behind, then take another shuttle.

    The shuttle may make multiple stops to pick up other folks, and yet wants to get you there at least an hour early to make sure you make your train. So a couple hours for the shuttle, and maybe another hour in Amtrak delays, makes this a long trip.

    The combined cost of two shuttles and Amtrak is going to be way more than simply renting a car one way. And if there are two or more of you going, even more so…

  13. @Robert Hanson – so take an Ăśber to the Amtrak station. Can’t really comment on the SD-LA line’s delays (since I’ve yet to take Amtrak between the cities), but FlyAway is AMAZING — free wifi on board, power outlets to recharge before/after a flight, and you’re able to use the 110 ExpressLanes/105 Carpool lanes. And the schedule is always on-point.

  14. just an FYI: OZ has re-timed flight 202 to land at LAX @ 9:50am (previous arrival time was 12pm). I’m guessing they’re doing this to give sufficient time to people wishing to continue on to SAN.

  15. Slightly OT, but I’ve heard that there’s a free shuttle (by plane) from CLD to LAX with United if you’re booked on an International Star Alliance flight out of LAX. The example I’ve heard about was a LH flight to MUC. Can anybody confirm this?

  16. Is the free shuttle service fm Sa Diego to LA is true. Travel agents in San Diego no such services is provided.

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