Y’all Mean A Lot Tumi

Given that I’ve flown several longhaul Delta flights in BusinessElite in the past few days (and have had more than my fair share of generous crews), I have a few extra Delta Tumi amenity kits to give away.

I generally don’t associate US airlines with good amenity kits, though Delta’s Tumi kit may just be one of my favorites.


My favorite business class kit is of course EVA Air’s Royal Laurel Class Rimowa amenity kit, but other than that I think Delta takes the cake.

When it comes to kits I’m all about the kit itself and not so much the contents, since I rarely find them exciting. The last time I got excited over the contents of an amenity kit was back in the day when Singapore Airlines had Salvatore Ferragamo ones with full sized bottles of cologne in them, though that goes back quite a few years.

All my luggage is from Tumi, so I love the Tumi carrying case it comes in, which is practical as a toiletry bag or for laptop cords, etc.


Anyway, let’s start by giving away five Delta Tumi amenity kits. Given that yesterday was Thanksgiving, just leave a comment below telling me the trip you’ve taken that you’re most thankful for, whether it be because of who you were traveling with, where you were going, or which hotel you stayed at or airline you flew.


Just leave a comment below by 11:59PM PST on Sunday, December 1, 2013. On Monday I’ll randomly pick five winners. I’ll also throw in a Delta tail, engine, and plane keychain for one of the winners (thought it was pretty cool and picked it up in duty free, though they only had one, sadly).

Thanks to everyone for reading, it means the world Tumi to me!


  1. This past summer spent a week in Alaska fishing with my father. Everything just looks like a postcard. Such great memories and great fishing.

  2. I’m thankful for the round-the-world trip my friend and I just came back from. Morocco,Spain, China, and japan. 3 long haul first class flights on united, Asiana, and ANA. The Asiana amenities kit was the best. Thanks lucky!

  3. I know it’s silly, but i’m grateful for all of my flights because I know a lot of people in the world will never set foot on a plane. But my flights to Iran and India really standout

  4. My trip to Croatia this summer was great. Went with my wife and had a great time. So thankful for that trip.

  5. Flew LAX to ICN in F on Asiana as the first leg of my honeymoon. It was my first time ever in international F and I was blown away by the entire experience (especially the food)!

  6. I’m most thankful for the trip I took with my dad to the Canadian Rockies and Glacier Natl Park this past summer. It’s been a dream trip of his since he was a kid.

  7. My honeymoon with my wife to Playa Mujeres Mexico. Our first time ever flying F on Delta, quite the way to kickstart our marriage!

  8. Flying from IAH to Lima. I was taking my parents to visit Peru. We ended up running late (my fault), and literally boarded the plane 1 minute before the door closed.

  9. Hi Lucky. Hope you had a great thanksgiving yesterday! My family and I just moved back to the states after living in Tokyo for 4 years. Over the summer and prior to our move, I took them to the Maldives to burn a lot of my HHonors points before they devalued. So we had a 7 night stay at Conrad Maldives, but the journey getting there and back was most exciting. Using AA and UA miles, we flew NRT-MNL-HKG-KUL-SIN-CMB-MLE-SIN-BKK-PVG-NRT in Business and spent the night in each place to see friends/family/say goodbye to some of our favorite cities. It was the most exciting trip we’ve ever taken because it was 8 countries in 15 days but done with our little 4 month old son who was a total champ. My wife and I have been a lot of places but being able to share some of our favorite cities and the beach in the Maldives with our infant son was a priceless memory that we’ll treasure forever.

  10. Our roundtrip FRA-JFK in Delta’s BusinessElite this summer. It was our first TATL flight in a premium cabin and we had a chance to see the Fourth of July fireworks in NYC.

  11. Thankful for miles has made holiday travelling a lot more comfortable and cheaper!
    Loved the priceless look of my mum’s face when I surprised her at christmas last year by flying home unannounced – all thanks to miles!

  12. I was upgraded to first class on a Virgin Atlantic flight. Continues to be my best travel experience ever!

  13. Used miles to fly myself and two grown children to London last year. Beautiful suite at the Stafford Hotel. Memories to last forever.

  14. This past October. Went back to PVR for my brothers wedding! My family got to me my daugther for the first time. Haven’t seen them since ’10. Also flying with a one year old was an experiance in it self!

  15. Flying ANA with my best friend to Japan for the first time. Made me fall in love with Japan and I’ve came back every year since

  16. Keeping it a travel related thankful, this year I am most thankful to my parents who let me and my brother latch on to their UA MM companion status. 🙂

  17. April 2003 flying BA Concorde from JFK to LHR at Mach 2 in 3 hours and 18 minutes! We were in row 5C&D and I videotaped (hey it was 2003)the entire flight and had it transferred onto disk. VERY THANKFUL we had the opportunity to fly her before being pulled from service!

  18. Boston -Munich – Brussels – Boston for work in 2008! Was my first trip out of the US, and I experienced so much history and culture. Brussels was especially cool for me because of my Belgian heritage. Loved it! And the Lufthansa flight was as nice as 8+ hours in coach can be 🙂

  19. Very thankful for my trip to Koh Samui this past fall. It’s been in the works ever since coming across Lucky’s blog

  20. Flying to Hawaii with my husband and son. Lots of great memories playing at the beach, eating delicious food, and hiking.

  21. Well it’s nice to see if I’m going to ever use SkyPesos for BusinessElite, I’ll at least get a Tumi bag out of it…

  22. I’m most thankful for my trip to Europe this past spring. Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome over two weeks. A phenomenal trip all around.

  23. I’m grateful for the trip to Maui I was able to take with my wife and kids, in first class, and an ocean front suite to stay in, all paid for with points.

  24. I don’t have a favorite, as I feel BLESSED with ALL the travel that my husband and I have been able to do. We think of this often, but travelling to Third World countries certainly makes one realize their reason to be thankful.

  25. I’m thankful for the great BA crew that got me to LHR this morning. Flight took only 50 minutes and they still managed to get me a nice lunch including great dessert and two mini sized pommery champagnes bottles, i polished off both. Remote stand arrival and a separate bus reserved for elites and business class. Rest of the plane was actually held in plane until our departure. Intra europe businnes class doesn’t always suck!

