Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card Baggage Delay Benefit

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One of the lesser known benefits of the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is that it actually offers baggage delay protection. Up until recently I haven’t had a need to use it, though during my trip to Brazil in November my carry-on was forced to be gate checked and subsequently lost, to the point that I didn’t have any clothes for several days.

So I called up the number on the back of my Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card to ask about the exact details of the luggage insurance policy. They connected me to the baggage delay benefits department, and told me to write down the direct phone number for future reference. Should any of you need to file a baggage delay claim in future, the number is (888) 320-9961.

The basic details of the benefit are as follows:

  • You can be reimbursed up to $500 when some or all of the cost of a common carrier ticket is charged to your card (therefore award tickets are eligible if the taxes are charged to the card)
  • You can be reimbursed a maximum of $100 per day for emergency purchases of essential items at a destination other than your current residence
  • For tickets purchased before November 1, 2013, your first day for purposes of reimbursement begins 18 hours after you arrive at your destination
  • For tickets purchased starting November 1, 2013, your first day for purposes of reimbursement begins six hours after you arrive at your destination
  • The benefit is in excess to all other valid and collectible insurance
  • You have to file your claim within 20 days and provide proof of loss within 90 days.

When you call the baggage delay benefits department you’ll eventually be connected to Crawford Insurance, which provides the baggage insurance benefit for the Chase Sapphire Preferred. They’ll ask you some basic questions and then send you a form via email that you have to fill out to begin the process.

Here’s what you need to provide to file the claim:

a. A copy of the credit card statement showing the charge for the common carrier fare (we must be able to see the first six digits of the credit card number and accountholder name. However, for security purposes we suggest that you remove or obscure the remaining credit card number(s));
b. Complete and return the enclosed claim form;
c. Proof of submission of the loss and the settlement results from the common carrier (Baggage Delay or Property Irregularity Report);
d. An itemized copy of the receipts for essential items purchased during the baggage delay;
e. a copy of the travel itinerary

The receipts must provide proof of the following:

  • place of purchase
  • date of purchase
  • items purchased

Ultimately my bag was delayed three days (beyond the time needed for the “clock to start”), so I could have been reimbursed up to $300. I made $268 in purchases, and in my case my claim was settled within about a week of being filed. I received a check a couple of weeks later for the full amount requested.

Anyway, given that the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is already one of the best cards to put airfare spend on given the double points and no foreign transaction fees, so this is only another thing working in the card’s favor.

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  1. I’ve probably just doomed myself, but having never had a bag lost/delayed, is “c. Proof of submission of the loss and the settlement results from the common carrier (Baggage Delay or Property Irregularity Report);” provided upon request at the baggage office for the carrier, or over the phone, or elsewhere?

  2. “when some or all of the cost of a common carrier ticket is charged to your card”

    Does this mean award tickets are eligible since part of the fare (taxes) was charged to the card.

  3. What if you are traveling on a free ticket with points and the only cost is the tax and fee? If that is charged to the Sapphire Card, would that still entitle you to coverage?

  4. @ Justin — When you go to the baggage office to file your missing baggage report you’ll be given a printout which would act as proof of submission.

  5. @ Tao @ Old Flyer — Updated the post to reflect that. Yes, award tickets where just the taxes are charged to the Chase Sapphire Preferred would qualify.

  6. Thank you for this post, I find trying to keep track of all the benefits of all my CC hard, I would like more posting about benefits from CC.. Excellent post!!

  7. does that mean you have to wait 6 hours to make a reimbursable purchase? Or can you purchase earlier, and then get reimbursed if the delay lasts 6+hourse?

  8. If my bag is lost for 6.30hrs I can spend up to $100 and as per these terms that would be a valid claim, correct?

  9. Thanks Lucky; you always have the insight on how these programs work, no matter how subtle the details!

  10. @ Mike — No, you can make a purchase right away, but the idea is that for the purposes of reimbursement “day one” is hours 6-30 from the time you land. Hope that makes sense.

  11. Hi Lucky – happy to hear that you have had success with this – unfortunately my experience was not so positive…

    The challenge I had with the insurance company that Chase uses, is that even though I provided the delayed/lost baggage report from Air Canada (my check-in bag was missing for 3 days), they would not even process the claim without first getting a response from the carrier (Air Canada) and was to what compensation they would offer for the delayed baggage…

    The insurance company told me that I had to first file a claim with Air Canada & they had to see Air Canada’s full & final RESPONSE to that claim, before they would even begin to process my claim under Chase card insurance… 🙁

    In the end I was unable to get ANY compensation from Chase Insurance as it took more than 3 months for Air Canada to provide a response…

  12. @ MikeC — Interesting, didn’t have that problem at all. To clarify, did you file a report with Air Canada as soon as the bag was lost?

  13. what kind of receipts do you have to provide to make a claim. does hotel stays, food, and clothing count.

  14. @ choi — This is for necessary replacement items, so we’re talking clothes and the like. An itemized receipt from a store is fine.

  15. So if the baggage office is closed you have to go back to the airport or can it be done over the phone?

  16. @ Louis — AmEx offers a great premium baggage protection for a fee, though I’m not too familiar with any included coverage they have. Let me research that.

  17. American Express stopped accepting new enrollments in their premium baggage protection plan sometime last Spring or Summer.

  18. @lucky – Yes, I filed the missing bag report with Air Canada as soon as I arrived in Montreal (flight from San Francisco) – the only thing I was not able to do straight away, was file the formal delayed baggage compensation request with Air Canada – this had to be MAILED with certain docs, which I could not do until I returned to CA one week later…

  19. I second an earlier comment…I’d love to see a listing of benefits for the more popular cards.

    For example, car rental overseas? Covered by CSP (except in Ireland, Italy)?

    Trip delay?

  20. Since I fly awards almost exclusively, Chase Sapphire will be the one for taxes and fees every time we’re on an award. I do like the coverage of Amex Plat on paid tickets though, and the other insurances.

  21. I recently had baggage delay issues in Heathrow Airport and am planning to file a claim via eclaimsline. I have some questions while filling the on-line forms.

    Background info:
    We (me, wife and 2 kids) bought the British Airways tickets from TPE (Taiwan) via HKG (Hong Kong) to LHR (UK). The return is the same route back to Taiwan and we are Americans working in Taiwan. The ticket full fare was paid with my Chase Sapphire Reserve card (for my own ticket) and my wife’s own Chase Sapphire Reserve card (her won and kids’ tickets) to a local travel agent. We arrived at LHR around 5:30 am on May 25th and the checked-in luggage was not there. They got somehow delayed and was eventually delivered to our hotel concierge on the evening of May 26th. We have total two checked-in bags: one is on my name and the other on my wife’s name.

    According to Chase’s website, it stated ” Who’s Covered:
    Cardholder’s spouse or domestic partner
    Immediate family members

    Coverage Amount/Period:
    Up to $100 per day for a maximum of 5 days”

    I am a bit confused. $100 per day is per person or just the whole group? Do I and my wife have to file two separate claims? Or one claim under my name could cover $200 per day?

    In my case, will it be counted as one day or two days?

    In eclaimsline form, is “The return date” the date that I landed home airport or the date I departed for the return flight?

    “Description of Item” has to be exactly with same with the itemized receipts? On our receipts, we found that quite some items have shortened names and I am not sure whether I should write out the full name based on my memory?

    The currency in eclaimsline form is on “USD”. Do I just use an estimate to convert GBP to USD or I have to use the exact exchange rate on my credit card?

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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