Flight Diverts After Woman Refused Entry Into Mile High Club

Via The Huffington Post:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but apparently it’s even worse if you deny her entry to the mile-high club.

That’s allegedly what happened Friday night on a Delta Airlines flight from Baltimore to Salt Lake City.

The unidentified woman apparently had a few drinks and allegedly made sexual advances on a passenger next to her, Coed.com reported.

When the passenger turned her down, she got angry and began making loud, expletive-laden threats. Another passenger caught some of her rant on his cell phone.

The flight ended up being diverted to Minneapolis so she could be removed.

Here’s a video of her acting like a maniac:

And then here’s a video of her being removed from the plane:

I… I… I… I won’t even. Oy vey…


  1. I still don’t see a woman getting escorted off the plane…

    The cops were very cordial, moreso than I would have expected.

  2. That is the “Minnesota nice” way of treating people. Hope they deported her back to Salt Lake City so I don’t have the chance to ever cross with her here in MSP.

  3. That is an Orc. It’s what we call a “neutrosexual.” Gender neutral. May have sexual organs of male, female, both, or none at all. I don’t really think that this represents the people of Salt Lake City. I will be sure to look under a few bridges the next time I’m over that way, to see if there are any more of them…

  4. She was literally out of her mind – neocortex was no longer in control. I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often. Combine a panic attack / other intense reaction with disinhibiting substances, perhaps including benzodiazepines and alcohol, and she was in triple F mode: Fight, flight or make love.

  5. Nice to see this one brought out all the a**holes. So a woman isn’t a woman if she doesn’t have 3 feet of blond hair?

  6. @Lisa

    I agree. If Ben does not want to be the type of blogger that moderates his comment section.. maybe he should not post “newsworthy” items that will bring comments that are mean spirited in nature. Sad to see messages full of hate being posted on here.

  7. @ Lisa @ Alan –

    Come on, it’s an entertaining look at a ridiculous news story. Learn to take a joke or look elsewhere if you don’t like it. I saw nothing of “hate” in any of the comments. A bit immature, yes, but nothing hateful.

  8. @ blah

    I agree with Lisa and Alan. The gist of the most offensive comments is: “She doesn’t look like a pretty woman–she looks like a man! Woof! Keep her away from me and my city!”

    That’s hateful and mean spirited.

  9. That is so nuts! Anyone has some crazy stories like this to share? This must happen pretty often just doesn’t always get captured on video.

  10. I think it is about time we all stopped worrying about offending sensibilities, when you have idiots like this causing serious issues on flights. Who the heck cares if the comments here are derogatory. What about her(?) actions on that plane? Pity the people with kids on board. What the he** is wrong with people these days?

  11. @Stephan

    People who bring children on flights cause far more inconvenience to other passengers on aggregate than these rare cases of crazy passenger outburst.

  12. Constitutional Law 101: Freedom of speech means the government can’t regulate the content of your speech (although it can regulate the time, place, and manner in which you exercise it). It doesn’t mean that people can’t criticize you/call you a douche/boycott your speech.

  13. I think we need Lucky to institute a study! It seems that most economy passengers that flip out are usually at the very back of the plane. What is it about those last few rows? I suspect its the proximity to the restrooms and the fact that you watch a billion people get their drinks before they get to you.

  14. This was nothing less than an act of terror. I can’t imagine the the helplessness these passengers were feeling as this whacked out melodrama unfolded.
    The woman — I use this term loosely — should be barred for life from ever flying again.

  15. This reminds me of a crazy woman that freaked out on me when I put my seat back on LX a couple of months ago, luckily they hauled her to the back when she tried to fight me! I guess LX economy is enough to drive anyone loony…

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