Iberia 50% Off Award Booking — Transatlantic Business Class for 20,000 Avios!

Iberia is running a heck of an award sale for bookings made through January 7, 2014, for travel through April 8, 2014. They’re offering 50% off redemptions on Iberia metal, which is potentially extremely lucrative since Iberia only imposes very mild fuel surcharges on award redemptions.

If you’re an Iberia Plus member just log-in and search for award redemptions and you’ll automatically see the discounted prices. Through this promotion one-way economy class between Boston, Chicago, Miami, or New York and Madrid will cost you just 10,000 Avios, while one-way business class will cost you just 20,000 Avios. A one-way from Los Angeles to Madrid will cost you just 12,500 Avios in economy class or 25,000 Avios in business class.


For example, pulling up award availability for a one-way business class redemption from Chicago to Madrid, the total cost comes to just 20,000 Avios plus ~78 Euros.


You can search award availability on Iberia’s website if you’re an Iberia Plus member, though you can only search one day at a time. Alternatively if you have an ExpertFlyer membership you can see business class award availability for a week at a time.


At least up until last week Iberia was transfer partners with the US American Express Membership Rewards program, though I can’t seem to find it on the Membership Rewards website right now. I’m not sure if they were cut as a partner or if there are just some technical difficulties, and there seems to be some confusion at American Express as well, which I’ll try to get to the bottom of. Alternatively, you can actually transfer points from British Airways Avios, though the big catch is that your Iberia Plus account has to be at least three months old to qualify for that.

Lastly, if you do take advantage of this and book business class, I’d highly recommend booking for travel on an Airbus A330, as these feature Iberia’s new business class product, featured in this video:

Anyway, this is an absolutely phenomenal value and I’d highly recommend taking advantage of this if you have the time. Iberia’s award space tends to be pretty hit or miss, whereby they either seem to have no award seats or nine award seats on a given flight, so with a bit of flexibility it shouldn’t be too tough to book an award under this promotion.

(Tip of the hat to @olman)


  1. Just as a note, BOS-MAD service is suspended until 3/31/14, so there’s only nine days in which to book that flight with Iberia.

  2. I can not seem to get the avios booking site to work. I have had 1000 Iberia in the account for a year now. Do I need to transfer in 50k to see the availability?

  3. IB for a points transfer is gone from my Amex acc’t also. Does not appear to be a glitch. Just another Amex devaluation that they did not tell us about.

  4. Jerry, as per a Head for Points comment:

    ‘I’ve finally sussed the problem with searching availability on the Iberia site. The problem occurs when you login then use the link on the Iberia plus drop down menu to search for flights using avios. The error is because it converts your dates to US format (ie 06/27/24) and then the search fails. The solution is to login, then use the standard book flights on the menu or homepage and select ‘pay with avios’ or something similar. Then the availability loads. Hope that helps!’

    Pssteve – not much of a devaluation when you can transfer to BA and move them across for free, albeit subject to the 90 day rule

  5. I just got off the phone with BA executive club and they said that they have been experiencing technical difficulties in transferring points from BA to Iberia Plus and they don’t know when it will be operable. This applies both online and over the phone.

  6. You can still transfer Amex points to Iberia. You have to call Amex MR and they will manually transfer the points. How long will it take for the points to show up to Iberia?

  7. Thanks Raffles. I am now able to see availability. But, I just shows me a dollar amount, no Avios. Even though I clicked pay in Avios. Maybe because I only have 1000 in my account.

    If Maury’s post holds true, I will not be able to transfer the points anyhow.

  8. Does anyone see this discount from Boston? I get regular mileage when i try BOS-MAD, but i get 50% off for New York – Madrid.

  9. Does anyone have any experience of thoughts on how long the Amex transfer take? Membership rewards says it takes up to 7 days, but I’ve always seen points>miles transfers happen pretty instantaneously. I found the flight pairs I want, but don’t want to risk it if it’s going to take a few days to actually post to Iberia.

  10. I searched for Chicago to Madrid routes and the price shows as 15,000 avios for economy. How are you seeing 10,000 avios?

  11. @ Ben — I don’t recall seeing a review of this type of business class seat from you. I believe Alitalia offers a similar product on its A330s, and it looks quite a bit less confining than the Austrian/Delta-style staggered seats.

  12. Same issue as Ricky, not seeing 10k Avios for NYC-MAD econ. Anyone else with this issue who then got this to work? FWIW I’m based in Canada – not sure if it’s a US specific promotion.

  13. You need to find dates with “blue class” availability. Once you do, it’s 10k for JFK-MAD, half the normal price. 15k for economy (not blue class) is also half of the normal price.