  26. I’m thankful for my trip to Kenya last year. First 747, first time to Africa, but I’m most thankful for the people I met, some of whom have become good friends!

  27. a trip to Paris to see 5 paintings from my collection on loan to a museum there- Halle St. Pierre- looked great

  28. I loved my trip with my girlfriend this last May to Rome. It was her first trip to Europe, and I was grateful for the smoothness and stress-free travel (she gets a bit white knuckled) on Delta and AF. It was a lovely stay and we look forward to visiting Paris next May!

  29. Flight on Aircalin from Japan to New Caledonia. In the midst of working 70+ hour weeks in advertising in Tokyo, the week on the island of Lifu, with no watches, no clocks on the wall, and happiness in the faces of everyone I met, struck me like a ton of bricks, and helped me realign my priorities in life.

  30. I am thankful for you and fellow boardingarea bloggers that warned us about the Hilton Devaluation. IT was MAJOR, we based our honeymoon on it 🙂 I got in on the Conrad Koh Samui just in the nick of time, it was ending at midnight and we finalized our booking 10mins before midnight. So we are thankful to Conrad as well. We are newbies and will never get to travel this much to obtain Delta Tumi Kits. I am in awe of the pjs you get and freebies. So excited about our honeymoon, first time ever in 1st class (1 way only)

  31. Currently thankful for how easy domestic travel feels with my kids. After many international trips together, all our US based trips feel so short and easy peasy.

  32. I am thankful I can travel extensively, but I am especially thankful we took my 91 year old grandma to Kauai last year. It was her 29th trip to Hawaii. We spent a lot of time talking about her “around the world” trip in 1965! It was a time I will always cherish. I wonder where I get my love of travel?!

  33. I’m thankful for all the great trips I’ve taken with points since I started reading your blog several years ago.

  34. I’m thankful for you letting me know about the Lufthansa and Asiana award flight availability. Can’t wait for my trip next summer on LH, TG and OZ first!!!

  35. Thankful for our 10 year anniversary trip to French Polynesia (Tahiti, Bora-Bora, Moorea)…. and being able to do it without paying for hotel accommodations (thank you Hilton and IHG).

  36. I was most thankful to be able to use UR points to fly to TX last Christmas to visit my mother who had just moved there last October. She was so excited to have me come and see her new place. My father passed away and she had been rattling around a huge house in OH. So everyone is happier with her in TX.

  37. I am thankful for my recent Thai Airways First Class flight form BKK to NRT. They kept pouring the Dom, I said “no more,thanks” they said, “don’t worry, we’ll get you a wheelchair if you need it”. I said “Okay, more please”.

  38. I’m thankful for the trip to LGW on TS because it got me to a place in my life that I will cherish forever.

  39. My first ever cruise. Chose Silver Sea eastern Mediterranean last Sept. Love small ship sailing to exotic ports. Dreams do come true.

  40. I’m most thankful that my husband and I will be using his hard-earned miles for bclass Cathay to Hong Kong and Thailand for our 10th anniversary. Hoping it’s an amazing trip.

  41. In travel, I’m thankful to the wonderful folks at the AA Admirals Clubs for doing everything they can to make things easier. They have made a big difference on a number of trips this year.

  42. I am thankful for my trip with my mother and sisters to my grandmother’s European hometown this past summer.

  43. I’m actually on it now. Just left rome and am now at the park Hyatt Zurich. For me an amazing hotel

  44. Went back home to Chicago to say goodbye to my father April of 2012. Very difficult but am so glad I went.

  45. i’m most grateful for the trip i took to antarctica, south georgia, and the falkland islands a couple of years ago, because it was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

  46. I’m thankful for my first trip to Asia, it was earlier this year and made possible due to your advice about miles!

  47. I’m most thankful for my trip starting tomorrow. My fiancé and I took advantage of the Norwegian Airlines flights to Copenhagen which allows us to take a cheaper flight to Helsinki where he will get meet all my extended family who will not be able to attend our wedding next year. He’ll get to take part in traditional Finnish activities as well as see my father’s hometown.

  48. The trip I am thankful for the 2 week trip to Thailand we took over Christmas/New Years 2011-12. My family of 6 (mom, dad, 3 teens & a pre-teen) flew United awards (all in E+), and stayed at 4 different Starwood properties with either cash & points or all points. The trip was especially poignant as we were visiting my father-in-law, who had moved to Thailand 10 years prior. He was in frail health and could not make it back to the states for a visit. We knew it would be the last time we would see him. He passed away this past June.

  49. Hi Ben,
    I’m grateful for all the miles you and others have helped me with so I can fly my family to see my grandchildren in Germany this Christmas.

  50. I’m most thankful for my trip to the UAE this past spring with my wife. One of the highlights was flying 1st class on EY AUH-JFK. A great trip all around.

  51. I guess the trip that I’m the most thankful for would be the one that I took to see my grandfather for the last time. It was Qatar on Qatar in 2000.

  52. I’m a bit late to the miles/points game — if only I had my eyes opened 20 years ago when I started my career! But better late than never. Thank you for sharing your tips! I’ve never received an amenity kit; what a treat it would be!

  53. Thankful for a first trip to Italy/Europe in 2004 with friends. Been back many times since then and can’t wait to go a couple more times next year.

  54. Last holiday season, I flew my parents to Thailand using miles on United BizFirst. Granted it was UA but they were so appreciative for having the extra space to lie down and actually get some rest on the long haul flights. They have traveled around the world but never upfront. It was a wonderful trip!

  55. Most thankful trip(s)? Cheap last minute US flights from BOS-CLT-MCO that let me see some very sick family members when I was a poor college student.

  56. My daughter’s first flight with me, when she was three months old. She was almost as excited as me when the plane rotated!

  57. Our first family trip to Europe (Spain & Portugal) this summer was a highlight. Love that my boys are seeing the world!

  58. Last November – surprised the gf with a trip to Turks and Caicos (using BA miles of course). Got engaged at the Gansevoort while we were there

  59. I’m thankful I was able to use up the last of my United miles to book TK J to Asia before the devaluation.

  60. Paris with my mom this past January and we stayed at Park Hyatt Paris. In September, she was found to have a tumor on the lining of her brain which was removed a few weeks later. She is now fine after about 4 weeks of recovery and rest and I am thankful for our very fun trip to Paris and her speedy recovery!

