10,000 Lufthansa Miles For The Economist Subscription

The Economist is offering bonus Lufthansa Miles & More miles for subscriptions.


There are three options based on whether you want a print subscription, digital subscription, or print and digital subscription, as follows:

  • 10,000 Bonus Miles & More Miles for $160 Print + Digital Subscription
  • 7,500 bonus Miles & More Miles for $127 Print Subscription
  • 7,500 bonus Miles & More Miles for $127 Digital Subscription

So if you were to get the print and digital subscription you’d basically be picking up Lufthansa miles at 1.6 cents each, while if you got the print or digital subscription you’d be picking up Lufthansa miles at ~1.7 cents each. If you’re trying to decide between getting a print and digital subscription or just one or the other, you’re basically paying an extra $33 for 2,500 Lufthansa miles, which is quite a deal at 1.32 cents per mile. So if you’re going to take advantage of this promotion, I definitely think it’s worth the premium for the print and digital subscription.

Of course it you value a subscription to The Economist at all, then the “cost” of those miles goes down even further.

Anyway, whether or not this is worth it probably depends on your existing Miles & More balance. If you took advantage of the 50,000 mile sign-up bonus on the Lufthansa Miles & More credit card a while back, this is a nice way to supplement your mileage balance if you’re trying to top off for a first class award. After all, one of the only other easy ways to top off a Lufthansa account is by transferring points from Starwood, and those points are extremely valuable.

There are definitely some great things about the Miles & More program, like the fact that they have access to Lufthansa first class award space more than 15 days out (while with partners you can typically only book within 15 days of departure).

Unfortunately I can’t actually find the terms on this promotion, like when it expires, how long it will take the bonus miles to post, etc.

Regardless, it’s quite a good deal, especially if you’d otherwise consider a subscription to The Economist.

(Tip of the hat to Mighty Travels)


  1. Thanks for the heads-up! I was going to get The Economist iTunes subscription, but I can sure use the miles for such a small incremental cost.

  2. one year ago, I could still redeem my 3200 Delta Skypeso for 1-year The Economist subscription. It came with both print edition and digital access. However, the magazine now changed the pricing strategy. 3200 miles can bring only 12 issues in papers. No more digital access.

    The next best available offer that I have ever seen is, if my memory is correct, 70 dollars also for both print edition and digital access.

  3. Hmm. Thanks for the heads up. *The Economist* is sort of on my wish list, so the personal value increases a bit. $0.016 – 0.017 is not bad for LH miles and yes, I’m sitting on some that need a boost before I can use them to good advantage. Why do I smell another award table revision coming from LH? Might as well grab the miles while we can. For those not familiar, *The Economist*, at least the online edition is worth reading at times. I’ve bought a few copies of the print edition, but the online access seems to be better – and far more current. (As with many pubs, the hard copy monthly may be a dying breed.) After some pencil work, I may ‘fly’ with this offer – If I can find the fine print details. Thanks for passing this on, Ben.

  4. It appears that this is only for new subscriptions, not renewals? Anyone have a subscription and been able to renew and get the offer?

  5. I just signed up and got the following message:

    “You will soon receive confirmation of your order by e-mail. Your Award miles will be credited to your account in four to six weeks.”

  6. @meegabroad: Thanks. These days, how impossible to collect on one offer without being blasted by several more. I’ve ever heard of getabstract.com in any form. When one comes into view, others will follow. The first may be you one an only target, but please… evaluate everything on its own merits. The associated links do not matter and the secondary strings are probably SPAM. Ben and the others never *intentionally* publish SPAM or seriously bad links, but accidents are possible. My practice is to follow links of my choice, one at a time, record the details and be as careful as possible. I never forget that I am pursuing ONE offer, not a fistful. One must be careful and once must accept personal responsibility for every single click. If it does make perfect sense to the end user, close or back out instantly.

  7. @No Fly Zone: I merely reported an offer that I found on the Miles and More website, in case anyone was interested. I will leave that to Ben from now on : )

  8. @meegabroad: Gosh, I hope I did not offend! In the end, these spaces are about sharing information that may be of benefit to others; readers do it and the blog hosts certainly do it. I certainly did not mean to criticize your comment, but only to add a caution. Last I heard, both were welcome here. Again, no offense intended; if it was perceived that way, my sincere apology! This is supposed to be a fun space and I hope we can keep it that way. Warmest regards, NFZ

  9. I Got this weekly print subscription in the AA magazine 60 miles per $1 spent. But, the only thing I ever seem to get targeted for is lawsuits.

  10. It’s great to finally see this available for the US residents! I emailed The Economist as soon as this offer came out last week to find out T&Cs (incl. on how many subscriptions you can get; e.g. getAbstract allows 3 per M&M account) but haven’t heard back so just sent an email directly to M&M.

  11. @ Apu – The Exonomist support said that additional (gift) subscription with same M&M number would get mileage credit but they didn’t sound sure and adviced to check with LH. Waiting to hear from LH and will update with results.

  12. Ivan,

    Thanks – thanks for following this up, it would be nice if we can get 2-3 subscriptions per account, helps save that many SPG points, as Ben says – they are too good for their use!

  13. Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if non-European citizen has received points for this offer yet?

    I wanted to know if I could purchase a subscription, but have it start a few months from now. I called the Economist subscription toll-free number in the US, and they had no idea what offer I was referring to. I then emailed the site with my question and a link to the offer. I didn’t receive a response so I went ahead and bought it. Looking through my spam, I just now found a response from The Economist:

    “Thank you for contacting The Economist. Having checked our records, we can confirm that the offer you received is not applicable for American customers since it applies for the European customers.”

    Now I’m worried that I won’t get the Miles and More points after all.

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

  14. @ JR – I haven’t purchased the subscription yet (waiting to hear from M&M to see if can buy multiples) but the person who responded to your inquiry is mistaken. Previous offers were only for certain countries and selecting USA as a country wouldn’t show same bonuses (I tried!), this one is global:

    “Global coverage. Global offer. Great rewards.
    The Economist is now available to Miles & More members worldwide. Subscribe and earn up to 10,000 miles. Read The Economist however you wish with one of the following packages…”

    Insofar as timing, it should be 28 days based on this response from The Economist:

    “Dear Mr Y.,

    Thank you for contacting The Economist.

    We can confirm that the Miles get added to your account within 28 days.

    If you order gift subscriptions under the same offer and still enter your membership number then you should still receive the miles however, you may want to check with Luthansa directly regarding this matter.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused in this matter. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards,

  15. @Ivan Y: Thanks so much for the info- really appreciate it! If I don’t see the points after another month, I’ll give M&M a call 🙂

  16. The points appeared in my account on the Miles and More website a few days ago, although it shows that they were added to my account a month ago.

  17. I ordered this subscription on Feb. 26 and received the email and miles award confirmation on the same day with notice that miles would post 4-6 weeks later…and still have not received the 10,000 miles in my Lufthansa account. I’ve emailed twice regarding the lack of posted miles to no avail. Any advice or suggestions?

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