  14. Anyone know how long it takes to transfer MR points to Iberia Avios once I am able to talk to them on the phone?
    If I transfer in and then the availability is gone, can these be transferred over to BA Avios?

  15. I keep getting this when looking at booking ORD to MAD…”We have encountered some difficulty in dealing with this booking. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask you to please try again after a few minutes. If the error persists please contact us”

  16. Does anyone know if Iberia will hold award tickets? I have plenty of Avios in my BA account, but the transfer system appears to be down.

  17. Thanks for this Lucky, just booked ord-mad-ord biz @ 40k, if anyone else has problems getting BA avios to Iberia avios, make sure to do it via the Iberia site. BA site has issues with transfers. I think the 3 month rule still applies on both ends though.

  18. You can still do AMEX transfers to IB Avios online, though they’ve removed it from the main menu. Just go to “link travel programs” and it remains an option. Transfers take 1-2 IME.

  19. @ Cheryl — It typically takes 24-48 hours in my experience. Yes, you can transfer from Iberia Avios back to BA Avios if your accounts have been linked for long enough.

  20. @ Mark S. — Flying Alitalia business class in a couple of days so will review that product, and also plan on flying Iberia through this offer.

  21. @ Mac – Thanks, but I can’t the option to transfer points to Iberia. It is already listed as a travel program in my account.

  22. Warning: BA->Iberia Avios doesn’t appear to be working. I’m experiencing the same issue as Maury. I found availability and converted some UR points to BA Avios with the intention of moving them to my Iberia account. My account has been open for over a year so that is not the issue. The BA website is having issues with combining and they seem to be having the same issues doing it over the phone (called a few times). If I try and combine Avios via the Iberia website, it fails and the email I received is from the BA side (not Iberia) so there is definitely something up on the BA-side with Avios combinations.

    It annoys me that I just sunk about 200k points from UR and AmEx into Avios and now I probably won’t be able to use them for this deal.

  23. Do you have any experience with Iberia award travel? I recently booked BOS-MAD for Oct 1, 2014 returning Oct 15. Iberia sent a notice they changed the outgoing flight to Sept 30 and the return to Oct 13. Not a big deal as we are flexible but we will be positioning to BOS from PHX so need to book that flight plus all the hotel arrangements in Spain. Is this common with Iberia? Any suggestions on how long should I wait to make the other arrangements?

  24. @JD D – Have you tried transferring through avois.com? You will need a UK address to set up your avios.com account, but then you should be able to transfer BA -> avios.com -> Iberia

    This is especially useful if you have a household account.

  25. Just got off the phone with Amex Membership Rewards and their relationship with Iberia Plus has ended. Unless BA transfers become operable from here to the end of Tuesday, this deal is useless to many of us with none or little Avios in our Iberia account.

  26. @Michael I don’t have a UK address but I can try and see if I can sign up anyway, do you know if the addresses need to match on all of the accounts?

  27. @Maury – Amex Membership Rewards did a transfer for me over the phone this morning. I didn’t ask the status of their relationship, but they didn’t have an issue submitting the transfer for me. It has already been deducted from my Amex account and I was told it will be in my Iberia account within 48 hours. I’d call again and just ask for them to do the transfer.

  28. Bill — you have to konitor your reservation closely. Lots of changes and seats can get unreserved. IB can be a very frustrating airline, so try to keep it simple. Most problems with Avios bookings need to be resolved by calling the rewards number in Spain and asking for an English speaking agent.

  29. Michael – thank you for the tip. When I go to avios.com – it asks if I want rewards or BA. I login to BA and then I see an option to combine Avios. However I receive the following message:”Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to combine your Avios online due to a technical error. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes you. Please contact your local Executive Club service centre to combine your Avios.”

    What am I missing? Thanks!

  30. @Michael Yes! You are right! I called back and didn’t discuss their relationship and just asked to transfer. Thanks

  31. Just tried combining Avios via the Iberia site and that’s not working either. Got all the way to the end of the process and received a message that the transfer failed.

  32. I finally got it to work. I was able to create an Avios account and transfer between BA and Avios but still didnt have luck with Iberia.

    My Iberia account was about 18 months old and I had never used it. I couldn’t find any rules but apparently there needs to be some activity on it before transfers will work. I impatiently just purchased the minimum amount of Avios ($75) to get some activity on my account and after that, the transfer to Iberia finally worked. You could achieve the same results by calling up AmEx and having them transfer miles to Iberia (doing this online is not available currently but they can do it over the phone).

    Here is the FlyerTalk thread: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/british-airways-executive-club/1408769-has-anyone-tried-combine-my-avios-lately.html

  33. Brilliant JD! I was in the same boat — Iberia account was 4 years old with no activity ever. After a 54 Euro purchase of 2,000 points I was then able to transfer from BA Avios. Thank you!

