Southwest Rapid Rewards Enrollment Bonus

Southwest is offering a pretty nice enrollment bonus at the moment for new Rapid Rewards members:

  • 2,000 bonus points when you enroll
  • 250 bonus points when you sign-up for email summary
  • 250 bonus points when you sign-up for email updates

That’s 2,500 bonus points (basically) for nothing! The only catch with the emails is that you have to stay subscribed for at least three months. It’s rare to see bonuses for joining a US frequent flyer program nowadays, let alone bonuses as generous as this.


(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Silly question perhaps, but are Southwest miles of even the remotest use to a purely non-US flyer? No partners or transfer opportunities?

  2. @ Sean M. — Not a silly question at all. Nope, unfortunately not really useful, as they don’t have any major partners with which you can redeem miles.

  3. Can i open a new account (with new email)- get the free miles- and then combine the 2 accounts? Do you think i’d be at risk of getting shut down?

  4. Southwest has no idea about this promotion. On hold now with rapid rewards and they are trying to figure it out. 4/9/16

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