$1,000 Business Class Fare Asia To US

Airlines often publish good premium cabin fares departing from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Last January I even flew one from Colombo to Los Angeles, via Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, and Seattle in Emirates and British Airways first class.

But right now there’s an especially attractive business class fare from Colombo to New York (which I stumbled upon in the Good Deal Premium Fares Thread on FlyerTalk), the best I’ve seen in a long time. And it has tons of availability. Just take a look at the availability calendar between Colombo and New York:


So what’s the catch? The fare is on Kuwait Airways. But hey, you get to fly them on three segments, including one on an A300:

Kuwait-Airways-Business-Class-2 Kuwait-Airways-Business-Class-3

I mean, let’s be honest, there are lots of airlines flying nonstop between London and New York, so wouldn’t you want to try out the airline that unquestionably features the worst business class product in the market? Mediocrity is for losers! šŸ˜‰

I’ve tried to do some research about Kuwait Airways business class online, though best I can tell Kuwait Airways’ website doesn’t even mention their business class, unless I’m missing something. So then I turned to YouTube.

That didn’t prove all that helpful either. I did find this video — taken by a Kuwait Airways captain — of a plane after it hit severe turbulence. Clearly the first officer is rather amused by all of it a minute in:

And then I found this video, which I don’t even know how to describe:

I have two thoughts about this video:

  • The flight attendant’s face at the two minute mark says everything I need to know about Kuwait Airways food.
  • Who the heck was taking this video? Hopefully it was a crewmember (which would only be moderately creepy) and not a passenger (which would be totally creepy)

So, anyone else tempted to book this fare? Should I book this fare? I mean, it would make an interesting review if nothing else, I assume. And besides, collecting some Oasis Club miles sounds kind of fun.


  1. No! KU would be TERRIBLE for such a long journey. I flew FCO CDG which was excellent for intra EU but I would never consider them for such a long journey. Just my 2Ā¢.

  2. Heck yes, can’t wait to read that trip report (and would also be willing to pay $1 to read it).

    Funny also how they make sure to show all 4 engines on the 340, just in case people were wondering, I gues šŸ˜‰

  3. Uhmm, guys & gals, encouraging Lucky to take a Hello Kitty flight or burn a million miles on an AF first-class seat is entertaining; putting him in harms way isn’t a great idea…

    Unless y’all work for legacy US carriers and want him to return with an appreciation for what’s available here šŸ˜›

  4. Different people were put on this earth for different things, Ben. You were put on this earth for this moment. This moment, right now. To review Kuwait Airlines’ business class product for the rest of us. *salutes you* Godspeed.

  5. And to think that the 3 ME carriers now at the top of rankings mostly got their start from leasing old planes from Kuwait Air…
    Lucky, you need to tell us how far they have fallen.

  6. At first glance I thought “Wohoo, Cathay!”

    But you tricked me Luckyā€¦ So I think I’ll pass on this one šŸ˜‰

  7. I dont get it, Kuwaitis are some of the richest countries in the world and they are next UAE. did Sadamm did something to their heads that they cant think straight. they got the money, they got the fuel, they could compete with a new fleet of airlines and put dbx to shame. maybe they been smoking too much camel weeds.

  8. To badly paraphrase CK Louis: you get To Fly. In a Chair. Through the Sky. From the Other Side of the World.

    How bad could it really be?

  9. I flew Kuwait Air last year LHR-JFK. The flight itself wasn’t at all bad, but the food was not recognizable. We ate it but probably was happier not knowing what it was. Then they only gave me half the Oasis Club Miles!! šŸ˜®

  10. I can’t tell if that man’s face was burned by something (hot coffee in turbulence?), or if it’s a birth mark.

  11. @Choi: Kuwaitis are the richest citizens among the six wealthy Gulf states, due to their smaller number of royalty family members in proportion to the oil export output.But Palestinians had built all six Gulf states until the second Gulf War. After 1992,they became outcast or bedouin (stateless people)because Arafat supported Hussain .Kuwait Airways flights were often empty,except between London and Kuwait.Normally, Western pilots flew Kuwait Airways back then. Rarely anyone in travel community knows that Kuwaiti Dinar is equivalent to 2.2 British Pound.Most of Gulf states Arabs have deep pockets but pea sized brain. Foreigners are the backbones running the society. Why should Kuwaitis waste their money on premium seats to entertain foreigners when they don’t allow tourists in the country? Dubai is not a representative of Arab city in the Gulf and beyond. When wealth is built on rich natural resources only, in absence of human resources, it is unsustainable. Maybe two generations.

  12. This looks even less desirable to travel on that that PIA deal you put up months ago…

    And that music… no, no no…

  13. You know I know you know… you’re going to do it. There is almost no information, or real life documentation Business Class… you will be the sole source of information for the world wide web… think how many views you’ll get… and how many more full-time readers!! And like someone else said, they may be unpleasant, but they’re not unsafe (no crash since 1990), so please decode the ignorance!

  14. How about you fly Saudia on your way to Colombo and Kuwait on the way back? Cannot wait for the trip report šŸ™‚

  15. looks pretty unpleasant, and not worth it for thrilling us readers with a possibly horrible TR

    flew on KU 40 years ago (70 pounds from London to Bombay, needless to say not in business class, even if they had such a thing) – my (female) friend and i were the only 2 westerners onboard and everyone treated us beautifully, especially the fellow female pax, who just before landing all changed into full chadors – at that time they made a big deal of having only british pilots

  16. I flew once on KU from FCO to CDG on their A300 (AB-CDE-FG or something like that). It was fine for a short flight. However, it was so ridiculous for inconsistent meal service. While I was fed two portions [regular prepared tray meal and kibbeh meat portions separately] on my E economy seat, AB and C were not serviced. We asked why they didn’t serve any food on the left aisle side while we were served on the right side? the answer? It was an airline policy. What a bull! I was happy to be fed…

    There are tons of Indonesian flight female attendants (based on my observation.).

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