JetBlue High Five & Lucky Seven Promotions

JetBlue has just announced two new promotions for TrueBlue members. Based on my interpretation of them it seems like they may be available annually from now on, making them milestone bonuses of sorts. That would be awesome.

The first promotion is entitled “High Five Bonus,” and offers 5,000 bonus TrueBlue points when you purchase and fly three roundtrip flights in 2014.


The second promotion is entitled “Lucky 7 Bonus,” and offers 7,000 bonus points when you purchase and fly seven roundtrip flights in 2014.


Registration isn’t required for either of these promotions, and as long as you’re a TrueBlue member you should be eligible. Furthermore, you can still qualify for other promotions while taking advantage of these milestones.

As many of you probably know, TrueBlue is a revenue based frequent flyer program on both the earnings and redemption side, and while the exact redemption rates vary, you can get up to ~1.5 cents per point of value.

So 5,000 bonus points (which you get for three roundtrip flights) is potentially worth ~$75, while 7,000 bonus points (which you get for seven roundtrip flights) is potentially worth ~$105.

This isn’t any massive promotion that should cause you to switch business to JetBlue, but if you’re a JetBlue customer anyway this is a nice additional reward.

As a reminder, on top of these new milestones JetBlue is offering double base flight points (both redeemable and towards Mosaic status) for travel through March 3, 2014. For that promotion registration is required prior to travel, and only newly made reservations qualify.

JetBlue sure has had a good number of promotions lately. I don’t think most of them are lucrative enough to actually switch business to JetBlue, but between the promotions and the ability to pool points among a family it’s getting easy to rack up TrueBlue points.

(Tip of the hat to Wandering Aramean)


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