Hyatt Endless Possibilities Promo Registration Open

Back in December I shared the details of Hyatt’s first quarter 2014 promotion, entitled Endless Possibilities.


To recap, the promotion will be valid for stays between January 15 and April 30, 2014. What makes this promotion unique is that you have two options for earning rewards:

Earn Free Nights

  • The first earning option is to earn one free night at any Category 1 through 4 Hyatt property worldwide after every five nights of eligible stays.
  • You can earn a maximum of four free nights through the promotion.
  • The free nights have no blackout dates and are valid through July 31, 2014.

Earn Bonus Points

Alternatively you can earn 5,000 bonus Gold Passport points after the first five nights, and then further tiered points after every five additional nights, as follows:


So if you max out this promotion you earn 50,000 bonus Gold Passport points for 20 nights, which is an average of 2,500 bonus points per night.

Which is a better value: free nights or bonus nights?

If you go the route of earning bonus points, you’ll earn an average of 12,500 bonus points for every five nights, assuming you max out the promotion. Due to the way the promotion is tiered, in reality you’re earning fewer bonus points on a per night basis if you stay fewer nights, as follows:

  • 5 nights: 1,000 bonus points per night (total of 5,000 bonus points)
  • 10 nights: 1,500 bonus points per night (total of 15,000 bonus points)
  • 15 nights: 2,000 bonus points per night (total of 30,000 bonus points)
  • 20 nights: 2,500 bonus points per night (total of 50,000 bonus points

Meanwhile the free nights can be redeemed at up to Category 4 properties, which usually cost 5,000-15,000 points per night. So if you can max out the promotion and actually redeem your nights at a Category 4 property you’d be better off going that route.

For most of us, however, the reality is points offer a lot more flexibility since they don’t expire (assuming you have some account activity) and can be redeemed at any category property. Furthermore, with Hyatt’s new Points + Cash offering I’d argue that the best use of points isn’t even for outright points redemptions anymore, but rather for Points + Cash bookings, making earning points even more compelling.


So my recommendation would probably be to go for the free nights if you’ll have 10 or fewer nights, since the opportunity cost of those Category 1-4 hotels isn’t as high. That’s because if you stay a total of five nights (which is enough for one free night) the alternative is to just earn 5,000 points, while if you stay a total of 10 nights you’d only be getting of 15,000 points (compared to two free nights). If you’ll have more than 10 eligible nights, I’d likely go with points.

Registration now open

While the promotion doesn’t start until next week, you can now register for the promotion. You do have to select whether you want to register for free nights or bonus points:

Note that once you register you can’t change your selection. Usually I always recommend registering for promotions as soon as possible so you don’t forget, but this is a promotion where you’re best off waiting to register. Registration is open until March 31, 2014, so you’re best off waiting till as close to that date as possible to register so you can decide which promotion works best for you, in my opinion.


  1. Ben, I’ve got four nights paid already in mid January for $500, but I could mattress run 15 other nights for $700 – would you do that to get to 50k points?

  2. @ Michael — Wow, under $50 per night rates? Must be in Vegas! 🙂

    Yes, I’d say that’s definitely worth it for the points, not to mention all the elite stay/night credits you’d be earning.

  3. Are you sure that the promotion will give credits retroactively? That you don’t have to be registered before staying?

  4. @ Carl — I don’t see anything suggesting that registration is required prior to the stay, but rather just the absolute registration deadline.

  5. I have 3 rooms reserved for 5 nights each in PHX (all at the same time), 2 free award nights bc of Hyatt VISA in HKG, and 1 paid night in HKG. Is there any way I can get credit for 16 nights off of this promotion?

  6. @ PJ — You can earn points for multiple rooms, though only stay credits for one room per night. So you’d get five nights for your Phoenix reservation and one night for your paid Hong Kong reservation.

  7. Ben,

    I forgot to include the dreaded Vegas “resort fee” — so this is what it comes to:

    1) spend $603ai for 10 nights to get 35K additional Hyatt Points (plus my reg diamond points I’d receive)– (and I’d be at six stays and 20 nights for the year)


    2) save the $603 and receive 2 Category 4 award nights at the Hyatt Santa Barbara or Hyatt Regency SF..(and be at 6 stays and 10 nights for the year)

    is the 15 nights for $903ai worth it — if it yields me the 50K bonus? Otherwise, I can just do 10 nights for the 2 nights of Category 4 redemption (Hyatt Santa Barbara would be my choice)

    thanks again for your great blog

  8. @ Michael — Do you need the nights towards elite qualification? If not I’d say it’s probably not worth it. That being said if you need the nights for Diamond I think it makes perfect sense.

  9. Do Points + Cash stays count towards this promotion? I have some points stays coming up at the Mackas Place Istanbul and I’m tempted to swap to the Points + Cash rate. I almost booked at the Points + Cash rate originally but we’re trying our best to save for our wedding that I went for the all points (18k) rate.

  10. Ben,

    I think this discussion is important because we all are trying to figure out what kind of status we are going for in 2014.

    To answer your question, as a Hyatt Diamond, I will continue to requalify, usually via 25 stays and not nights. But with the quarterly promotions now targeting nights (20 nights and 50K bonus points two quarters in a row), I may qualify on nights. I have to figure out which way makes more sense.

    What is a bit strange is to book a 14 night stay in a hotel and stay on 3 nights of it. I’m effectively buying miles at about 1.4 to 1.5 cents (given the Diamond points I’ll accrue as well)for this particular mattress run if I do it.

  11. I really wish it were possible to see online whether cash+points rates are available.

    By any chance, do they track whether the elite rate is available?

  12. @ Michael — That’s about what I value Hyatt points at, so I’d say you could go either way there. If you don’t have a ton of points it’s definitely worth it, in my opinion.

  13. @ Michael — I hope the functionality will eventually be available online. Sorry, what do you mean about tracking whether the elite rate is available?

  14. Is it really possible to book a 14-night stay and not stay in the room? I would think that if the room looks unused, that the hotel would check you out and store your belongings.

    Sadly there aren’t any inexpensive Hyatt properties nearby

  15. Lucky I want to take advantage of this promotion while completing my Diamond Challenge (got too spoiled at PH Maldives not to!)

    My question is – is there a way to research Hyatt rates say a month at a time (calendar function?) in a particular market like LA for example? Or do I literally have to go night by night to see what the rates are? The goal would be to find the nights over the next 30 days with the lowest rates if that makes sense?


  16. @ Carl — In practice I’d say yes. You can always let the hotel know what you’re doing, and I’m sure they’d be fine with it.

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