100% Bonus on Purchased Miles From US Airways

US Airways launched a targeted offer today, offering a 100% bonus on purchased miles to those who had purchased points in 2013.


While this promotion is targeted, it’s better than the December offer, as you will receive the 100% bonus on any quantity of miles you purchase.

Last year US Airways ran a 100% bonus on shared miles, which was a much better deal since it was basically an opportunity to pick up miles for ~1.1 cents each. The “catch” is that you needed an existing mileage balance in order to share miles, so if you didn’t have miles in any US Airways account that wasn’t especially useful. We’ve seen two such 100% share miles promotions in the past several months, which is more than normal, so my guess is that this will be as good as it gets for a while.

Anyway, 1.88 cents per mile isn’t a rate at which I’d speculatively buy miles, but if you have a specific use in mind it can still be a very good deal. US Airways charges just 90,000 miles for business class between the US and North Asia, and you can route via Europe with a stopover there. It’s anyone’s guess how much longer till they devalue their award chart, but spending under $1,900 to get enough miles for such a ticket is a bargain, assuming you can lock it in soon.

Keep in mind that US Airways is exiting the Star Alliance in March, so there is a limited timeframe in which you can use US Airways miles on those carriers. Afterwards US Airways will be joining OneWorld, and will eventually have a combined award chart with American, though we don’t have the details on that yet.

As a reminder, US Airways mileage purchases are processed by points.com, so wouldn’t qualify as airfare spend for the purposes of your credit card (so if you purchase them you’re best off using a card that’s rewarding for “everyday” spend).


  1. I got so excited that I created an account .. I am not eligible unfortunately !!!

    I will just pray for miles and less to have the same marketing idea !! hopefully one day ..

  2. I clicked on the above link and entered my information. It didn’t say “sorry you’re not eligible” but just presented me with the “buy miles” screen (which seemed to be sold at the normal rate). I saw absolutely nothing about the bonus – I assume that if the promo applies, you see a different screen?

  3. “spending under $1,900 to get enough miles for such a ticket is a bargain, assuming you can lock it in soon”

    …and assuming US agents can “see” available flights

  4. Great tip Elaine! My Cousin bought US Air miles last time and we went to book and US Air couldn’t see Lufthansa flights. So always better to call and let them hold the ticket for free for 3 days and then get the miles.

  5. @ Gol — There’s no way to “force” your account to be targeted for this. Only real option is to find someone who’s account was targeted.

  6. @David

    Data point: I shared miles last year as well, and no email for me. I don’t care, as I’m not looking to get more US Airways points, but it does leave one wondering what the real criteria was for receiving the promotion.

  7. Just called DM and they can see award availability after April , leaving on the 27th of march and coming back on 4/15 and she said I can book with AA too on Oneworld only … That’s another process though

  8. Can you clarify the t&cs please lucky. If person A has 0 miles and buys 50,000 miles (receiving 100,000), can person B then gift to A another 50,000miles, so ultimately A has 200,000 miles in their account, assuming both A & B were targeted for the promo?

  9. I’m interested in traveling to Seoul in late April 2015. It takes 100K miles to book a business class seat roundtrip to Seoul during this off-peak time. Buying 100K US Airways miles is essentially like buying 100K AA miles at 1.88 cpm. (I realize that you can currently only use US Airways for AA-operated flights and not its partners). However, flights for April 2015 probably won’t be available until June. I would also be fine with spending 50K miles for economy if there was a devaluation to business/first on AA considering I would still come out ahead about $200-400. I know it’s not recommended to buy miles speculatively, but do you think it’s likely AA will devaluate before June? even economy awards?

  10. @ ATLdreamer — There’s really no way to know, it could go either way. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see a devaluation before then. I probably wouldn’t buy the miles just yet, because I highly doubt this is the last time they’ll sell miles at the current rate. I would guess the offer will be around again soon, closer to when you can book.

    But I could be wrong…

  11. @lucky I already have an award ticket book for north asia do you think it’s worth purchasing an additional 25k miles with the bonus to get to South Asia roundtrip? I currently have 50k in aadvantage as well what would be the best option to get to hkg to ceb?

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