1. I’m sorry, but this is not satire, it’s reality. {With the exception of the ending, of course}.

    I was the first person in BG1 on SW once where they “pre-boarded” a 20 person girls HS sports team. It being the Holidays, they had already pre-boarded some 30 more families with “children”. Some of said “children” as old as 10, pulling their own full size carry-ons.

    Now on the majors add in elite members, cc holders, full fare tickets, etc. and BG1 may be halfway thru the boarding process.

    In the past I’ve joked that as they add more and more pre-boarding categories, the first person in BG1 might find themselves the last person to board. One of these days, that is actually going to happen.

  2. Or there’s the UA method.
    Re-designate all those subgroups before Group 1 into Group 1 and board 50% of the flight with just one call.

  3. I would have never guessed Key & Peele had a large enough budget to rent a plane wreck for a sketch comedy show. Wow.

  4. I thought the same thing re: the budget to have that much stuff in the plane wreckage. Maybe they just used a set that already existed?

  5. @Garydon @RakSiam, there is already a crush set at Universal Studio where they did the last scene. It was also the same scene from Tom Cruise’s War of World movie. The crush set is on the Universal Studio’s tour 🙂

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