Delta Medallion Year Will Reset January 31 as of 2016

Late last year Delta announced some pretty major changes to the SkyMiles program, including the introduction of actually useful upgrade instruments for top tier elites. While the number of upgrade instruments earned decreases, their value greatly increases, as Diamond Medallion members will have the option of receiving four systemwide upgrades without fare restrictions.

Anyway, something I apparently missed in the announcement is that the Medallion status year also changed. Per the SkyMiles updates page on

The Medallion year traditionally begins March 1 each year to allow time for Medallion membership packages to be delivered. With the streamlined production of membership packages and the availability of digital SkyMiles and Medallion cards in the Fly Delta app, we are able to begin the Medallion year earlier. Starting in 2016, the Medallion year will begin February 1 and subsequently, the 2015 Medallion year will end on January 31, 2016.

So ultimately status will be valid for one less month. Delta is basically giving two years advance notice here so we can’t really blame them (unlike their SkyMiles award chart changes with no advance notice).

(Tip of the hat to Mac)


  1. Frankly, I hope the other airlines follow suit (I’m an AA flyer). In January and February the full year’s complement of new qualifiers is on board but the people who didn’t requalify haven’t dropped down yet. Upgrades and other benefits are harder to come by during this period than they are after March 1. I’d welcome the change (assuming they could get new cards out on time, which this year AA has not done).

  2. Jeff,

    Good comment. I had not thought of that benefit. I am surprised in the electronic age that it is not Dec 31st anyways.

  3. Why not January 1st? If you don’t need physical cards just do as a calendar year like the mileage that counts for elite (from Jan 1 to Dec 31).

  4. @ Santastico — Well I can see the benefit of some buffer. For example, if you take a partner flight and the miles don’t post for a week, it would suck to be downgraded to a lower status level even though you flew the necessary miles.

  5. @Ben — “Anyway, something I apparently missed in the announcement is that the Medallion qualification year also changed” — I don’t believe the qualification period has changed, just the status period. Qualification is still January 1 through December 31.

  6. I like the change. But keep in mind SPG #CrossoverRewards is still on the 1MARCH setting so you will have those less that FO (silver) ie SPG Plats who get free “unlimited” upgrades a month off. You may giggle but I flew 105 DL segments last year and 10% of them SPG plats would have or did upgrade for free.

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