Lufthansa First Class Award Space Wide Open

Lufthansa usually only releases first class award space to partner airlines at most 15 days out, which can be a bit of a pain. However, in the past few months we’ve seen a couple of instances whereby they’ve released first class award space further out than that.

Back in November there was a brief period where they released a ton of first class award space on their new flight between Toronto and Munich. Then there was a brief moment in December where first class award space was wide open on their flight between Frankfurt and Tokyo Haneda.

Well, it appears as if right now first class award space is wide open on Lufthansa’s flights from Vancouver to Munich and Montreal to Munich. Both of these flights are operated by Airbus A330-300 aircraft, meaning they feature Lufthansa’s new first class product. I even flew the Vancouver to Munich seasonal flight in first class last year.

Lufthansa A330 new first class

While Lufthansa’s flight from Montreal to Munich is year round, the Vancouver to Munich flight is seasonal, and operates from March 30 through October 24, 2014.

Anyway, first class award space truly is wide open on both routes, with many dates having multiple first class seats available.



Sadly this comes a week after the United award chart devaluation, whereby one-way first class Star Alliance awards between the US and Europe went from costing 67,500 miles to 110,000 miles.

That being said, United is actually more generous than promised with the changes they’re allowing to awards booked pre-devaluation. So if you have a first class MileagePlus award ticket between the US and Europe you can switch carriers and routes as long as the regions stay the same. That means if you’re holding a “placeholder” itinerary right now, these would be great flights to confirm onto.

As a reminder, the one-way award rates through various Star Alliance carriers are as follows:

  • United MileagePlus: 110,000 miles one-way in first class
  • Air Canada Aeroplan: 62,500 miles one-way in first class
  • Avianca Lifemiles: 72,500 miles one-way in first class
  • US Airways Dividend Miles: not bookable, since they block the space

Of the above carriers only Aeroplan imposes fuel surcharges, so you can expect to pay about $400 each way in fuel surcharges if booking through them. That can still be quite a good deal, given how much cheaper redemptions are through them than United MileagePlus.

I doubt this will last, so I would recommend ticketing while you can!

(Tip of the hat to Canadian Kilometers)


  1. I currently hold FRA-ORD UA F with UA miles, Can I change it to MUC-YYZ-ORD on LH F w/o UA charging more miles?

  2. @ John — I believe you should be able to. You’ll want to call and double check, though in general those types of changes are allowed without causing a reprice.

  3. Why isn’t this being shown on I’m seeing nothing.

    Last time they released space on their YYZ-MUC and MEX-FRA, it certainly showed on…

  4. I had an existing US-S. Asia F award that was only confirmed into biz on LH YUL-MUC. is not showing the space, but I was able to call and move up to F over the phone.

    It took an hour on hold and they said it would only be a one-time exception, so YMMV.

  5. I can confirm that UA agents can see this space despite not showing on I was also able to change an existing flight to this one without a reprice, now doing (140k miles):

    YVR-MUC LH F => MUC-FRA LH J => FRA-BKK TG F => BKK-HKG TG F => Open Jaw => BKK-HND TG F => Stopover => NRT-ICN OZ F => ICN-JFK OZ Suite

  6. @Ben: wow, that is a killer award ticket!! What a good value for the miles.
    Was able to rebook a canceled “in-limbo” (miles not redeposited) MUC-JFK ticket for Dec 19, MUC-YUL => YUL-LGA
    Had to call agent since wasn’t showing availability, but I knew it was there due to checking on the KVS tool. the agent placed me on hold and confirmed the new flights.
    Thank you SO much for telling me about this sudden availability! I don’t even check LH availability because I assume it’s never there more than 15 days out!

  7. Also confirming that I was able to change an existing UA F itinerary w/o a reprice.
    EWR-FRA-MUC (in UA F / LH J) became EWR-YUL-MUC (in UA Y / LH F)

  8. If I buy a separate ticket for FRA-MUC, connecting to a MUC-YUL in First, would I get access to the FRA First Class Terminal? (I’m thinking of using LifeMiles, but would like to access the FCT in FRA)

  9. I currently have a first class ticket booked from Brussels to LAX on Aeroplan miles departing on 4/8/14. But the first class is on United Global First. I would really like to go with Lufthansa First instead, but I am not seeing anything available to route me through Vancouver, then on to LAX. Any suggestions?

