Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Flash Mob 2013

During the week Cathay Pacific had a Christmas themed flash mob at Hong Kong International Airport. Roughly 300 front line employees took part, including ground staff, cabin crew, and even pilots. Here’s a video of the first portion of it:

And then here’s a video which isn’t shot quite as well (in my opinion) though includes the second half of the flash mob as well:

Pretty cool, though I do somewhat take issue with this being called a “flash mob.” It’s pretty clear this was announced in advance, or else there wouldn’t randomly be that many people standing around. Minor details, though, and on the whole very cool!


  1. Very cool. But if you want me to have a giant reaction, let’s get that going with UA crew at EWR. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  2. @Nick – the dancers are obviously planned in advance. But the point of flash mobs is to catch the surrounding people by surprise. But as Lucky said, looks like the “audience” knew the dance was happening as it looks like they were all lined up waiting to watch.

  3. I was just getting ready to call one of my credit cards because I was double charged for a car rental. Thought I would look on line for a couple minutes beforehand. Glad I did. At least I will have a smile on my face when I call them. Thanks for posting!

  4. You underestimate the curiosity of Hongkongers. They see a space being cleared in the middle of a busy arrivals hall and everyone will stop and watch in case something is about to happen šŸ˜€

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