Citi Executive AAdvantage 100,000 Mile Sign-Up Bonus!

Update: This offer for the Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard® is expired. Learn more about the current offer here.

The Citi Executive AAdvantage World Mastercard, which is American Airlines’ premium co-branded credit card, is offering a hell of a sign-up bonus right now. They’re offering 100,000 AAdvantage miles after spending $10,000 within three months.


The card does have a hefty $450 annual fee which isn’t waived for the first year, though comes with a couple of other useful benefits:

  • American Admirals Club access
  • 10,000 American AAdvantage elite qualifying miles for any year in which you spend $40,000 on the card
  • $200 statement credit

What makes this card even more interesting than before is that as of March 22, 2014, American Express Platinum cardmembers will no longer get access to American Admirals Clubs, so this will be the only credit card that comes with Admirals Club access. So it’s not surprising that they’re trying to gain market share in the “premium” credit card market and incentivize people to sign-up now.

I’m really tempted to apply for this. I don’t actually get anything out of the Admirals Club access that comes with the card, given that I already have status through British Airways, which gets me Admirals Club access even when traveling domestically. That being said, even if you value American miles at only one cent each (which is way on the low side — I value them at 1.8 cents each as of now), that’s still the equivalent of a 75,000 mile sign-up bonus with no annual fee the first year (after you factor in the $200 statement credit, essentially bringing down the annual fee to $250). It’s really tough to argue with the value of that, though there is a high minimum spend requirement.

One other thing to note is that this isn’t really an official link that’s available on Citi’s website. Instead this offer seems to be available through some Admirals Clubs. However, you can leave the fields for the six digit referral code and three letter airport code blank and it will still generate the application. I imagine the terms will be honored as advertised regardless, though can’t personally guarantee it since it’s not my link.

(Tip of the hat to The Points Guy)


  1. signed up and approved for 100K and $200 credit. My club membership lapses Feb. 28 so this is perfect timing.

  2. One reason I was thinking of applying for an Admirals Club membership via AA’s regular website is the ability to add a spouse or companion for an additional nominal fee. Does anyone know if you can request an extra card to give to a spouse (similar to adding extra card members to an Amex Plat card for instance)?

  3. @Lucky,
    Thank you for sharing this with us. Great offer! I have a question before I apply.

    I am holding a personal Citi AA Visa Card (applied 8/5/13) and I cancelled my Citi personal AA Master Card last April and my Citi businsss AA Visa card last June. Am I eligible for this personal AA Master card now?

    After I click your link, I found it is on website:

    So, I think it should be a valid promotion offer though I am not sure who gets the referral credit (I hope you get it but it will be a pity if someone else not you). In the past 3 months, I did apply through your referral links several cards (by me and my family members) but all my lufthansan cards were rejected (US Bank is tough) but my US Airways cards and CIti AA Cards were all approved.

  4. Does this also provide access to US Airways clubs?

    Also, do you have to be flying American in order to access clubs with this card?

  5. @ Scott — Unfortunately only the primary cardmember receives access (along with guests), and as far as I know there’s no way to pay the difference for a spousal membership.

  6. @ Andy — Yes, you should be eligible I believe. I don’t have a referral link for the card regardless, so feel free to use any link. Thanks for your support though!

  7. @ JL — As far as I know this works the same as an Admirals Club membership, so you should have access to partner lounges as well. You shouldn’t have to be flying American to use one of their lounges if you’re a member.

  8. …”1 This Citi® / AAdvantage® card offer is only valid for new applicants for a Citi®/AAdvantage® account applied for pursuant to this offer and is not available to existing cardmembers or recent applicants for a Citi® / AAdvantage® credit card.”…

    Does it mean I am ineligible if I already have a Citi personal AA Credit Card (I am currently holding a Citi personal AA Visa)?

