US Airways Giving Away Status!

I was kind of surprised to receive the following email from US Airways yesterday:

“You’ve earned Silver Preferred status for being one of our most valued customers. We hope you enjoy all the perks of being Preferred, which are getting even better now that we’ve merged with American Airlines. Your new membership kit will arrive in the mail in early April.

Although we’ll maintain our separate loyalty programs – Dividend Miles and AAdvantage – for some time, we’re excited to offer you select benefits when traveling on American. As a Silver Preferred member, you’ll enjoy:

  • Unlimited complimentary upgrades to First Class on US Airways and US Airways Express-operated flights*
  • A 25% mileage bonus on all eligible US Airways, American and most partner flights
  • Minimum mileage guarantee for US Airways and American flights less than 500 miles in length
  • Complimentary checked bag when flying on US Airways and American**
  • Priority check-in, security and boarding when flying on US Airways and American
  • An annual US Airways Club membership discount
  • Special offers and savings on rental cars, hotels and more
  • oneworld® alliance Ruby status beginning March 31, 2014

Learn more about Dividend Miles updates and Preferred member benefits.

On March 30, 2014, we’ll exit Star Alliance. You can earn and redeem miles on Star Alliance carriers until that date, and any existing reservations for travel on a codeshare flight with a Star Alliance partner are safe. You will, however, no longer earn miles or receive Star Alliance Silver benefits after March 30, 2014. We plan to join the oneworld alliance on March 31, 2014, which means you can look forward to elite benefits and mileage earning and redemption opportunities on oneworld carriers.
Thanks again for flying with us, and we look forward to seeing you on board soon.”

This is pretty awesome, given that I didn’t fly a single revenue mile on US Airways last year. I think that says a lot about what it takes to be one of US Airways’ “most valued customers.” 😉

I did buy miles several times, though. I figured it might have to do with my American status, but then I realized that I haven’t in any way linked my American and US Airways frequent flyer accounts, so that can’t really be.

Anyone else receive an email from US Airways with free status?



  1. I didn’t get this offer, and I’ve purchased several rev tickets from US last year. I’m also an AA ex plat.

  2. I think it is a clever way to get people to buy miles. And then only a few of those people will get, well. “lucky”.

  3. I got it, too.

    I purchased miles and did transfers for another bonus, but can’t recall any actual revenue flights.

  4. I received e-mail as well. I have bought and shared miles before and I also have US airways Master card. Never flew on us airway, revenue or award. Redeemed on united before.

  5. I got the email as well. Check my profile and sure enough, Silver Preferred Status. I have no status whatsoever with AA.
    I had bought and shared DMiles in the past

  6. Not too hurt your feelings but I got the email and it gave me gold status.

    I did fly US times but not enough to earn silver status. But I definitely bought a lot of miles. So perhaps in combo that was enough for gold.

    Truth be told I don’t think gold or silver with US–or, increasingly any airline–are worth very much.

  7. I shared the max twice… no miles or segments accrued, no email.
    My girlfriend flew exactly 30 segments for Silver. She also shared the max. She got the Gold email!

    It sucks cuz I fly more & I’m on a US Airways flight today and could have used Silver to upgrade with no fee.

  8. Got silver status and nothing else. Pretty strange that some of you guys got gold status.
    I’ve bought a lot of miles but never fly any single mile with them.

  9. I was given Gold and my wife was given Silver. We both never credited a single flight to US, but flew a lot on bought, gifted and shared miles.

  10. So I didn’t get the email but did transfer miles this year, when I logged into my US Air account, in the top right it says “Parag R. (30,100) DMS (which is a yellow logo)”. They DMS has never there before and if I had to guess if means Dividend Miles Silver but when i click on my account, it doesn’t say anything under preferred status. Any ideas?

  11. I got silver too. Have bought miles and shared miles though never flown a single revenue mile on us in my life. Partner also got silver. Same situation as myself.

  12. I actually got Plat preferred.

    Surprised since i NEVER flew Us airways.

    I did, however, buy close to 1 million US airways miles past few years. (frequent flying back to asia in first class = worth it)

  13. Weak. My status runs out March 31 after having it for several years. Wish they’d have extended the offer to me! But then again, I didn’t buy any miles this year….

  14. I have eight accounts for share miles promotion. Only one account got this promotion. That is the only account have some miles left, about 35k. And I use USDM shopping portal to feed that account. That might be the reason.

