Ways To Connect With The Blog!

I try to keep the blog’s content fresh for long time readers. Some of you have been reading for six plus years, and I really appreciate it (I’m talking to you, mom!). šŸ˜‰

In all honesty, I appreciate everyone that reads more than you can ever imagine. I’m ridiculously fortunate to get to do what I love every day. Sometimes my mom tells me I need to take a day off, and my response is always “from what?” There aren’t many people that get to do what they love as their job every day, and it’s not something I’ll ever take for granted. So a sincere thanks to everyone for their support.

Along the same lines, I often lose sight of the number of new readers I have. My readership grows an average of almost 50% per year, so occasionally I like to post reminders of “ways to connect,” including the following:


Also, while my blog is hosted by Boarding Area, it’s worth noting that you can access it directly by going to onemileatatime.net, which redirects to the blog’s homepage.

Thanks again for reading!


  1. We, too appreciate that you appreciate that you get to do what you love as a way to make a living, because it shows in the lively content of your blog! It keeps us engaged… so thank you!

  2. Some of us also remember reading your posts from well before there was a blog! Keep up the great work. I know one day I’ll be bragging to someone that I knew you when you was still a young’un.

  3. New reader and loving it! I learn something new everyday from you! I used your pointspros.com and would recommend to all my friends and family. Thanks!

  4. Love your blog Ben.But could you be also response to my email from time to time or it’s in your spam folder?

  5. @ Shannon — I checked the inbox and spam folder and don’t see any email from you, assuming you’re using the same email with which you’re commenting?

  6. That’s very strange.Which email should I send? I sent to your hotmail since last month about my trip to Europe but didn’t see any reply?

  7. HI Lucky – we appreciate you and your blog ! Thanks very much, and we look forward to more.

  8. Great blog and keep enjoy what you do. The ‘Ask Lucky’ section is just too large for its own good. Does boardingarea not support anything better, e.g. in a forum format?

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