  10. @joe I was already booked in YYZ-MUC from way back when they had LH F on that route. But the timing is much better on YYZ-MUC (and easier for me to position to from San Diego).

  11. @ Ali — Have you looked at availability separately for the two legs (like from Europe to YVR and then separately YVR to LAX)? That would show you longer connections and additional connections that may not otherwise show up.

  12. @lucky , I did look at that and still nothing showed up. But I am only looking at that one date, which may be an issue.

  13. “Sadly this comes a week after the United award chart devaluation”

    I believe the operative word for this is not sadly, it is “conveniently”. For UA at least. 😉

    This is doubly great news. We not only get to spend twice the UA miles for the award, we get to probably double the flight duration by connecting thru Canada. /sarc

    And even then UA is still not showing the availability on their own website. 🙁

  14. I have booked a return trip to DEL (SFO-DFW-FRA-DEL-FRA-DFW-DEL) before United award devaluation. I did not use any stop over or open jaw. Except that I will be staying in Delhi for few days of course. Will it possible to add a stopover at SFO on return journey and then add a one way flight to Cancun, Mexico? How much fees and miles will it require? Will they reprice the whole trip?

  15. I changed one of my United awards on LH F from YYZ-MUC to YVR-MUC since the schedule was more convenient and I’m departing from SFO. However, now when I try to retrieve my booking on the Lufthansa website, it is now showing my award as “waitlisted.” Is this normal? When booking YYZ-MUC, it was instantly confirmed.

  16. Has United posted their permitted changes to awards (without incurring a reprice) anywhere “official?”

    I know UA Insider has clarified things on FlyerTalk, but that’s hard to point phone representatives to, who seem a bit oblivious to the rules.

  17. @ Jeremy — That’s definitely odd. I’d call and ask them to try and push it through again and reissue the ticket. That shouldn’t happen.

  18. Now, on some destinations LH F might be wide open, but try to fly 2 persons to Singapore ex Europe (FRA) between roughly mid december 2014 and early jan 2015 and back 2 or 3 days later; I think the only single combination is to fly to SIN on 1st Jan and back on 26 Jan. That’s all guys (with LH M&M Senator status), over a 3-4 weeks period. And obviously, the logical alternative, SQ, has nothing either in F for non SQ FF’s. Same for BKK by the way (although TG does have some availability on most days)

  19. @ Trevor — I don’t think so. This hobby is always about staying ahead of the curve, and we’ve been ahead of the curve with the “old” ways for a while. Now it’s time to get ahead of the curve with the new landscape, that’s all.

  20. @ andre – That’s typical for most destinations over that timeframe, sadly. Award space over Christmas/New Years is generally extremely limited unless you book right when the schedule opens or at the last minute.

  21. so i managed to changed my pre-UA deval F award from LH YYZ-MUC J to LH YVR-MUC F without a reprice (woohoo!!!), my question is…lucky, which F seat on the A333 is the best? it seems from your Lh F posts you always go for 2G. I picked 2K just because I love being right next to the window 🙂

  22. I currently hold F class ticket using US Airways miles for 2/14 travel; however their website states I can make changes due to weather in PHL in which the city I will be connecting to. There are no F class available on UA but I do see LH F. Will the agent be able to book me in LH F?

  23. did anyone else pay a 75.00 change fee on a reservation for changing airport and date?
    The phone rep said it’s a 75 fee whether i change it online or via phone.
    could i have changed it online and avoided a fee? *kickin my self for not checking!!

  24. @lucky
    Is the (inevitable) $75 fee charged per passenger or per reservation? e.g. 2pax in one award reservation that needs to be changed. Thanks in advance!

  25. If going from SEA to FRA and have already secured flown the A330 (new first)- Would you recommend going home via Vancouver to sample First on the B744?

  26. @ Per — If you have the time and are interested in the different products they offer (vs. just the most direct routing) then I definitely would.

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