  15. @Parag: “DMS” means “Dividend Miles Select”, which basically means you have the Barclays US Airways credit card.

  16. This f’ng BS. I flew a good chunk of miles to earn Silver status and then they just give it away and give some people Gold. Hard enough to get upgraded these days.

  17. I was given Gold status and I did redeem close to 1 million US miles towards *A travel over years. My guess is it has something to do with how much miles did you buy:)?????

  18. Grrr…I know I shouldn’t care that others got a special deal and I didn’t. But here I am today giving US another $400 to buy up to Chairman’s since I didn’t quite make the cut this year. However I did spend over $18K on US flights, bought lots of miles and paid for a club membership. BUT no freebies or even a thank you from US. GRRR.

  19. I try not to begrudge other who het freebies, but with 65,000 BIS miles last year on about 60 segments, it bugs me to have to share my upgrades with free golds. Oh well, it is what is. It sure would be nice if AA would reciprocate.

  20. YOU may not have linked your U.S. Airways and American accounts, but you can bet that they have. They know who you are and they can track your travel habits. I’m not making fun here; they can and do do it. While perhaps nice to have ‘silver status’ on a rarely used airline, I wonder how well it will survive when they merge the two, rather different FF programs. Sooner or later, one way or another, I think all of the programs will migrate toward dollars spent and/or butt-in-seat miles on Primary Company Metal. All seem to be moving in that direction and, while perhaps difficult for some Points Experts, focusing on Primary Company revenue to achieve ‘status’ is not an unreasonable requirement. They have given away a lot in prior years and many carriers are no focusing on keeping most flying dollars in-house. And just for fun, if one pays attention to the finer details, routine flying – without precious metal status – is not as horrible as many would believe. Far more important is selecting the best carrier, schedule, metal and connections. With a , is is also important to recognize the difference between A-to-B transportation and mile accumulation. Why are you making the trip in the first place? Net price is important. Sometimes it is the only consideration; other times, other factors become primary. When (if) it becomes overwhelming, staying home is always a safe option .

  21. I received this too – never flown US, only bought miles to use on other star alliances carriers … Maybe they figure there’s little risk I’ll take them up on the upgrade offer! Do have an AA membership but to date no miles in that account and haven’t flown AA in years.

  22. My friend who had Silver but did not requalify for 2014 got an email saying, “To recognize your past loyalty, we’re giving you Silver Preferred status. ”

    I had Chairman’s but only requalified for Platinum for 2014 and have not received any messages.

  23. I got it also. I have the card, bought, shared a ton. No rev miles but lots of flying on awards and no status on AA but I did get the AA Platinum trial in mid 2013. Silver doesn’t mean much but it will help since I’ve started flying a bunch on AA and they do let you board early, etc. You can also call in and get your US Air number added to AA booked flights so it shows as OW Ruby for now.

  24. My mum got hers. She wouldn’t know what a status mile was let alone flew any or even stepped onboard a US flight. She only has an account so i’ve been buying and redeeming miles in her name. Of course I’ve done the same for myself and got nothing.


  25. You guys sure this isn’t a big mistake by US ‘s stellar IT department that’s going to be reversed in a few days? I wouldn’t be too excited yet.

  26. I got Chairmans Preferred status. Haven’t flewn a revenue mile with the program but have purchased a *lot* of miles since I became member mid 2012. I think I’m well over 1,5million purchased miles, maybe more.

  27. @ Eric — Crossed my mind at first as well, though you need to know the Dividend Miles number in order to gift status, and lots of people have reported status out of the blue, so seems that’s not the case.

  28. I received this email, too. But I already earned Silver Status at the end of 2013, good through early 2015. I have enjoyed the perk of being able to check a suitcase free. Although the top of the email gives me Silver Status through 2015, the body of the email tells me that Star Alliance will end next month?! I checked ruby One World status online and I do not see any suitcase perks. Was this email designed to have recipients thinking they are getting something great, but they are really taking major perks away? I sent an email to USAirways about this, but I have not received a reply yet.

  29. @ Susan — The change to OneWorld is because of the merger with American. They leave the Star Alliance on March 30 and join OneWorld on March 31. More on that here:

    You can find OneWorld Ruby benefits here:

    You’re correct that there aren’t any baggage perks for OneWorld Ruby on partner airlines.

  30. Ben,
    They are certainly not showing me the love after all my Grand Slam TIB purchases.
    I asked them for a status match from UA 1k to US PP and they refused.

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