  9. Thanks Lucky. If we are going to apply for this today what other cards do you recommend on doing? Might as well do at least 3 or 3 right 😉

  10. @ Andy — Technically that seems to be the case, though in practice most with other AAdvantage Citi cards seem to report still having luck getting approved for this.

  11. AMEX Plat, (which I am going to cancel) Amex SPG, AMEX Premier Rewards, Chase Sapphire Preferred and BA Visa. I’m a small business owner so thinking of Chase Ink maybe and spreading the credit lines across the 3 of them.

  12. While I have some Avios, I’ve mostly been a *A guy. No status w/American. I know there’s talk of potential devaluation for AA miles, but I assume, even w/no status w/American I can get a decent value out of 100K miles? I’m sure you’ve posted on the sweet spots on their award chart?

  13. @ lsbuffs — You sure can. 110,000 miles (which you’ll have after completing minimum spend) will get you roundtrip business class to Asia on Cathay Pacific, for example.

  14. Hi Lucky,

    An off topic question. What happens if I still owned points to AMEX when I close a membership rewards card such as the platinum card? Will they charge me based on certain amount per point? Thanks.

  15. Just applied online. Got a pending message – I guess I had too many application recently (6 apps last August, Score 732 in dec 2013). am waiting … Luck, thanks anyway for your quick reply.

  16. @ Andy — For what it’s worth I got a pending message as well, though got approved by phone. They just wanted me to switch around some of my credit limit. I’d recommend calling in your shoes.

  17. Will you still get sign up bonus and points if you hold a normal AA platinum level card?

    Also, what bureau does citi AA pull for IL applications?


  18. Not as worried about approval, as I am about getting credit for the bonus. I think these are classified as separate products and would allow for multiple bonuses.

    Made a mistake once and got a united card and got no sign up bonus!

  19. Ok thanks Lucky, just went for it and got instant approval. Guess I’ll need to start paying more attention to your AA updates. I have 0 miles with them now (in fact had to have them send me my AA number as I had no idea what it was). Heck even if you use for economy travel, looks like it’s three return trips to HI off-peak.

  20. @Luck
    Thanks for the info. What would you say is now the best bet to get another AMEX membership rewards card to pay for the points I owe? Since my current plat. is the personal version, I assume that I can only get the opening bonus if I open up a biz version Gold or Plat. card?

  21. Hey Lucky,

    Do you know if we can use amazon payments with city? Got approved but am a bit concerned about the 10k spend.

  22. @ Fan — While I’m sure there will be a substantial devaluation, I wouldn’t read too much into this sign-up bonus. They’re simply trying to gain market share in the premium credit card market, so a huge offer isn’t out of line in such a case. In my opinion, at least…

  23. Just as a data point: I was concerned about being approved as I just recently opened a lucrative and targetd delta gold amex offer in mid-december. I went ahead and applied for the 100k miles using the link above. I was put into pending, but called the 866 number that can be found on FT. I was connected immediately to an agent who reviewed basic personal info, but was never challeneged as to why I applied or anything. In the end, I was approved for a substantial credit limit and confirmed that it was for 100k miles after $10k spend in 3 months and $200 statement credit. Thank you citi, for helping me get to the Maldives!

  24. Sorry, one more question. With the Admirals Club access, could I use that facility even when traveling on another carrier? I know the RCC requires same-day ticket (or I think they do), but if I’m in DEN traveling on UA, for example, would they let me into the Admirals Club?

  25. Thanks! Just picked this one up. I also have an AA Platinum Visa and AA MC. I had to call and talk to them. They said fine with a 5K limit, which would have been no problem. I was planning on closing the other AA Mastercard in the next couple months, so I suggested closing it now and moving the credit from that to this line, which they were happy to do.

  26. hi lucky! do you know when this offer expires? do you expect it to be around for a while? i just did a churn in november so not sure if i should apply. thanks!

  27. @ lsbuffs — I don’t believe there’s a requirement to have a same day ticket on American, though you must be able to access the airside.