  61. Got to honeymoon in Vietnam last year, and flew business on JAL. It started this whole points craze for me!

  62. I’m most appreciative of the first flight I took to CA’s Wine Country (in 1997); we ended up buying a vacation home there and love it (visited 6 times last year from the East coast).

  63. My most thankful trip is staying home with my family. I don’t get to spend time with them as much as I would like.

  64. I’m thankful for a trip I’m about to take in two and a half weeks. I managed to get eight (!) of my closest friends to get together for a long weekend vacation in Budapest for christmas. Going to be so much fun!

    Plus, this would be my first trip with my new Tumi carry-on which I bought from Amazon using the 20% discount code on top on the 30% sale price. Amazing deal which I found here!

  65. I didn’t know it at the time but I am most thankful for my 2009 trip to Vancouver as it changed my life.

  66. christmas last year with my Girls to the Turks and Caicos, It had been ten years since I wasn’t traveling for work on XMAS

  67. I’m thankful to the great folks at the United Clubs for doing everything they can to make things easier, especially when traveling with inexperienced family members

  68. I’m thankful for Wideroe and the $130 rt fares from EWR -MXP which will enable us to give our boys the best bday gifts EVER (Carnivale in Venice)

  69. Flew from SFO-SIN on SQ last year in First – a terrific experience, as was my 3 night stay at the Grandv Hyatt in Singapore

  70. My trip on DELTA. MCO-JFK-GRU then on to SSA ( Salvador Bahia, Brazil) From there I went to Paradise!! The place is off the coast of Salvador, called Morro de Sao Paulo. Spent the best month of my life there. Delta is the best!!!!!

  71. A recent roadtrip to the Sierras for mountain biking; it allowed me to unplug and recharge in preparation for what looks to be a stressful upcoming year

  72. My trip home for christmas last year YYZ-yvr Didn’t think I was going to make it but was able to get a last min schedule change

  73. I’m most thankful for the trip I took this summer to Johannesburg SA because I got to experience business class on UA, SA and LH.

  74. I’m spending my Thanksgiving in Maui with my newborn daughter (who flew like a champ for the 6 hour flight over here), my 6-year-old son, and my husband…basically on a full funded trip via points and some frequent flier work that my husband and I do so we can enjoy special trips like this!

  75. Was thankful to be able to use DL miles for a low level biz class award for summer travel to Baltic Countries, Russia and Western Europe in Jul/Aug with AZ TATL and AF intra-Europe – the redemption by itself is amazing given the reputation of DL. The Baltics and Russia were new destinations to us and it was a great trip!

  76. Sept ’13, I flew JFK-LHR-TLV-LHR-JFK, I’m thankful to BA for having upgraded me on 3 out of the 4 sectors to Biz class fm premium economy. Guess my gold status helped. It made all the difference. But Delta’s TUMI kit is so much nicer and better then BA’s elemy’s kit and would look soo cool with my new TUMI Alpha Super Leger carry on bag, which i was lucky enough to pick up after you posted a recent 20% discount on TUMI. Now there’s something to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  77. I’m especially thankful for the trip I’m currently on with family in the beautiful snowy mountains of Colorado thanks to Avios and United miles!

  78. Most memorable trip for me was my honeymoon this year to Moorea & Bora Bora all booked with AA miles and Hilton HHonors points (pre-devaluation). To be able to give that to my wife, was amazing.

  79. Most memorable trip was flying from EWR to TLV in BusinessFirst — first premium fare, with my wonderful girlfriend.

  80. Hi Lucky, I had the opportunity to go to the Galápagos Islands this past Sept with my parents. It was amazing learning about evolution, and we saw so many animals everywhere. I can’t wait to go back again. It was better thanany other trip. I travel a lot. 🙂

  81. Kampala Uganda via Amsterdam, Delhi, Dubai, and Nairobi. Wonderful travel, trip, weather, everything! The first class on Emirates was the highlight of the in-air time.

  82. Have an upcoming trip that I am most thankful for. Taking my mom on a post cancer treatment trip in January. Upgraded our flights using miles to make it a little more special. Just thankful she is here today to travel with.

  83. I’m thankful for the trip I’m on. My brother and I are in Bahrain at the Sheraton after flying United to hit Platinum on US.

  84. JFK-HKG-SIN-MLE in J on Cathay and Singapore, with 8 nights at the Park Hyatt Maldives. Awesome trip to the Maldives with my wife for our Anniversary, but also because it was the trip that convinced her that this whole travel hacking “thing” was real.

  85. Flying from Rio to Anchorage and back only in 36h, just to hit my 1K status on UA. I’m thankful I’ve survived that! haha

  86. I’m studying abroad in Rome and am so thankful for all I’ve gotten to see this semester! From Oktoberfest, to Mykonos, Budapest and Morocco, this has been the experience of a lifetime!

  87. Mine was a road trip with my Dad to Brainerd, Minnesota. We went to Gull Lake. It was the last trip he ever took before he passed away.

  88. A simple Southwest flight from Orange County to San Jose to see my mom for her birthday. It’s not much but I got to see my folks and I’m grateful for an awesome family.

  89. Taking a trip to Thailand. It was my first time to experience Asia and found I couldn’t stop thinking about that trip and the experiences we had, especially in Chiang Mai.

  90. Taking my mom to NYC to meet up with a cousin she had not seen in years. We did this last week. Train ride and hotel on points and she was blissfully happy. She is of the age where I treasure every year she remains in my life. Far better than anything else I’ve done all year!

  91. That would be my trip to Chiang Mai with my wife on a honeymoon. I’m thankful for such a good start to our marriage.

  92. Only found your website a couple of months ago however have already read all of your posts! Would love the Tumi Bag..Keep posting

  93. The trip I took in July to London and Paris with my girlfriend. It was both of our first times out of the country and we got to fly business both ways.

    PS: you mean the entry closes on December 1, 2013. 2014 is another year away!

  94. Thankful that because of points and miles, all of my 2014 vacation time was allocated and booked by mid 2013 🙂

  95. The two trips DH and I have been able to take in United First on the 747. There are lots of more “aspirational” cabins out there, but DH just loves seats 1A and 1K on the 747. I will be so sad for him when that bird stops flying completely!

