New “Wingman” App For Sex On Planes…

Well this is interesting. Per BetaBeat:

“Wingman” purports to be “an app that connects you with attractive people on your flight, all before you touch down,” its website asserts.

Translation: as long as there’s WiFi, the app will help you find fellow hornballs and bang in the bathroom. We’re not so convinced the “attractive” part will come to fruition, but as our grandma says, there’s a lid for every pot.

Wingman’s collective of developers, known as Miscellaneous Mischief, told Betabeat the app’s interface “will be simple: individuals will be matched according to their flight number and airline.”

They’re working on an iOS version, but will also have a browser version ready, too. Users can indicate whether they’re flying for business, pleasure or both, and reveal their seat number and final destination if they so choose.

“The idea is to start interesting conversations in unique situations, and simply see what happens,” a spokesperson said.

The app should launch in 2-3 months, and you can add yourself to the mailing list for when it launches, if so inclined.

I suppose this could help in trying to get the Emirates A380 shower to capacity…

(Tip of the hat to AJ)


  1. Lucky, we know you love private seats but you might want to reconsider. Btw, did you ever tell us what you lost that 100k miles on ?

  2. We can always count on Ben to bring us important content that other bloggers wouldn’t touch with a ten inch, I mean ten foot, pole. Keep up the great work.

  3. While it’s more exciting to imagine a new category of Mile High Club, the reason it says “max 2” is not for y’all. It’s for people with various physical challenges who need assistance.

  4. @Vicente – I often find myself with various “physical challenges” requiring the assistance of a female flight attendant while I’m in the air.

  5. Regarding EK F showers.. My theory for “max 2” is – I noticed 2 attendants going in and cleaning the spa after each use..

  6. I remember flying VS in Upper Class fr LAX to Europe. They had an employee crew recognition scheme called ‘Virgin Raves’. The copy on the form read, “did one of our cabin crew flash you a smile like they just joined the mile high club? Don’t worry, your still in good hands–they probably just received a Virgin Rave!” Always loved their sense of humour–miss their onboard massage treatments though.

  7. “Users can indicate whether they’re flying for business, pleasure or both”… mmm isn’t it clear what the users are flying for?

  8. RE: Sex in airliner toilets. I am 6’5″ (~1,97) tall, have very bad knees and will be 70 tears old this year,insha’Allah. Can we just move along to the wine list?

  9. I could see other benefits for proximity based social apps. Share a cab to certain location. Meet new people, locals or travelers.

    Why not enjoy a little romance as well? I take many solo trips (Tibet and Nepal next) and have yet to find a woman who can keep up with me. Perhaps she’s on board!

  10. lol, not sure why there needs to be a specific app for this. For us gay boys there’s Grindr and Scruff that would work just fine over the WiFi and for everyone else there’s Tinder!

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