  28. @ ang — There’s no stated expiration date best I can tell. If I had to guess I’d say the offer probably won’t be around for long.

  29. @ Lucky – And thank you to you too for this post and all of your other posts. They have really helped me become a much better traveler!

  30. Does Citi count Vanilla Reload purchases from CVS as cash advances? Just wondering if I can realistically spend $10k in 3 months before applying.

  31. Thanks Ben, wife and I got approved!

    Now I will cancel my Amex Plat, need to think where to bank my MR points though. Any suggestion?

  32. @ Tao — Yes you’ll have to open a business version of the card. I’d maybe wait till there’s another big sign-up bonus on the Business Gold Rewards Card.

  33. I applied 2 days ago for the 75,000 miles offer and was approved. I saw on your blog about the 100,000 offer. Since I had not even received the card yet, I called and asked if I could “upgrade” to the higher offer. The representative was very nice and said they have had lots of calls about this very issue and she would put in a request. She said it would take a couple of days but that it should not be a problem. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  34. @Lucky – The problem I’m facing is that the annual fee is due on the plat. card and I don’t have other membership rewards card to hold the place if I cancel the plat. card. Can I downgrade it to a card with no annual just to keep the MR open so that I have more time to wait for a bigger sign-up bonus on the business gold?

  35. @ Tao — If you downgrade to a card that earns “basic” Membership Rewards points you can keep the points there, though you can’t redeem them as “premium” Membership Rewards points until you have a premium card again.

  36. @Lucky – Thanks! I’m balance negative at this point so it’s safe to say I won’t be redeeming any points until I get a bigger bonus from a premium card, haha.

  37. @ Tao — Oh, whoops. I believe if it’s a negative balance you actually have to pay it off before closing the card. Don’t think you can transfer a negative points balance.

  38. @Lucky – shoot, that’s a bummer, so the only way to avoid paying the high charge is to keep the plat. open while applying for another card to pay for the negative balance? I don’t think I can spend that much money on the plat card as is.

  39. Just applied. Status pending. Called the number. Without getting any info she asked me to call back within 24-48 hrs as their system is down. Looks like they have been swamped

  40. @lsbuffs

    You can absolutely access the Admirals Club when flying another carrier (provided, as Lucky said, you can get to the terminal it’s in). I’ve done it several times with this card, and even when I’m flying American (as I usually am) I have never been asked for any boarding pass at any Admirals Club using this card.

    I got the card back when the 60k bonus seemed pretty darned good, so I’m probably out of luck on this one, but I’m still happy with the card.

  41. Anyone know how to get the cars expedited? Need this soon for spend. Also, conflicting reports about what gets you $200 credit. B

  42. Interesting. I wonder if this new offer might add a bit of ‘leverage’ to my re-cancellation call of the Amex Platinum. Earlier today, when I said the magic word “cancel” for my Plat, the rep said she could do an additional $200 AA credit to offset the lounge fee (since I indicated that was the primary reason I couldn’t justify the fee). I didn’t press for any better offer, but would obviously prefer MR points over credit. I just said I’d think about it….

    Also, I’m confused as to what the $200 credit is good towards. In the fine print, it says:

    “Eligible purchases excluded returned goods and services, cash advances, convenience checks, transferred balances, credits, fees and interest charges. Statement credits will appear on the monthly billing statement from Citi®.”

    So that means EVERYTHING else is fair game? Groceries, gas, whatever….they’ll just magically credit $200 at some point? It is not referring to AA specific charges?

  43. So what would happen if I applied for the AA card and already have one? I don’t mind taking the risk for a potential 100,000 points, but if I don’t get the points, do you think I can cancel the card and get my 450 back? Is that too big a ding on my credit?

  44. @ Carole — I can’t imagine it would be an issue, but when you call to activate the card you can confirm they see the correct sign-up bonus and then you should be good.