  96. Going to Hong Kong to visit a friend. It was a great trip, allowing me to visit a friend and explore the culture of HK!

  97. My first ever international mileage redemption, took my grandmother and father back home to China and Taiwan for family reunion to celebrate her 90th birthday. Will never forget her excitement for the lounge in HKG with noodles and lie flat seats on EVA.

  98. Thanks for all the tips, trips and tricks throughout the years. Truly an inspiration, given that you’re following your passion.

  99. The best trip was first class (on AA miles)to AKL, Sidney, Business to Uluru and Cairns on Quantas. Alas, my wife won’t go back to Australia unless it’s First Class.

  100. Im thankful for my upcoming trip, LAX-LHR, and experiencing Americans new business class product on their 777-300er!

  101. Thankful for all that I’ve learned about miles/points though FT, MP and the blogs, and the many travel experiences I’ve able to enjoy as a result!!

  102. Last thanksgiving, I flew with friends for a thanksgiving getaway in Bangkok. And even better, we still managed to find a place to eat turkey there!

  103. Flying to Seattle to board an Alaskan cruise with my entire family for my parent’s 50th anniversary. It was such a wonderful trip filled with memories because we were all there!

  104. After I graduated high school, my parents took my entire family to a month long trip around europe.. it was great getting to see all these countries, but also to spend so much time with the fam!

  105. I took my very first business class trip to Taiwan on Asiana on UA miles this year and it was very memorable and I am very thankful for it.

  106. I was very happy about the nice experience with etihad as they showed me their first and offered me to take a seat for the remaining 2.5hrs of the flight

  107. I was able to take my 95-year-old mother across the country to attend her grandson’s graduation from medical school and to meet her newborn first great-granddaughter. I was (and am) very thankful that she lived to have both of those wonderful experiences.

  108. We traveled to Hawaii last August and stayed at Ko Olina — 10 days of paradise! It meant the world to me because I am a cancer survivor, and that was a highlight on my bucket list. To be able to share it with my husband and 3 kids was the BEST.

  109. i’m thankful for my recent trip to Bergplaas Nature Reserve in South Africa on an Air France A380. Gave me the chance to relax, be at one with nature and fly this great new plane!

  110. I’m thankful for the trip I took with my wife on this past February to Sydney and Hong Kong that I booked after your post last summer on Singapore availability opening up. Singapore Airlines in biz,first, and even the suites! She had never flown first class before so I think I definitely spoiled her!

  111. I’m grateful back when BA had the 80k redemption in J to IPC via SCL. One of the coolest trips I was able to take.

    I remember helping a lot of my friends out with their BA trips right before the devaluation.

  112. Most thankful for my mnl-nrt-dtw-mke trip. Loved the Philippines, and riding in the upper deck on an NWA 747 was the icing on the cake. Shout out to an awesome NWA flight crew, and pilots who signedy 747 book 🙂

  113. Thankful for the trip with my mom to Cancun a few months before she died. It was supposed to be 3 of us with my brother, over Christmas, except that Pan Am (or was it TWA?) ceased operations 3 weeks before flight date and we had to reschedule. My brother couldn’t get the time off so it was just mother and daughter.

  114. Thankful for IAD to PEK to BKK to CDG to IAD with my wife all in Business two years ago. Our anniversary trip and the first time we got to sit “towards” the front of the plane. Good times!

  115. Most thankful for the trip my wife and I took to Rome and Barcelona last summer. Got to fly some great business class seats on Brussels and United.

  116. I’ve been on quite a few great trips, but the one I’m most thankful for was also one of the simplest – flying my whole family to Disneyland to celebrate my niece’s birthday.

  117. I’m most thankful for our recent family trip to Spain/Morocco and London and the miles and points that made it possible (and affordable)!

  118. I am thankful for anniversary trips with my husband both for the quality time we get to spend together and for a much needed break from the kids!

  119. I’m thankful for my (upcoming) trip on Qantas thanks to my Alaska Mileage Plan Miles and one-way booking. Saving me so much money on a trip down under to see the Great Barrier Reef before it no longer exists. Thanks for all the info!

  120. I’m most thankful for my trip to France, Belgium, and the Netherlands this past summer because I proposed and she said yes!

  121. Singapore Suites over the summer was pretty nice. Round the world trip with my dad was more awesome though (TG and UA F, LH and SQ J).

  122. I am most thankful for my trip to Bali in the summer of 2013. Singapore business non-stop from LAX to get there and the exquisite Cathay First home. All done on miles.

    During our time in Bali we stayed at Amandari, Amankila and Amanusa. It was truly a dream come true and a once-in-a lifetime experience. It was for my (milestone) birthday this year and was of course all inspired by your Bali trip with your mom. And I can’t thank you enough, Lucky. Thanks for everything you do!

  123. My wife and I are enjoying our thanksgiving trip to Paris. It’s a well-deserved break from our hectic jobs. Keep up the great work, Lucky.

  124. I’ve had so many trips to be thankful for, but I would have to say my recent trip to Macau and Hong Kong, which was an amazing experience (especially since it was on someone else’s dime!)

  125. We just spent Thanksgiving in San Francisco. Upgrades on Delta, four nights suite at the Grand Hyatt for 6,000 (last chance before this perk goes away), dinner at Chez Panisse. A wee mileage run. With Moey, the best.

  126. I am most thankful for a trip to Hawaii, which was our first trip after we had our first child. it was great to get a break and just enjoy the family.

  127. I’m thankful this year for being able to utilize the tips/tricks on BA to accumulate miles to spend next year for aspirational trips

  128. Feb 2006, went to Tahiti (Moorea and Huahine also) via the awesome Air Tahiti Nui on my honeymoon. Pretty damn grateful that we were able to use AA miles from DFW to LAX rt and grateful for the upgrade at Sheraton Papeete. Excellent trip.

  129. Thankfull for the 3 week trip I just took with my daughter to celebrate my 50th ! A week in LA so I could finally take her to Disneyland,, even if she is grown up now, a week on a cowboy ranch in Tucson and finally a week in Vegas. We flew LHR to LAX with Air New Zealand in their fab new seats and had an absolute ball. A very special Mummy and Daughter trip as she lives in the UK and I live in Switzerland so to have her with me for all that time was just bliss 🙂

  130. Thankful for my UA commute from New York to Singapore every other week in the spring. Great crews and great planes on those flights to make my day a little more bearable!

