Amazing Deal: Tumi Alpha International For ~$286 Is Back!

Note: I posted about this deal a couple of weeks ago and it sold out within hours, so I’m simply posting the deal again as reader Austin has just informed me that it’s once again available (it wasn’t available last night when I checked). This is a killer deal, and I doubt it will last for long.

Tumi is offering a sale right now, with discounts as much as 40%. The sale isn’t just when purchasing directly through them, but also available when purchasing through Amazon.

For example, the Tumi Alpha International 20″ Zippered Expandable Carry On is available for 40% off. This is the same bag I picked up a couple of months ago and really like.

But it gets better than that. Here’s an opportunity to stack that 40% discount with a further 20% discount, for a total of over 50% off the Tumi Alpha International.

First of all, sign-up to receive Amazon Fashion emails.


By signing up for these emails you’ll immediately receive a coupon via email for 20% off your next purchase which is valid for 30 days. While the terms state it’s only valid for clothing items, in practice the coupon also works on luggage.


Once you have the coupon, shop for the Tumi items you want.

Here’s the Tumi Alpha International 20″ Zippered Expandable Carry On I bought.


After you add the product you want to your cart, go to the check-out page and add in the promotional code you received via email under the “gift cards & promotional codes” section:


Once you enter the code you should see the updated price reflecting the initial 40% discount and then 20% discount on top of that, for a total of over a 50% discount.


~$286 for a brand new Tumi Alpha International that usually retails for $600 is the lowest price I’ve seen on the latest generation version of this bag.

The sale is equally good on the Tumi Alpha Frequent Traveler 22″.

Here’s the Tumi Alpha Frequent Traveler 22″ Zippered Expandable Carry-on, if you’re looking for a bigger bag. It’s a really solid bag and more spacious than mine, and it’s available for 40% off as well.


After applying the 20% discount code, the bag is just $284, which is over 50% off. That’s by far the lowest price I’ve ever seen on this bag.


This won’t last long, so if you’re in the market for a new bag, this is literally the best deal I’ve seen online for a “high end” Tumi bag.


  1. The 20″ sale is nicely timed to coincide with the introduction of UA’s idiotic carry-on enforcement. Alas the 22″ is now showing at full price.

    I love my 20″ Briggs that I got at Costco but Tumi is a great choice too.

  2. This might seem to be a nitpicky question… but it looks like the side handle protrudes outwards and is not able to lie flush against the body of the bag. With the increased policing of carryons that we’ve seen lately, has this posed any issues?

  3. @ beachfan — The actual dimensions of the 22″ are just under 24″. I have a friend that has the 22″ and I don’t think he has ever had an issue on a US airline, but I’ve traveled with him twice on international flights where he was forced to check it.

    So you’d probably get away with it most of the time, but not always.

  4. @ DWT — So in the picture they display the side handle as far out as it will go. In practice it doesn’t go out that far. I’ve never had an issue with the side handle.

  5. Super timely post!

    Well, this will be for my wife’s international travel, so 20″ it is. Any idea what the difference is between the international and continental versions of the 20″ is? I’m thinking international because that’s what it will be for, but not sure if that is just a marketing difference.

  6. @ Shannon — Yep, seems they killed that deal, only 20″ remaining (which I recommend anyway, but I realize everyone has different preferences).

  7. Be careful with the dimensions of this bag. They call it 20″ but it is actually 22″. Maybe the 20″ if internal dimensions but if you check on the Alpha2 model that just replaced this one they clearly show it has 22″ which may be a challenge on intra Europe flights. You can check the new model here and see the way Tumi shows the dimensions for the bag

  8. @ ct — I always struggle with checked bags. On one hand you want a durable one, on the other hand you don’t want a fancy one since it’s more likely to be stolen and ultimately there’s a higher cost when it gets beat up.

    So I’m probably the wrong person to ask, but the only thing I ever check are either really cheap “full sized” check bags (like, the kind you get at Wal-Mart), or a large duffel bag.

  9. yeah, that’s the same struggle i’m dealing with. need something for 3 weeks in nz with mom. might just borrow a bag from a friend, but thought i’d see whether the coupon might lead to something decent.

  10. You know what would be great…if this bag had spinner wheels 🙂 Wanted to make you laugh. Thanks for the heads up.

  11. Waste of money. I’ll stick with my $99 set which serves me well for my 200,000 flown miles each year. When it wears out/falls apart, I find another $99 set to replace which will probably last another 5 years.

  12. That 22″ Tumi is a pig…as others have noted, it’s more like a 24″ (so it has to go sideways), and it’s heavy as hell.

  13. thanks Ben! I just purchased the 20. I have the 22. Depending on the aircraft I fly, I’ll switch between the two.

    GREAT deal!

  14. This doesn’t look like a very good bag. Oversized (compared to reported dimensions), reports that it tips over often, flimsy zipper construction in the new models…

    Think I’ll stick with my Pathfinder and Skyway for now

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