  45. I think I am in the same boat as Carole. Last week, applied and was approved for the a AAdvantage Platinum level card (which I have not yet activated). I asked customer service if I could replace “Platinum” card with this “Elite” card offer. Their response was “No, you cannot replace the card but you can sign up for a new card, however you will not receive the sign up bonus for the new card since you already have an AAdvantage card.”

    @Lucky – Is this typically the case, are the agents misinformed? Do you recommend rolling the dice and applying for the second card with hopes of the 100K sign-up bonus?

    @Lucky – does the sign-up bonuses / fees confirmed when activating the card? (@ Carole — I can’t imagine it would be an issue, but when you call to activate the card you can confirm they see the correct sign-up bonus and then you should be good.)

  46. lucky, called after the pending page appeared. The call center system is down and i was asked to call back in 24-48 hrs. I am nervous if the sign up bonus will be still there after the swamp of applications for this deal?

  47. Sorry if this was already posted, do you need to have a same day american ticket to gain access to the lounge?

  48. @Lucky,

    Thank you for advice. I did find the website responded to my application as follows:

    …”Thank you XXX XXX for applying for Citi Executive® / AAdvantage® World EliteTM Mastercard®.

    Your application is pending further review and we need additional information from you. Please call 800-695-5171 now to receive an
    immediate decision. Agents are available now to quickly complete the processing of your application.

    Please have your application ID XXXXXXXX available when you call as it will be used to locate your application.”…

    I just called anbd their system is down because of too many apps. I was asked to call back in 24 to 48 hours.

  49. Thanks Ben! Instant for me and my wife. $20K total for both of us will be…interesting Should be doable.

  50. Bit on 75k and called today to inquire about 100k……was given an 800 fax number and was told to fax in the email offer code or Admirals Club offer code…..since I fly next week I will certainly get the Admiral’s Club offer after I slam the AMEX card on the counter…..bling…..bling…….and then maybe even have my wife apply for the 100k offer as well to drain the bank while the vault is open…… the bank robber said…….”that’s where the money is”………Pedro esta bien pero Luisa tienne catarro……..lo siento……que catarro……es no bruno para nada………..Mr immigration man!

  51. Just applied (Wednesday 4am EST) and got the message below:
    “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application. Be assured that we have received it and there is no need to resubmit. We will contact you at the mailing address you provided as soon as it is processed. Thank you! “

  52. After not having rec’d any email confirmations after my application was accepted, I tried to log in this morning using the credentials established during the application yesterday. I was able to access a screen showing the last few digits of my new credit card, and asking for the security code before proceeding.
    So for anyone who hasn’t rec’d any emails and is curious, you may want to try to sign in to confirm your new account has been established.

  53. So I successfully applied on 1/25 for the 75,000 bonus miles after 3 months of $7,500 spend + $100 statement credit offer, and on 1/28 learned about the 100,000 bonus miles offer.

    I called twice, and was told that I couldn’t be upgraded to the 100,000 mile offer and that I’d have to apply again (even though I’d be disqualified, clearly, for a recent application).

    Any tricks as to where to call/what to say?

    I’m more than willing and able to spend the additional $2,500 a month to get 100,000 bonus miles and additional $100 statement credit. Help!

  54. Follow-up: though an error message was displayed during my application, they received it and I got approved 🙂

  55. I applied online, had to make 1 followup call and was approved on the phone. Now 48 hours later I received an overnight delivery with the card member agreement. They said to look out for the actual card within 7 days.

    Seems silly to spend the money overnighting a card member agreement and then to send the actual card via the mail….

  56. Wait tip you see how many trees they killed to do the packaging for the card…….I’ll bet it even makes Robert Hanson squeamish…………I’ll be going to the Admiral’s Club at SFO soon so if I can pick up some extra “codes” I’ll pass along for you fellow 75k losers……………..