  131. I’m thankful I was able to take advantage of a fare deal to Australia, a couple of years ago, somewhere my father always wanted to go. Unfortunately he passed before we could go together, but it was something he always wanted to do, and I’m thankful I got to go in his memory.

  132. I’m thankful for my 1st trip on points this past summer for my 10th anniversary to Maui that included using IcelandAir points to fly Alaska 1st class to Hawaii.

  133. Taking my dad, who had never been out of the country, to Poland, to see the small town where his father was from. Thanks to you, we flew first and biz on six different carriers, with a London stopover and 23 hour layovers in Paris, Oslo, and Frankfurt. We talk about that trip every time we speak.

  134. In 2010, I had an incredible trip planned to Europe that was cancelled due to the Icelandic volcano. Very luckily, we were able to reschedule everything to a Sept 2010. Every travel supplier allowed us to reschedule all of reservations, not losing any money. For which I was very thankful!

  135. I am very grateful for my trip from MIA to Belize (BZE). Being an immigrant to this country making those flights on AA provides me the chance to remind myself of my background and culture. However, the rewarding/thankful part is my flight back to the U.S. This GREAT country has provided me with great opportunities to travel not only inside the US but around the world. I am glad I live in a city that is AA’s hub (Miami) and can jump on an AA flight with my family and explore new places and cultures.

  136. I’m most thankful for being able to take my family to Hawaii for Spring Break each of the last three years and to use points to stay at the Marriott Ko Olina Resort.

  137. I am most thankful for my recent trip to Italy and London with my wife and daughter. It will most likely be our last trip as a family.

    Whew!!! Glad I could get that off my chest.

  138. Would love a Tumi kit, as I don’t see any way I’ll end up on DL any time soon.

    Best recent trip was RT JFK-NRT-KIX in NH F, the best hard/soft combo in the sky (even better than CX or SQ F, I think!)

  139. I have to admit that all of my travel with my husband is special – we both share such a great passion for it.

    But our trip to Hawaii this year was unexpectedly life changing. I really thought Hawaii was just another set of islands (I have visited about a dozen other islands in my lifetime) but this trip was much more!

  140. Thankful for a Trip to HKG & PEK on CX in F with my family! Was my wifes favorite trip which makes it more special to me.

  141. all my trips have meant a lot to me. the ones in or to AMS, BRU, SJJ, PRG, SPU, and CUZ have meant a lot to me because of who I was with and the amazing times we shared there 🙂

  142. Although it’s not as exciting as these other trips, I am the most thankful to be in Toronto this holiday with my new niece :).

  143. I’m thankful for my upcoming trip to French Polynesia with my family. Thanks for all of the tips and trip reports.

  144. Most thankful for the opportunity to bring my mom to the west coast for the first time with the southwest companion pass! Great memories.

  145. I’m most thankful for getting to take my mother to Paris… she always wanted to go and it was amazing to share that experience with her. Truly wonderful, and something to be thankful for.

  146. I’m thankful for all the ORD-PVG round trips my mom’s been able to take using miles to give her schedule flexibility and save a lot of money in the process.

  147. The trip i’ve been most thankful for was the opportunity to fly Thai Airways first class nrt-bkk and bkk-nrt. ground services were amazing and I was given one of the spiffy rimowa amenity kits!

  148. I’m thankful that I was able to fly DOH-BAH-LHR-DFW-ICT-ORD-LHR-BAH-DOH for $885 to see my family for Thanksgiving and make AA ExPlat at the same time.

  149. I’m Thankful for the amazing trip I took last month to Vietnam with my wonderful girlfriend. I used US Dividend miles to fly business class on Asiana and Singapore airlines and the experience was amazing. Could not have put such a trip together if it were not for the advice Ben’s blog offers. It gives you the knowledge to outsmart the airlines instead of just hearing them say “Oh that’s not Available”

  150. I’m most thankful for my trip to Australia on QF. I got to fly the A380 for the first time (and specifically chose routing that would allow it) and QF service and flights were top-notch on the entire trip – including several internal flights. Also thankful for the great QF lounges that made showers possible after long-haul flights.

  151. Thankful that my work travel allowed me to earn the miles to take my family to Hawaii for $20 last Thanksgiving to visit my BIL and his wife.

  152. I would have to say my first time flying with my sister when we were young teens from LaGuardia to Tampa to stay with a friend who had moved from NY to Fl. My father got us plane tickets to go – no one in our family had ever flown anywhere except my dad in WWII.- and it opened my eyes to the possibilities of travel. I’m now 55, have traveled a lot, and am very grateful that I’ve been able to do so!

  153. Any trip that I can take with my fiance. I’m glad I’ve found a fellow road warrior who doesn’t mind jetting around the country making memories.

  154. When my wife finally was able to join me on a business trip, and we got to stop by the Taj Mahal. Terrible time on Air India, but worth it for the romance of the Taj!

  155. I am thankful for a flight to NY to see my mother. She is 70 and moves at the pace I always my grandmother used to giddy-up at.

    It is amazing how times can change a person. In 30 years, I ill be in a the same position, and probably viewing the younger generation to move way too quickly.

    Spend as much time you can later in life with your parents. You never know how much longer they have..

  156. thankful for my trip to India/Philippines/Japan. First year of work, first year of Delta status, and couldn’t ask for a better experience!

  157. I’m most thankful for being able to take my parents on their trip to Hawaii a few years back after they both retired.

  158. I’m most thankful for the last trip I made to Cleveland where I was able to give my brother one last hug before he passed away. (He was only 37.)

  159. The trip I was most thankful for was a free LH F award via UA MP to ZRH where I stayed at the Park Hyatt for 8 nights earned from the FFN promo. The cost of the airline ticket for the trip was around $135. I long for the days of Hyatt FFN and attractive UA MP award redemptions when LH F could be booked more than 14 days before departure.

  160. In 2007 my mom retired so she could travel to China with me. We did a whole tour of pottery studios and workshops. She had a stroke two years later. While she is still with us, she is unable to do that sort of travel any more. I am so, so grateful we did it while she could.

