Alaska Airlines 2014 Elite Thank You Gift

Alaska Airlines seems to be sending out emails to elite Mileage Plan members today offering them a year end holiday gift. In the past they’ve sent out cookies, though this year the gifts are electronic and much better (both for your waist and flying comfort).

While I didn’t receive an email, when I logged into my Mileage Plan account summary page today there was a link at the bottom left which read “Elite Thank You Gift.”


I clicked it, and it brought me to a further page highlighting some of the promotions Alaska is running right now. From there I clicked “View Gift Options.”


There seem to be three options that everyone is getting for the elite thank you gift:

  • Two MVP Gold Guest Upgrades, valid through December 31, 2014
  • Two Board Room day passes, valid through December 31, 2014
  • Two Gogo internet single flight passes, valid through December 31, 2014


I already have Board Room access through Priority Pass and a monthly Gogo pass, so I went with the MVP Gold Guest Upgrades. As an MVP Gold or MVP Gold 75K you ordinarily get four of these per year, so with the extra two that brings it to a total of six. They were deposited into my account immediately.


Even if I didn’t have Priority Pass or a monthly Gogo pass I would have probably still gone with the MVP Gold Guest Upgrades. The two Gogo passes are worth $30 at most, while the two Board Room passes are worth $90 at most (the retail cost, though in reality I don’t think I’d ever pay that for Board Room access). Being able to lock in two transcon upgrades is worth much more than that. The only restriction on the upgrades is that tickets booked in the “G” and “T” fare class aren’t eligible to be upgraded.

It’s a damn good day for me on the Alaska Airlines front, since my MVP Gold 75K status just posted today as well, which also got me an extra 50,000 Mileage Plan miles.


Quite pleased with Alaska Airlines at the moment, even if they are the quirkiest airline on the west coast. šŸ˜€

(Tip of the hat to HB)


  1. Just returned on Alaska BIL-SEA-SNA and we unfortunately had a mechanical issue which caused a delay and eventual plane swap in SEA. The captain kept us informed frequently and let us know the option of switching to another aircraft. The level of customer attention was night and day compared to the delays I sufferd at IAD on UA Sunday. The crew didn’t make one announcement during the hour+ we spent on the tarmac waiting for de-icing and takeoff.

  2. I just had my Platinum UA status matched to Alaska MVP gold a few days ago. And I got the email! I’ll definitely go for the two free upgrades.

  3. Thank you, lucky. I almost missed this gift since it was in the Gmail’s promotion folder.

    I was matched to MVP gold with AA EXP in Nov. To my surprise, when I checked my account, I found that there were also 6 upgrade certificates, including these 2 gifts.

    Just applied and approved for the Alaska 50K offer from BOA. Sounds like a great week with all good news from Alaska.

  4. You keep talking about how much you like AS. But I don’t think I’ve seen you review their hard product (maybe I’m not paying close enough attention). I flew them HNL-BLI about a year ago on a redeye and was sorely disappointed. I paid a huge premium in miles to fly F instead of Y and did not think it was worth it — just a few inches more of recline. Is their hard product better on the transcons? Would the hard product have been nicer flying into SEA rather than BLI?

  5. @ Without Bacon — I don’t review them because there’s not a whole lot to write about when it comes to their problem. To be clear, I don’t enjoy flying them at all. I find the onboard experience to resemble a bus service more than just about any airline, and their first class catering and seat pitch is horrible. The lack of power ports also ticks me off.

    What I like about Alaska are:
    — The employees, that are definitely above industry average
    — Their generous change policies for MVP Gold members on both revenue and award tickets
    — The amazing mileage redemption opportunities available on Emirates and Cathay Pacific

  6. Biggest problem for me is being able to use them. Almost always not available on the flights you want/need them on most, even when booking Y.

    Biggest Alaska news of the day IMO is the ability to earn EQM on ALL international partners.||20131210_MP||||20131210_MP||

  7. AS is great! The few times that I have had to call reservations the agents on the other end talk to me like I’m a long time neighbor.

    Contrast this to Jeff Smisek at UAL who promises us “things you’re going to like”. If dealing with incompetent overseas reservation agents is enjoyable, then they are subject matter experts!

  8. Ben – I’m surprised that you rail on AS catering. On recent SAN-BOS transcons the F cabin meals were all very good – almost on par with American.
    Going on what you said about their people, the cabin attendant pre-opened the salad dressing containers – a nice little touch as those who have opened them in flight may have learned the hard way (like me) that they can burst and splatter due to the cabin pressure.

  9. Well, this is interesting! I have been either MVPG/MVP75K for the last 5 years. I have never gotten a “gift” and because of this blog, I just check my account on line. I currently have 15 tickets in the purchased queue but no indication of anything else in my account outside of the 4 normal guest upgrades (which yes, are the most valuable choice). I am wondering if this is not targeted to SEA based customers? Any other elites out there that have never gotten a “gift”??

  10. No, there is no “Elite Thanks you Gift” link after I sign in and at the bottom left of the page-as you have in your screen shot. I really do think that this is targetedā€¦
    Really enjoy the blog and the great trip that PointsPros put together using AS FF points!

  11. @ Ken — Last question: have you requalified for MVP Gold for next year? This is odd, because all the other reports I’ve seen suggest that every MVP Gold that has requalified has received this.

  12. I status matched to MVPG November of 2012 and received the gift email before I requalified to MVP this year. SEA based here.

  13. @ Lucky Yes, I already made MVPG this year and am almost to MPV75K. Again, this is my 5th year being MVPG+ I am based in FAI and maybe Alaskans don’t count as AS is really the only way to get to anywhere from here and 50% of the plane is MVP. I did get invited to the Gold Lunch this year-that was a first.

  14. OK-Thanks to Lucky’s prodding, the mystery is solved. Although I did not get a gift email and a gift link never showed up on my login page, the “gift” is there waiting for my choosing. I found it on “My Account” page under the “Milage Plan” tab (which lists your benefits); there is another tab labeled “Elite Thank You Gift” that was never there before. You tap on that, and you get the gift package screen that Lucky provided a shot of above. It has the same expiratory date, so if I had not been searching for it, I would have missed out when the gift expires in January. A big THANKS, Lucky!

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