  57. Applied on Tuesday and got the “We are reviewing and will contact within a week” message. Called back today (two days later), Citi verified my income and approved me. Have the CitiAAdvantage Card and the Hilton Reserve with Citi. Confirmed that the $200 statement credit is for ANY purchase – the rep told me that was to help offset the “HUGE” fee of this card. Looks like it is time to shift Vanilla spending.

  58. I’m probably a rare lucky one. I applied and received the card three weeks ago on the 60k offer. Called last week to attempt to get adjusted to the 75k and was told that there’s no way. Then this 100k offer came out, so i decided to secure message just to try my luck one more time…. it took a day but i received back the message stating that they’re adding 40k to my account,and no extra spend is required!

  59. @Zach you dirty dog……I hope your good fortune is a foreshadowing on how they are going to deal with all the rapid changes in their offers………Chase has the Gold standard on this as I have never been denied upgrade bonuses on multiple occasions……….loyalty follows kindness…………

  60. Question re: Admirals Club access for additional card holders on the account.

    My brother was approved and he ordered a card for me, which I’ve since received – the card # and 3 dig security code are identical on both cards.

    I assume therefore I’ll be able to use my card (as an additional card holder on the account) to access the Admirals Club?

    I can’t see how the front desk folks would know otherwise…..

  61. @ Simon — When they swipe the card they’ll be able to tell you’re not the primary cardmember. The terms & conditions specifically exclude additional cardmembers from accessing the lounge.

  62. If you flip the cards over and look at the back, the primary card holder has Admiral’s Club and the Circle with stars logo stamped on it where the secondary card holder has nothing in that space. I suspect they will just manually flip the card over….notice no Admiral’s Club card stamp and then quote you the entrance fee………..

  63. Does the Admirals Club access with this card also work with Partner Lounges Like the Air Berlin Lounge in DUS?

  64. applied 3 cards (me, wife and mom), called the center twice and they asked me to call them to check in 3-7 days. however, i received 3 emails to inform all 3 apps are approved.

    thanks, lucky, for your info and help.

  65. About about the 10K EQM after $40K/yr spend. this is extra 10k miles that can be redeemed? or just bump you over the threshold & not real miles to be used. If former then this earns 1.25 miles per $ is as good SPG.

  66. @Lucky,
    Thanks a lot, Lucky! My understanding is, even if I do not fly AA or its partner, I can still enter AA lounge for free meals for myself and a companion. Am I right?

    Yes, I do plan to bring my family to Cancun this Spring.

  67. @ Andy — You don’t have to be flying American, but you do need to be able to access the airside. That being said, they only have snacks for free in the lounge. The more substantial food is for sale.

  68. @Lucky,
    Thank you for quick response.

    I am kinda disappointed because that means lounge access for this card is of little value. Besides snacks, what else makes the lounge access valuable?

  69. Can I get into the AA lounge by presenting the citi executive card, or will I get a seperate AAdmirals card? Thanks!

  70. Read all comments, thank you. Called recommended number (800-950-5171) & was instructed to apply online. Did not have referral or airport codes. No matter. Finished application. Submitted & got email saying call on phone (would you believe, same number) to finish up process & get instant approval. Was approved after short hold. Reconfirmed getting 100k miles after 3 month 10k spend with bonus 10k miles. Reconfirmed getting $200 credit. Easy as pie. Before applying on line, asked Citi Person advice in first phone call to the above number. Do not close existing Citibusiness AAdvantage Business Card until after getting new card. And do not ask to have Business Card “upgraded” to World Elite Card upon pain of death. Oops. On pain of not getting the 100k mile bonus.

  71. Hey guys I also read all the comments and went ahead and applied on line. got approved instantly. i have a citi bank aa personal credit card and a citi bank buisness mastercard as well. Once I got approved I made sure to call to see if I was going to get the bonus. They verified that it is on my account. I just need to spend 10,000 now.

  72. Hi Lucky!

    Is the physical CC absolutely necessary to get into the AA lounge? The card won’t get here in time, but can they look me up at the AA lounge if I give them my info or YMMV? I will be flying on Cathay so not AA, so not sure if that matters. Thanks!