  161. I’m most thankful for every trip I take to Sarasota, because while the destination sucks, it means I get to spend precious time with my grandmother who lives there. And I’m extra thankful when those trips take place in the winter because it’s a lot warmer there than in NY!

  162. My most memorable flight was also one of my saddest. I had just received word that my mother passed away in 2005. I lived in Michigan, she in Florida. I was able to obtain a award ticket from Northwest leaving some four hours later that day. I had a window seat and I could see the sun gradually setting as we flew. It was a a beautiful sight and gave me strength to get through the following days. Plus the crew was just wonderful. One of them even asked me why I was flying to PBI and when I told her, she was genuinely sad for me and tried to comfort me. By far the most memorable flight ever for me.

  163. Narrowing it down to one trip is difficult. Thanks to your blog, I’ve had MANY memorable trips for which I am thankful. Life changing trips include the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Maldives, Seychelles, Bali. If I HAVE to pick one, I would say Rajastan was one for which I am VERY grateful.

  164. HKG-JFK on Cathay because it was my first First Class trip earned with miles. My husband was in his employer paid business seat. The flight attendant said it’s usually the wife in business.

  165. The trip I’m most thankful for was the first one I ever took using miles from credit card sign-up bonuses that I earned after learning the ropes from your blog. I routed through Frankfort, a city I wouldn’t otherwise visit. In the Lufthansa lounge I ran into my cousin whom I’d lost touch with fifteen years before. We reconnected during my three hour layover and have stayed in touch since. Next year we are traveling to South Africa together!

  166. It would be tough to pick me, but it shall be my DL/KLM/Kenya Airline to Kenya. I started to collect miles since then.

  167. I’m thankful to have been able to experience LH F, with my family of four, twice. Once we even had the A333 F cabin to ourselves; priceless.

    My Christmas wish: TIB is resurrected.

  168. I flew BOS-FLL to be with my parents. No probem!

    But I gave FOUR UA mileage tickets (worth 200K) to my brother, wife, and two young kids to fly r/t from SEA-FLL. On the outbound, they had two mechanicals, an emergency landing, and a 3-hour night in a hotel courtesy of UA.

  169. I was having goose with some friends as celebration of St. Martin’s Day. I bet you know what “Martinsgans” is. Das war lecker !!

  170. I am thankful for the AA addition of an extra leg. I am now with my family in machu picchu, peru. Thanks American…don’t let US Air bring you down.

  171. I’m most thankful for our honeymoon flight, best travel partner to best destination…Singapore Airlines to MAL

  172. Visitng family in India this summer with my daughter. Used USAir miles for 2 business class tickets on Austrian airlines. A wonderful trip all around and since I am now retired and can spend one month with the
    Family longest vacation since I was a graduate student.

  173. Ben, do you mind to show few more shots on the Tumi bag, especially inside out shots. I happen to see a similar Tumi bag on Taobao (China Ebay type of sell site) and purchased one. The quality to me seems almost as good as regular Tumi. Guess it could be the leak out from the factory for this production. It costed me 4 USD for the bag.

  174. Never flown business class… always get excited looking at those amenity kits..Planning my first business class trip to india next summer.

  175. I am always thankful for whatever trip I am on or planning for, which in this case is where I am currently, in Bali 🙂

  176. I am thankful that I came across your blog few years ago and I’m able to pull some amazing trips this year (hello Singapore Suite using UA miles) and next year (hey LH F seems awesome 8 months away, again using UA miles).

  177. thankful for the weekend in turks and caicos using BA Avios transferred from Amex membership reward points. The trip could not have come at a better time.

  178. I am thankful for all the knowledge I gathered on your blog this year …. with churning credit card I was able to ship the whole family in europe for the holiday for pennies on the dollar …

  179. This week I also flew from São Paulo to the states–decided to buy on Monday, flew on Tuesday, and am heading back south today (Friday) to be with my family for Thanksgiving. Definitely a trip for which I’m thankful.

  180. Spent last NYE in Hong Kong, it was magical! Thankful to have gone with my boyfriend, who is now my husband-to-be!

  181. I am most thankful for the Med cruise we took in 2011 (using miles for the air) because it introduced my kids to Europe and bit them with the travel bug to rival mine.

  182. I’m most thankful for my 2 week trip to Italy in 2006- probably the most awesome travel experience in my life. I also enjoyed it with my better half, which makes it even more special.

  183. My first true intl. trip came in April 2011: 8 days in London after years of planning and saving. That trip kicked off the travel bug and I’ve been off the races ever since (16 countries and counting since).

    Regardless, that trip is still the best trip ever; no rain in April (a miracle I was told), the museums were better than reality and the junior suite at Le Meridien (awesomeness!) was paid with Starwood points before I even knew about the travel game!

  184. I started reading your blog and collecting miles and points in March. By May, I had enough points for a flight to Thailand the day I graduated college for my girlfriend and I. On my UA Award Ticket, I took advantage of the stopover and met my family in AK for a 10 day road trip. Having most of my flights in First Class was amazing, and something I could have never done without miles and points. I’m thankful for the best trip(s) and summer of my life, and not I’m hooked on the hobby!

  185. I’m in Belize right now, not dealing with any Thanksgiving or Black Friday stuff. I am exceedingly thankful for that!

  186. It would be our 2nd honeymoon to Tahiti with my wife. It wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for travel blogs!

  187. My trips with my dad to Hong Knog, Cambodia, and Turkey because they were a very formative part of my childhood.

  188. I am thankful for my recent trip to Thailand. Both for the tips I learned here that let me snag LH and TG first class, and for the 2 weeks I spent with my wife

  189. I had a fabulous time traveling around Japan in Spring 2010. Few places on earth are as enchanting as Japan in springtime. The grandeur of cherry blossoms, the splendor of a night sky radiating the neon lights, the unspoiled rituals, and the diverse landscapes were superb.

  190. The trip back to TVC for a college friends wedding. 16 of us rented a house on the lake and had a great time the whole weekend.

  191. I’m thankful for my recent trip with my Mom. We went to celebrate my Grandmother’s 88th birthday in Macau. Half of our luggage didn’t make it from SEA-TPE-MAC but luckily our United Chase card covered delayed baggage and we were able to get reimbursed for some of our essentials!

