$25 Off $75 Amazon Purchase With AmEx Sync

Through December 31, 2013, American Express is offering a one-time $25 statement credit when you spend a total of $75 or more online at Amazon. The offer doesn’t require a coupon, but instead the credit will be posted to your American Express account within 90 days of your purchase, assuming you register properly.

To take advantage of this offer you simply have to sync your American Express and Twitter accounts, which can be done here. That should only take a couple of minutes, and once that’s complete you can Tweet #AmexAmazon, which will activate the promotion. At that point you should receive a response from @AmexSync confirming that the offer has been added to your account, which means you’re eligible. Once you complete the required spend you’ll receive an email confirmation from American Express confirming your eligibility and that your $25 statement credit will post within 90 days. You can even receive the $25 statement credit on the purchase Amazon gift cards.

The full terms read as follows:

To be eligible to receive the statement credit:

(i) you must have an American Express Card that is synced with Twitter (see sync.americanexpress.com/twitter for more details on how to sync your Card);
(ii) you must tweet using #AmexAmazon;
(iii) you must receive a response message from @AmexSync stating that this offer has been added to your synced Card; AND
(iv) you must use your synced Card to spend a total of $75 or more online at Amazon by 12/31/13.

You must receive a confirmation response from @AmexSync stating that the offer has been added to your Card before you can redeem the offer.  This confirmation response will begin with your @username and will appear in your Mentions tab on the @Connect page. These terms will be available to you via a link in the confirmation message.  If you do not receive a response message about this offer from @AmexSync, please Contact Us or direct message us at @AskAmex.

Offer valid only for purchases online at Amazon; not valid for purchases on any non-US or non-English versions of Amazon website or for any websites affiliated with or linked to Amazon. Enrollment for the offer is limited. Limit 1 statement credit per American Express Card across all American Express offer channels.   Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 90 days after 12/31/13, provided that American Express receives information from the merchant about your qualifying purchase. Note that American Express may not receive information about your qualifying purchase from the merchant until all of the items from your qualifying purchase have been provided or shipped by the merchant.  If you order an item during the offer period but it is not sent to you until after 12/31/13, it may not count towards determining whether your purchase qualifies for the offer. Statement credit may be reversed if qualifying purchase is returned/cancelled. If American Express does not receive information that identifies your transaction as qualifying for the offer, you will not receive the statement credit.  For example, your transaction will not qualify if it is not made directly with Amazon.  In addition, in most cases, you will not receive the statement credit if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party or if the merchant uses a mobile or wireless card reader to process it.

Money doesn’t get much freer than this!


  1. Syncing is not working for me, it gets stuck. T&C’s list conditions only for US, UK, and AU though, and since I’m out of the country right now, that might be it. Hopefully this still works tomorrow when I’m back in the USA.

  2. @ Carol — If you log into your account at americanexpress.com and click on “Offers For You” towards the bottom of the page you should see all the promotions you’re registered for and which card they’re registered with. So I’d suggest synching and then looking there.

  3. duc, I just bought a gift card and will see what happens. It seems like they would have mentioned this in the terms & conditions if it’s not eligible.

  4. Are there any issues syncing several Amex cards? Do they need to be sync’ed to different Twitter accounts.

  5. I highly recommend going to the Amazon website and looking up the Customer Reviews for Amazon Gift Cards. Many hundreds of one star reviews. 🙁

  6. If there’s an additional user on my card, does that count as two cards that can each get the bonus?

    If I have two cards, can I get the bonus on both?

  7. This deal is over. Despite the terms not saying so, when you try to accomplish this it says:

    “Sorry, max # of Cardmembers have enrolled in #AmexAmazon offer. Visit amex.co/faves for more offers”

  8. Is this the same promotion that shows up when you log into your Amex online account, then its at the bottom of the page under “Offers” ?

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