Free Internet Coming To IHG Rewards Club European Properties July 2014

Last year Priority Club announced they would rebrand as IHG Rewards Club, and as part of that they would begin offering members complimentary internet worldwide. They started offering elite members complimentary internet worldwide as of July 2013, and then as of January 2014 began offering all members complimentary internet everywhere except Europe.

While these are all positive changes, it was ultimately rather disappointing that they didn’t follow through on their promise to offer free internet worldwide by January 2014, given the exclusion of Europe.

However, a reader forwarded me an email he received from IHG Rewards Club (in French), promising free internet in Europe as of July 2014:


That roughly translates to the following (per Google Translate):

The free internet access for all Club members in 2014


Good news! We offer free Internet access to all members IHG ® Rewards Club. Now, you can use internet for free in our hotels in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas, but also in Europe from July 2014.

It is now or never to be part of the largest loyalty program in the world, with exceptional benefits such as points that never expire, no blackout dates for Reward Nights and now free access Internet.

So as it stands IHG Rewards Club elite members receive complimentary internet in Europe, and all IHG Rewards Club members receive complimentary internet everywhere except Europe. While the complimentary internet is six months later than I had hoped, at least we have an official timeline now.

(Tip of the hat to Bennybuche)


  1. This is excellent news as we just planned out European vacation (God I hope not the National lampoon version anyway) and will be staying in some IHG hotels on this trip…

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