  192. Thankful for this year’s trip to the Maldives. Other than the fact it is the most beautiful place on Earth, I also got the “I do” I was hoping to get before proposing. 🙂

  193. The trip that I am most grateful for is the one that I took from IAH with my mom to her native Brazil. We went to GIG, stayed on Copacabana beach. It was a really magical trip, we’re able re-visit places that she had enjoyed in her youth and enjoy the moment. Unfortunately, earlier this year, she suddenly passed away. So yes, I’ll forever be thankful that I pulled off that surprise trip for her!

  194. The 10 day trip to London when I visited my parents – such a delightful trip with family get together and a lovely 80th birthday celebration for my Dad!

  195. There are many trips that I’m thankful for, but by far the one trip that was the most meaningful was taking a trip through Scotland and England with my grandparents who are Scottish and playing St. Andrew’s Old Course with my grandfather and father. Amazing!

  196. Trip I took with my wife to the Maldives. Can’t beat a free trip out there on points and free hotel stay. 🙂

  197. Much as I love flying, I’m grateful I don’t have to fly to be with family on Thanksgiving – a simple drive from St. Pete to Bradenton does the trick.

  198. Celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary to Europe for the first time in business class on miles and 5 star hotel points! Going to Europe was something my husband and I have been wanting to do since we got married but couldn’t due to student loans and finally we went in style this year ! Best part? We spent less than $2000 for 20 days! 🙂

  199. Took a weeklong trip to Maui a few years ago. it was great toget the whole family together before spreading out across the country.

  200. I am most thankful for the trips I have yet to take. Mileage newbie…going to start travelling in earnest in 2014.

  201. Good odds, 5 kit for ~500 entries (1 in 100)

    I’m thankful for travelling with my family/toddlers, to anywhere. Beats travelling alone (except the miles needed part)

    Happy Thanksgiving to USA people, it’s a lame “Canadian” Black Friday up here

  202. Using miles to visit Croatia, Mauritius, and (most importantly) the Seychelles for our five-year anniversary. Renewing our vows at the Hilton Labriz was an unforgettable experience!

  203. It’s tough choosing just one, but one of the best trips I’ve taken was visiting a friend in London almost ten years ago.

  204. My trip to Scandinavia with my family, I traveled to more than 50 countries and so far Norway is my favorite and I am going again next summer. I am thankful for all!!!

  205. Our wedding/honeymoon trip to Fiji/Australia. We were able to go to these two places with free tickets on AA/One World and free hotel stays at the Sheraton/Westin in Australia. Thanks Starwood Amex!

  206. My multiple trips to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii with my family – lots of unforgettable memories!

  207. My bar mitzvah tip with my dad in lieu of a party that took me to four different countries and was really the best time of my life; perfect father son bonding.

  208. I was most grateful to be able to get business seats on LH to attend our son’s wedding in Berlin last summer

  209. I am most thankful for my very first plane ride HKG-NRT-SFO on a JAL 747 Classic long long time ago. It sure got me hooked on flying!

  210. I’m thankful my 2 trips this year with my husband who doesn’t like to travel & the 6 trips by myself in my year of travel

  211. I’m thankful for all of my int’l trips–I wish everyone in the US could get out there with an open heart and open mind to see the different cultures and historical perspectives of other countries. Nevertheless, my trip to AUS and diving the Great Barrier Reef (where I got to swim with a huge turtle) takes the cake. So far. 🙂

  212. Coming home now from a RTW trip (5 diff Star airlines, 8 hotels) that had me in Sydney for my birthday and Thanksgiving in Paris with a friend who cooked an American thanksgiving. I’m thankful for all the friends (old and new) along the the way who enhance my solo travels

  213. oh wow, this is great! Happy Thanksgiving Lucky! I am thankful for a last minute trip last month to Seattle – free courtesy of my accumulated southwest rr points. I was able to see my friends up north! It was a great weekend!

  214. For me the trips with my fiance are the ones Im most thankful for. Everything is just perfect when we travel together.

  215. I’m most thankful for the time my partner took me to Paris and even though we were short on time he made the most out of it.

  216. alot to be thankful for! for all the small things i complain about, i remind myself how fortunate i am for being able to do it. and happy turkey day to you! (beltated.. but its hawaiian time!)

  217. i know what you mean! i have a rimowa luggage along w/ my rimowa amenity kit 🙂 awesome!

    im thankful for my trip to Dubai with my parents and sis. my mom enjoys fine dining and my sis and i enjoy street food!
    staying at Burj Al Arab was awesome too!

  218. Indonesia with my wife. Not only a fantastic experience but the flights were booked using AA miles all before I started getting into our little hobby – amazing that I was able to piece together the trip despite my relative cluelessness!

  219. I am currently on a 4 month “stopover” in the Paris area that was booked as part of a round trip reward to Osaka in business class. My “stopover” is actually my first semester at a Master’s program. I am thankful for meeting the awesome people in my program, for hopefully helping me to pave a career shift, and for using miles to travel here in style!

  220. I am thankful we redeemed big points last year for a trip in early 2014 – before the latest devaluation of United points. Really excited about our first Thai first class trip. Nice of you to do these give aways.

  221. Very thankful award space in first class became available at the last minute on United from Beijing to the US. Happily used more miles to have pregnant wife not sit in economy for such a long flight!

  222. I am most thankful for my trip to LAX this month. I am thankful I was safe, and it was nice to have a break after helping my son recover from his 5th back surgery. It was my first trip to LA, and I thoroughly enjoyed the flights–even though they were packed each time.

  223. I’m thankful for the points that allow me to stay at various Park Hyatt hotels around the world. They have some amazing properties.

  224. I loved flying from Atlanta to Zurich as a teen. It was Christmas day so nobody was on the flight except my family. We all got the center row of the 767 to lay down on.

  225. The flight I was most thankful for was a LHR-IAD United flight that got me home on Wed. This was the first Thanksgiving I was not deployed for since 2005.

  226. I am TAHNKFUL for the flight I had with Emirates Air on the A-380 in their first class cabin. Since it was a day flight from Melbourne to Auckland (note it was only 3.5 hour flight). I was really hoping to get a set of Pajamas, but not so on day flights. 🙁

  227. I’m thankful that I’m successful enough in life to fly any airline to anywhere! Particularly thankful for the UA flights that brought my parents to me this Thanksgiving!

