Delta Offering Double Miles & MQMs In Seattle

Delta announced a huge promotion for Seattle based flyers today — they’ll be offering double redeemable miles and double Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQMs) for flights to/from Seattle through December 31, 2014.


First of all it’s worth noting that this promotion is valid exclusively for SkyMiles members with accounts registered in the state of Washington. Furthermore, to be eligible travel must originate or terminate in Seattle, and only the nonstop segments to or from Seattle qualify for the promotion.

In order to qualify, registration is required prior to booking and taking the flight, meaning that previously booked travel doesn’t qualify for this promotion.

There’s no limit to the number of bonus miles you can earn through this promotion.

Damn, this is a crazy generous promotion. This means you can achieve Diamond status by just earning 62,500 “traditional” Medallion Qualifying Miles. I expect this will hugely swell the elite ranks for those based in Seattle, and put non-Seattle based flyers that fly to Seattle at a big disadvantage, since they’ll be earning miles and status at half the rate.

The amount of expansion that Delta is experiencing in Seattle over a period of a couple of years is almost unprecedented, so I’m not surprised to see them offer a huge promotion like this to fill the flights, since I can’t imagine the demand for them is appearing overnight.

This is yet another competitive move against Alaska. While the two airlines are still partners, they’ve been trying to one up each other with new routes and promotions to lure frequent flyers. I’m curious to see if or how Alaska will respond to this promotion.

If Alaska offers a similar promotion I can’t even begin to imagine how much Alaska elite ranks will be swelled, given the number of elite members based in Seattle. Of course I’m rooting for it, since I’d sure like double redeemable miles!

Clearly Delta means business…

(Tip of the hat to JD)


  1. Lucky, you’ll earn Diamond in half the flight time if you do this, but that also means you need to double your CPM if you want to make the MQD qualification…20 CPM isn’t cheap

  2. You only earn double miles on the seattle leg of a trip so for your example, it’s 62.5k traditional miles only on just flts to/from seattle to earn diamond.

  3. @ UA-NYC — True, though you can get the spend requirement waived by putting spend on Delta’s co-branded American Express, which seems like a no brainer in this case.

  4. Delta sure is trying to steal shares from AS. They are selling lots of cheap first class fare to puerto Vallarta via LAX on Alaska flights. I just bought 5 tickets $770 each for peak travel dates over Christmas and New year, first class both way!

  5. @ steve — It’s anyone’s guess if or how Delta will try to control who lives in Washington State. I think changing your address probably should work, though at the same time they can always ask for verification of residency. Doubt they will, though.

  6. I’ve been a big AS fan for years, and always bank DL flights to AS. I’ve been happy about DL’s expansion because I do a lot of asia travel for work… Already over 30k EQM on AS this year, and no problem to hit MVPG… but I’m wondering if after that I should ignore UA (currently gold, but nothing booked yet) and book everything else on skyteam/delta as I don’t think too hard to hit plat – particularly if DL and AS split ways. Damn decisions…

  7. Given the terms of this offer, Delta is pretty much openly trying to entice Seattle residents to switch from Alaska to Delta, right?

    Guess it’s nice if you live in Seattle but is this the most dysfunctional airline “partnership” or what?

  8. So I could “move” to Seattle and earn enough EQMs, then “move” to London to avoid revenue requirements and qualify for Medalion status with miles already earned while “residing” in Seattle. Would this work?

  9. If I fly 1st, which gets me 50% more MQMs( right?) and fly out of SEA, does that mean I’ll get double that too?

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