Great Deals On Vancouver Hotels

There’s a pretty amazing deal going on for Vancouver hotels at the moment. It’s being run through, and the details are as follows:

Book at any of our hotels and receive an AMEX Prepaid Gift Card upon check in!
$75 Gift Card at 2-3.5 Star Hotels
$100 Gift card at 4 Star Hotels
$125 Gift Card at 4.5-5 Star Hotels


The promotion is valid for bookings made through March 14, 2014, and for check-ins by April 30, 2014. All 37 of their downtown hotel partners are eligible, and the AMEX Prepaid Cards can be used any way you’d like — they don’t have to be used at the hotel.

It’s worth noting that rates booked through this promotion are non-refundable and charged at the time of booking. Each person can earn up to three gift cards, and you’re limited to one gift card per stay (back-to-back reservations at the same hotel still only qualify as one reservation for the purposes of this promotion).

Anyway, this can translate to some amazing deals. For example, pulling up random weekend dates in April I see rates of $186 at the Shangri-La Vancouver. That’s before the $125 gift card you get, basically bringing down the net cost to $61.


Now admittedly there are some other amazing options for booking Vancouver hotels. I’m actually headed there in a few weeks and was pleasantly surprised by the hotel options and prices. For example, if booking through American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts or Virtuoso, the same night at the Shangri-La is available for $203:


And that comes with the following benefits:


So you pay $203 and you get a $100 property credit, breakfast, early check-in, late check-out, and an upgrade.

Whether or not that’s better than a $186 prepaid rate with a $125 gift card probably comes down to the individual, but both are amazing deals.

There are also some Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, and Starwood properties participating, though keep in mind that when you make third party bookings you technically don’t earn points or stay credit.

With Vancouver hotel rates as good as they are and with generous benefits through Fine Hotels & Resorts, I may just have to move there for a while when I start living in hotels full time.

(Tip of the hat to sbanders on FlyerTalk)


  1. Awesome, you’re heading to my neck of the woods. Let me know if you need restaurant tips for dim sum and pulled tea. šŸ™‚ Used this promotion last year when it was just the $75 and it worked perfectly. Got 3 $25 Amex gift cards upon check-in. And an upgrade to a room with a Jacuzzi tub!

  2. So you stay at a different luxury hotel each night for a $125 gift card? And churn up a bunch of reviews? Why not just stay the week…….but pack light………

  3. Thanks for the tip! I just booked 3 separate stays (3 is the max for this promotion). One of them looks like this:

    Property: Comfort Inn Downtown Vancouver Room Cost: CAD $65.00
    Room: Queen Fees: CAD $0.85
    Rate: AMEX Promo – Non Cancellable – $75 Taxes: CAD $9.75
    Dates: Mar 4 to Mar 5 2014 Total Charge: CAD $75.60
    Discount: CAD ($74.75)
    Your Price: CAD $0.85

  4. Great deal! But it says your CC is charged at booking so you can’t pay for the room w/ the prepaid card as you don’t get it until check-in, right? The room rates are in CAD not USD so I’m wondering if the prepaid card will also be in CAD (and perhaps not spendable in the US)? The prepaid GCs I get here in the US aren’t valid outside the country (at least that’s what the package says). Would hate to get in on this deal and be stuck w/ useless prepaids if I don’t deplete them before leaving.

  5. As always…. rates are only good in the (very) off season. Not so many great deals starting May/June.

  6. @ Claire — Correct, you can’t use it towards the room rate since it’s prepaid. I’m going to guess it’s in CAD, so may only be used in Canada, which is definitely a consideration.

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