Tumi Alpha International For ~$286

I posted about a similar offer back in November, though it appears as if it was pulled just as I published my post. Well, the offer is back, and it’s even better than before. I’m making sure this time that the deal works as of the time I’m publishing the post, so…

Tumi is offering a sale right now, with discounts as much as 40%. The sale isn’t just when purchasing directly through them, but also available when purchasing through Amazon.

For example, the Tumi Alpha International 20″ Zippered Expandable Carry On is available for 40% off. This is the same bag I picked up a couple of months ago and really like.

But it gets better than that. Here’s an opportunity to stack that 40% discount with a further 20% discount, for a total of over 50% off the Tumi Alpha International.

First of all, sign-up to receive Amazon Fashion emails.


By signing up for these emails you’ll immediately receive a coupon via email for 20% off your next purchase which is valid for 30 days. While the terms state it’s only valid for clothing items, in practice the coupon also works on luggage.


Once you have the coupon, shop for the Tumi items you want.

Here’s the Tumi Alpha International 20″ Zippered Expandable Carry On I bought.


After you add the product you want to your cart, go to the check-out page and add in the promotional code you received via email under the “gift cards & promotional codes” section:


Once you enter the code you should see the updated price reflecting the initial 40% discount and then 20% discount on top of that, for a total of over a 50% discount.


~$286 for a brand new Tumi Alpha International that usually retails for $600 is the lowest price I’ve seen on the latest generation version of this bag.

The sale is equally good on the Tumi Alpha Frequent Traveler 22″.

Here’s the Tumi Alpha Frequent Traveler 22″ Zippered Expandable Carry-on, if you’re looking for a bigger bag. It’s a really solid bag and more spacious than mine, and it’s available for 40% off as well.


After applying the 20% discount code, the bag is just $284, which is over 50% off. That’s by far the lowest price I’ve ever seen on this bag.


As you can see, both bags are the latest versions as they have the classic monogram rectangle.

This sale ends soon, so if you’re in the market for a new bag, this is literally the best deal I’ve seen online for a “high end” Tumi bag.

(Tip of the hat to Matt)


  1. Is Tumi Alpha Frequent Traveler 22″ Zippered Expandable Carry-on really a carry-on? I bought a samsonite carry-on before and was forced to gate-check since it was too big.

  2. Not sure I see how this is a better bag than a Samsonite. But anyway thanks for the heads up on the 20% coupon.

  3. Lucky, I need something like this, but a bit larger (i.e. a mid-sized checked bag). Any recs that can be purchased taking advantage of this sale?

  4. Does it have the spinner wheels? If not it’s a no go. I always laugh at the Tumi guys that can’t push their bag down the aisle sideways. My cheapo Samsonite has held up well through 500k miles of travel and the spinner wheels have come in handy plenty of times.

  5. Perfect timing…get my profit sharing check today and was considering buying a new Tumi rollaboard (I’ve had the Leger for three years now, but wanted one a little bit nicer and one that my briefcase won’t case it to sink in on a one night trip). Think I’m going to get the 20″ Continental (http://www.amazon.com/Alpha-Continental-Carry-On-022021DH-Black/dp/B001OTER8C/ref=sr_1_13?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1392318710&sr=1-13) which comes in at about $310 after tax – not bad compared to list of $595!

  6. Actually these are all the old generation Alpha because they’re coming out with an Alpha 2. And yes, I’ve purchased a toilet on Amazon, had it shipped Prime even!

  7. Called my local Tumi store and asked about the Alpha promo. Yes, they have it for 40% off as well but on Amazon yo can apply an extra 20% with the coupon shown above. According to the Tumi store the reason the Alpha series is being discounted at 40% of its original price is that Tumi just came out with the Alpha2 series and the original Alpha is being discountinued. He guy told me the Alpha2 is lighter and has being redesigned with 30 different design improvements over the Original Alpha.

    I have no idea if these “improvements” are worth but there is a new Alpha out there that is not the one on sale at Amazon or at Tumi.

  8. @Gene: it is not the same thing. It is the same as you say a BMW is the same thing as a Ford. Yes, they are both cars but not the “same thing”. If you want to get a decent bag the Costco Kirkland brand is OK but does not compare in quality to a Tumi.

  9. @Chase: it is not the Alpha2 on Amazon. If you add to your cart the “2” from the Alpha will disappear. Not even my local Tumi store has the Alpha2 model yet.

  10. @Santastico Thanks. Either way, the Alpha (1 or 2) is $357 now instead of the $445 cited above in the article.

  11. @lucky: the 22″ at Amazon is now sold out. I grabbed one for $284 which I won’t be mad if forced to check in. Tks for the post.

  12. @ Santastico — Yeah, and the Ford is 18 years old! I’m hoping it lasts for 30, which it probably will since I fly more miles per week than I drive my car per year! 🙂

  13. @Gene – genuinely curious here…Do you view flying international economy class every bit as good as international first? What about when it is award travel? After all, the plane arrives at the same time for everyone.

  14. Looked at the Tumi carry-on at SIN about two weeks ago, lady in the store mentioned they just got the new Alpha models in.
    She said the new models have additional letters added to the style number, old # is 22060
    I can’t remember the letters or numbers she mentioned for the new models though…..

  15. I own this bag and, while the quality is indeed outstanding, I prefer something that is lighter weight. I can see that someone who travels as much as Ben, though, would place greater importance on durability.
    That said, I have been looking for a replacement for a 29inch ultra lightweight polycarbonite suitcase by Titan (who did not respond to any of my requests to honor their alleged lifetime warranty and repair a broken lock). After comparing the two Tumi polycarbonite models, Alpha and Vapor, I decided to use the 20% Amazon discount toward the purchase of a Briggs & Riley TORQ.

  16. @ JakePB — My international travel is 100% leisure (ie, voluntary), and I would rather run razor blades under my fingernails than fly in international economy. I much prefer first class over business class, but will settle for business class.

  17. @Mike: Amazon does sell toilets! I purchased 2 Toto’s for a remodel. Pretty nice price too.

    I’d take a Rimowa anyday.

  18. @Gene not buying and can’t afford are NOT the same thing. get in an accident at 80 mph and you’ll wish you had the BMW I bet.

  19. @lucky – do you have any idea when Tumi does their sales? Will they have another one soon? Just broke my old Tumi and really need a new one, but not ready to drop $595!

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