  34. Lucky, does this work for LAX? The email doesn’t explicitly say so and when I pull up flights from MAD to LAX, I’m quoted 25k avios each way in Blue class…

  35. The reason “combine my avios” is not working is that you need to have an “active account”, which means you need to have earned miles or have miles posted through a promotion into your IB avios account. If you have an account opened but never had any miles post, it’s not active and won’t allow the combination. If you did the recent promotion and have only just 15 miles, then you’re set. Otherwise you’ll have to buy miles for 54 euros as described above.

  36. Desmond
    It does not work from LAX in March because there are no flights on Iberia metal.
    You might try to get to Chicago or NY, then Iberia Avios

  37. John, not yet – it’s been about 4 hours. The rep gave me high expectations..saying it usually takes 5-10 minutes. I’m seeing the availability dwindle on Iberia. Sure hope they post sooner rather than later.

  38. Finally, my avios points posted in Iberia. Any one knows what kind of business seats A346 will have? I will be flying MAD-ORD in middle of Feb.

  39. @John it was stated in the article that the A330’s have the new business class seats and that the A340′ have the old style. “Lastly, if you do take advantage of this and book business class, I’d highly recommend booking for travel on an Airbus A330, as these feature Iberia’s new business class product, “

  40. @ John — Business class on the A340-600 is still fully flat, but simply not the same staggered product as on the A330-300.

  41. Restricting this to IB metal kind of kills the deal for most of us but good luck to those fortunate enough to live in one of IB US destinations.

  42. Iberia website seems to have issues this morning. I have received the ‘Request Not Processed’..please try again later for the last hour. Any workaround?

  43. Just booked six tickets in Business class TLV-MAD=JFK. Some things to keep in mind for those having problems. In order to transfer from BA Avios you must

    1) have the account open for 3 months
    2) have activity on the account.

    I had no activity and kept getting error messages I bought 2000 points (the minimum) for 54 Euro. This posted instantly. Then I tried again to transfer from BA and BOOM, it went through instantly!

    Also in order to make the transfer you must log in to Iberia go to “buy and transfer” then on the bottom of thr page in small red letters it will say something like “dont forget you can transfer points” click that and go through the process.

    Also I found some space to LA but it was pricing out at the higher level, so I dont think that LA is included in this promotion.

    Lastly, you can only book this online. When I called up reservations they quoted me the higher pricing and told me to book online.

    Also if you have any problems you need to call the Iberia Avios in Spain. there is an option for English. They are very helpful

  44. How long are the MR transfers taking? I just called MR and was told it could take up to 7 business days!

  45. What’s the best way to cancel Iberia award ticket if the ticket was priced in US$. The 800 772 4642 keeps redirecting to Euro call center and they cannot cancel/refund ticket b/c it’s not in Euro. It has to be US call center which I cannot get hold of after many calls. Thanks!

  46. Booked my business ticket JFK-MAD. Did AMEX to British Airways then to Iberia. My Iberia account was over 90 days old and had activity back in June of this year. All transfers posted within a matter of minutes.

  47. I am having trouble obtaining my PIN,
    Any help? Iberia site states that they
    will send me an email…no luck and
    I know that I will probably lose this deal
    as they are 6 hrs ahead of US. Thanks.

  48. Booked two business tickets ORD-MAD-ORD for 40,000 avios + $264 each. Transferred miles from BA.

  49. Also booked two business ORD-MAD-ORD! Transferred MR to Iberia – transfer took 28 hours. Are these changeable to an earlier departure date if there is availability? Also, any recommended seats on the A340-600?

    Thanks to Ben and commenters on this thread for all of your help!

  50. Was also successful in booking ORD – MAD – ORD for 40k avios and $264 US. I see on expedia the equipment is listed as A330 so I’m anticipating the new hard product. Anyone know if they still fly the A340 out of ORD?

  51. Hi Lucky,

    I have a follow up question on this that maybe you have the answer to. I’ve booked a 4 day layover in Madrid in J but am considering a hop over to Lisbon. If I book a separate round trip MAD-LIS-MAD and the LIS-MAD happens to be delayed for some reason causing a mis-connect of my MAD-ORD flight, will they still accommodate me on another Oneworld carrier? I know AA has a policy but I can’t find whether it applies to other Oneworld carriers (Iberia). Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

  52. @ seth — Assuming MAD-LIS is on another OneWorld carrier then yes, you’d be accommodated on the next available flight. They probably won’t offer to put you on a partner, though they’ll definitely offer to put you on their own flight.

  53. Sounds good, I plan to pay a little bit extra to take the Iberia flight LIS-MAD. Thanks for your help, as always!

  54. The offer has just finished. Impossible to get this 50 percent anymore….can anybody confitm this?
    thank you

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