Discounted Business Class Fares to Buenos Aires And Santiago

Last week I posted about a fare sale going on for business class tickets to Buenos Aires, whereby business class tickets could be purchased for as little as $2,000 roundtrip.

Well, it appears as if the sale is getting even better.

For travel starting in April I’m seeing roundtrip business class available between Los Angeles and Buenos Aires for just ~$1,700.


As I mentioned last time, you can route via New York and fly American’s new A321T, connecting to one of American’s 777-200s. While business class is fully flat on American’s A321T aircraft, it’s unfortunately angled on their 777-200s. American doesn’t fly any of their 777-300ERs (which feature the new business class product) to Buenos Aires.

Further, the great thing about American is that you can use systemwide upgrades (of which Executive Platinum members receive eight per year) to upgrade any revenue fare, including a discounted business class one. So ~$1,700 for first class as an Executive Platinum member is a value that’s tough to beat.


For what it’s worth, if you’re looking for a bit of excitement, Aeromexico has even cheaper business class fares available between Los Angeles and Buenos Aires, starting at just ~$1,600 roundtrip.


It seems like that could make for a fun trip report, no? šŸ˜€


Lastly, good business class fares are also available from Los Angeles to Santiago. For example, you can fly American’s A321 to New York and then LAN’s 787 to Santiago for under $1,800 all-in.


Do keep in mind that both Argentina and Chile charge reciprocity fees to visitors on US passports, though they’re valid for multiple entries across 10 years, so my guess is that it’s something most frequent travelers will either have or need to get eventually anyway.

Personally I’m pretty tempted by this fare, given the extremely favorable exchange rate at the moment between the US Dollar and Argentinian Peso…


  1. It appears that the aeromexico I fare only credits as 50% to AS and )% to DL unless I am missing something. šŸ™

  2. Impressive!

    What does the routing look like through Mia via their 777? I’ve heard SWUs are tough to confirm on the lax-JFK route,

  3. @ Beachfan — While they can be tough to confirm from coach to business, they’re quite easy to confirm from business to first, in my experience.

  4. I can’t get ITA Matrix (or AA website) to show the posted AA fare…minimum fare I can find now is $2,213.

  5. @ EthaninSF — Looks like the fare LITERALLY died as I posted this. Took the screenshots 10 minutes before the post went up. Unbelievable, heh.

  6. I bought my tus-lax-jfk-eze and return ticket today. I called the EXP desk to apply or waitlist SWUs in each direction. Not surprisingly the JFK-EZE and EZE-JFK legs had to be waitlisted. But I was able to clear LAX-JFK and JFK-LAX (expertflyer was showing no availability). Normally I wouldn’t go ahead and clear the domestic legs but it will be first on the A321T’s in both directions. I feel that my EZE flights will eventually clear. My flight cost turned out to be about $1875.

  7. If you are strictly looking for a mileage run, another good deal (better in my opinion) in AA business class, including A321T flights between LAX and JFK, is SFO-LAX-JFK-MIA-SJU-MIA-JFK-LAX-SFO for $1,241 (recently was even better at $1,065). The cost per mile is 10% higher than the LAX-EZE deal, but there are no fees to enter Puerto Rico, and the flight schedules are much more convenient.

  8. I actually have a trip report from LAX-EZE on Aeromexico from 2012 using their 767 southbound and the 777 northbound from MEX. Service/hard product was terrible on the 767 and similar in quality to American on the 777.

  9. I just purchased 2 tix from nyc to eze. Orbits was initially displaying the fares, then, when you booked, they repriced.
    Travelocity would not display the ITA fares, but when I entered multi city and built seperately.. they priced at $1,712

  10. @Avgeek — two trips, over weekends in March, but this fare is widely available. Including 500-mile minimums, the flown miles are 10,221. If you credit to AA, you get 100% EQM, but if you credit to US you’ll get 150% EQM.

  11. @ Lucky – When searching awards availability on American flights to/from South America, I can find some options with Avios that I can’t find with Alaska or AA. Do you know why?

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