American AAdvantage Elite Boost Now For Sale

Back in November American announced that they’d be offering an Elite Boost option for status this year. They did this while also announcing they wouldn’t be offering soft landings anymore. Basically American’s “soft landing” policy used to be that you wouldn’t drop more than one status level each year. In other words if I earned Executive Platinum status this year and didn’t fly another mile I’d be a Platinum member next year and a Gold member the year after that.

Instead they’ve started selling an Elite Boost option, whereby you can buy up to the next status level if you’re within a certain range of the mileage required. While they published the costs last year, the actual page where you can purchase the Elite Boost only went live today. As a reminder, this is for status earned in 2013, which applies to the 2014 status year. In other words, if you do an Elite Boost the status will be valid through February of 2015.


Ultimately the prices aren’t low. Like I said last year, you’d be much better off taking a mileage run if you have the time than doing any of the buy up options, but at the same time if that’s not an option these buy up offers can make sense as well… and it’s too late now anyway.

For example, if you ended the year with 95,000-99,999 elite qualifying miles or points it’s $1,199 to buy up to Executive Platinum status.


You would’ve been much better off paying for a ticket to qualify for status late last year, but if you didn’t $1,199 still seems worthwhile for eight systemwide upgrades, unlimited complimentary domestic upgrades, etc. Heck, even the $1,799 they charge if you ended the year with 90,000-94,999 elite qualifying miles or points seems like it could be worthwhile

If you have more questions check out the full terms and conditions or frequently asked questions about the program.


  1. Lucky,

    I do not believe that you can boost yourself to Exec. Plat. based on the terms.

    If I hold Executive Platinum status through February 28, 2014, but will not end 2013 within 10,000 elite qualifying miles or points; or 10 segments of re-qualifying, can I still renew my Executive Platinum status through this offer for 2014?

    No, you will need to meet the required thresholds in order to be eligible to use this offer to retain your Executive Platinum status. However, if you have not qualified for any elite status level for 2014, you will have the option to boost your elite status to Gold or Platinum for 2014 or, if you have qualified for Gold status for 2014, you will have the option to lift your elite status level to Platinum.”

  2. @ Mrjoshua — That question refers specifically to those not within 10,000 miles of qualifying. If you’re within 10,000 miles you can.

  3. Well, that sucks. I finished with 89,484. Missed the opportunity by just 516 miles. Let’s hope my travel coordinator is successful in getting me bumped to EXP for the year.

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