  73. @ Ang — If the card is actually activated then it should be linked to your AAdvantage account and you shouldn’t need it. However, if it’s not yet activated then I don’t think you’ll be able to get in.

  74. Thanks Lucky! My card should arrive in a few days and I can activate before I leave. So as long as I activate it and link it to my AA account, i should be fine? I will make sure to get it activated. I noticed there is a card specifically for the Admiral’s club. Do we nee to do anything to register for that card or will that be automatically sent to us?

    Thanks again =)

  75. @ Ang — That’s correct. You actually don’t get a separate card for the club. The credit card acts as your membership card.

  76. Hi Lucky! I used the Citi AA CC to buy some VR, but it’s been 2 days and it’s still showing up as a temporary authorization. Do you know how long it takes to disappear and show up as a charge? Is Citi typically this slow when it comes to VR charges? Thanks in advance!

  77. @Ang Citi thinks everyone is a crook so make sure you tell them before you hit the road………and there is a little old woman in tennis shoes in the bowels of the Pentagon that reviews by hand each and every VR charge so they get backed up from time to time as Colbert so eloquently points out………..

  78. Not a bad idea……..their fraud alert team reacts badly if you shift in your seat on the plane and it is a relatively painless if somewhat comical call…………..

  79. Thanks again “justSaying” for responding so quickly! =) I usually only use chase cards and this is my first time using citi cards to buy VRs. I’m a newbie still learning, but really, I appreciate you responding so quickly and helping me. =)

  80. go to the search box on boarding area and search vanilla rewards. Prepare to spend half a day learning from the masters…….Frequent Miler also has a series of articles that are related and they will fall under the manufactured spend category…….hopes this gets you pointed in the right direction…….print the color pictures of the VR that Frequent Miler and others have so you don’t buy the wrong Vanailla Reload card………

  81. So i have had a Citi AAdvantage card (World Mastercard Gold Level) since the early 2000s, but have never applied for a new card since that time. Am I eligible for the 100K with the new Elite card?

  82. Hi Folks,

    I just got a second card to get another 100K miles. I simply applied again & no one seemed bothered that I got the first card just a couple of months ago. Same credit limit. Everything the same.

    Now do I just cancel the first card? Or should I wait until just before the year is up? I certainly do not want to be charged $450 for the second year.

    I still have the AAdvantage business card that I got last year. It costs about $100 a year to maintain. I am tempted to cancel it. But then I would need to sign up for yet another AAdvantage card (perhaps a free one this time) to maintain my account. Any advice, please?

    Thanks, Cynthia

  83. @ Cynthia — You can keep your first card open till right before the annual fee hits and then cancel.

    As far as the business card, you can close that down. What do you mean by needing another card to “maintain your account?”

  84. Thank you, Lucky, for getting back to me so quickly!

    The way I put the phrase “keep my account open” was definitely not intuative, I now recognise. No wonder you didn’t know what I was talking about.

    What I meant is that I want to have a method to continue posting miles to my account so that the American Airlines miles themselves do not expire. So I need to maintain a card of some sort.

    What I like about the business card (the $100 card) itself is that it allows me one checked bag free. I recognise that I get all that & more with the $450 cards, but I won’t be keeping them for a second year.

    So it would perhaps behove me to keep this $100 card. It is tempting to cancel it, in case I get a partial refund, but they have given me a better credit limit than they have on the two $450 cards I now have.

    And then I worry about my credit rating, what with starting & stopping several accounts. Can you comment on effects to one’s credit rating, too?



  85. @ Cynthia — As long as you have account activity every 18 months your miles won’t expire. So if you’re earning miles at all (through flying, shopping portals, etc), or redeeming miles, they won’t expire.

    There are several factors that go into determining your credit score – age of credit is not generally as important as your payment history and utilization.

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