Modify Hyatt Gold Passport Award Bookings At Old Rates

In November Hyatt Gold Passport announced an award chart devaluation, which would kick in for bookings made on or after January 7, 2014. As part of this change they were creating a new award category, specifically Category 7 hotels which go for 30,000 Gold Passport points per night (compared to the old Category 6 rate of 22,000 points per night).


Fortunately there are initially only six hotels that belong to Category 7:

  • Park Hyatt Beaver Creek
  • Park Hyatt Milan
  • Park Hyatt Paris Vendome
  • Park Hyatt Sydney
  • Park Hyatt Tokyo
  • Park Hyatt Zurich

They followed up the announcement of the award chart devaluation with the introduction of Points + Cash bookings as well as “My Elite Rates,” both of which have turned out to be totally awesome. As I’ve shared since, as a Gold Passport Diamond member I actually think these changes were positive, all things considered.

Anyway, to be a bit generous about the time frame for the award chart changes, Hyatt announced that they would allow awards booked under the old chart to be modified until February 15, 2014, which is this Saturday.

This means if you made an award booking at the old rates you can still shorten your stay, lengthen your stay, change the dates of your stay, etc., through February 15. These changes can only be made by phone with a Gold Passport agent.

I don’t know how far you can “stretch” these changes. You can certainly add a night or two at the old rates to an existing reservation. Presumably you can add two weeks to a one night reservation as well, though I haven’t tried it myself.

February 15 has really snuck up on me, so I’m not sure what to do. I’ve stayed at the Park Hyatt Tokyo and Park Hyatt Zurich, and have a booking for later this year at the Park Hyatt Sydney.

So before January 7 I decided to make some speculative bookings at the Park Hyatt Milan and Park Hyatt Paris, and as of now I have a “placeholder” reservation for two nights at each property (at the cost of 22,000 Gold Passport points per night).


Since I don’t have plans to go to either city in the near future, I may end up just canceling the award reservation, as much as it stings.

Anyone else still planning to make changes under the old award chart by February 15?


  1. Before you cancel, you should modify the booking. The way they modify is by adding 8,000 bonus points to your account. If you cancel after that, they will still be there.

  2. I was running low on points and booked 2 nights before the devaluation. I was able to add 3 nights more nights with no problem. First agent said I would have to use the new chart, after calling back was given the old rate with a different rep.

  3. lucky et al,
    is there anywhere in the T&C that states you can lengthen the stay booked before deval using the old rates? I was told by 2 reps that the extra night I wanted to add would have to use the new rate & gave up. Pls let me know if you can point out in the T& C where this works (or is it just a matter of playing customer service roulette) ? It would help out greatly if I can call before 2-15 and get the points back, thanks!!

  4. @ David — It’s not “officially” published anywhere. I’d recommend hanging up and calling again, as people have reported it taking a few calls before getting an agent willing to do it.

  5. I lost in agent roulette, even on the diamond line. Was told I cannot add nights at the old rate to an existing booking. I’m hoping HUCA works out better.

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