  228. I am thankful that Delta brought my two out of town children home for thanksgiving. It is always nice to have all of my “ducklings” at home!

  229. Thankful for every opportunity to fly, no matter what the carrier, class or destination! Especially thankful for the flights with family or friends, they are rare but greatly appreciated.

  230. I’m most thankful for the trip I took to Canada to see the polar bears at Hudson Bay. It was a spectacular trip

  231. I’m thankful for my first trip abroad when I was 13. I went to Russia and it changed the direction of my life– I now work in an international field and have traveled and lived all over the world.

  232. I’m thankful for flying Delta ATL to JFK (with 6 hrs in a lounge there) and then Iceland Air (Saga class) JFK to London for the last cruise I got to take with my husband Michael before he died suddenly in 2011. Don’t (DON’T!) hold off on travel “till retirement” because you may miss your chance to actually have those precious memories and be able to look back at time spent away from ‘normal’ life with someone you love.

  233. I’m still thankful for the last-minute trip I made to Vancouver to surprise my parents as part of their 30th wedding anniversary tour of US/Canada.

  234. I’m most thankful for my first international trip a couple of summers ago. My mom decided to go back to Poland for her 50th high school reunion and asked me if I wanted to go with her. I jumped at the chance and spent two great weeks in Poland. It was the happiest I’d ever seen her and a great chance to learn about my family history. Plus, it sparked a love of travel in me that has taken me to London, Amsterdam, Germany, and Sweden since then. All the travel actual lead me here to learn more about maximizing miles and points so I can continue my adventures.

  235. That would be my trip to Bali with my fiancee-now-wife for our prewed pictures last September. Beautiful place!

  236. The trip I’m most thankful for was an AA business class flight from Delhi to Chicago at the end of a round-the-world trip in 2011. I was SO READY for healthy, clean food, drink, and bed.

  237. I love and use Tumi luggage too!
    Every since I had an opportunity to fly Cathay Pacific First Class to New York, my life hasn’t been the same. From then on, it’s been my life’s goal to turn left upon boarding…in search of that First Class flyer’s high. Your blog just fuels my addiction…in a good way, I think. 🙂

  238. I had a recent 3-week trip to Uzbekistan that I am so thankful for. Travelled by train ….. Tashkent, Bukhara and Khiva. Stayed in good B&Bs and Radisson in Tashkent. Getting the tourist visa was complicated, as was the tourist forms for each hotel. Uzbek people were so hospitable. Just glad I made it out… safe-and-sound!
    Love the blog and Tumi….both top quality!

  239. There are many trips I am thankful for. My trip to India where I learned about 5 star service on my employer’s dime. My trip to Bruges because I love that town. My trips to the beach with my entire family each June. There are just too many to decide a single one.

  240. I am thankful that I was able to travel to Cambodia last December where I spent a month working at Let Us Create, a school for street kids.

  241. I am thankful to have been able to fly first class sleeper to Europe and return the last 4 summers on points with my best friend of 54 years, my wife! At my age, I could not have done it without the help of Ben at PointsPro. I am also thankful for all the other wonderful travel consultants like PointsPro who are able to make the best travel available to the vast majority of us who could not afford it otherwise. Keep up your blogs and your consulting programs!

  242. The last time I flew Delta BE was just before these came out. I’m a Tumi guy myself, so would love to have one.

  243. I’m thankful for a person, more than a trip. A sympathetic gate agent during major snowstorms (not in my part of the country) protected me on the only two flights left after mine was cancelled. Her 2 minutes of work allowed me to see my dying grandfather while he was still conscious and lucid. I’m sorry for how sappy that sounds, but it truly meant the world to me and my family.

  244. Most thankful for my trip in April to Japan and Thailand. All flights in first and biz using points. Best flights ever!

  245. I’m most thankful for my 3 trips to India: once as “the boyfriend,” second as the fiance, and finally to wed my beautiful wife!

    Our fourth trip is in a month!

  246. JFK – GRU on Delta with my girlfriend,

    It was our anniversary, and it was her first biz flight… the seat, the dinner, the drinks, and her smiles during the flight while she was rolled in that comfy blanket made it REALLY special.

    So good I’m planning another 30.000 ft celebration to surprise her 🙂

  247. This is so boring, but I was most thankful for miles when I could fly my husband business class to England to pack up our house. It was a lot of work and stressful, so using miles to make the trip a bit easier for him was great. And as a bonus on the return he had an overnight layover to visit his best friend in London.

  248. Best trip was in an RV with 10 people across the country. No miles, no hotels, nothing. Just us and the road. Good old college days!

  249. I am thankful for a 3 week trip to New Zealand with my stepdaughter in 2009. We used AA miles to travel SFO-HKG-AKL in F/J on the outbound and SYD-LAX in J (on the 380) for the return

  250. Last minute trips with my daughter to visit my grandmother in Florida (We’re in PA). It more than justifies the hobby.

    Thanks for the great blog!

  251. I’m thankful for UA somehow allowing me to book a stopover in SEZ coming home from DPS on an award ticket

  252. Taking my parents to Europe who can’t speak foreign language other than Mandarin. It’s a dream come true.

  253. Hi Lucky! I am most thankful for my first solo flight, from Toronto to Tokyo, all the way back in 1998. It has started a love affair with NRT, not to mention lots more trans-Pacific travel. A Tumi case would come in handy. 😉

  254. I’m thankful that I got to take my wife and 4 year old son to Paris earlier this year. AA EXP Upgrades got us upgraded to biz class and SPG Plat status gave us a VERY suite upgrade at the W Paris Opera.

  255. GDG-DFW, in June, because Paris was about 90 degrees, 300% humidity, and there were at least 10 million other foreigners visiting. Also an anti-Muslim march and soldiers with Uzis on every corner. Thankful to be going home before I cracked completely and threw myself into the Seine.

  256. I have flown about 15 LH F segments in the past 18 months, and am very grateful for that. Sadly it looks like it will soon be a thing of the past.

  257. Flew on US Airways miles back home Amsterdam from Sydney Australia to attend the funeral of my grandmother two years ago. Wonderful to be able to book on points a F class flights 2 days prior to flying!

  258. Thankful for my SW SFO-PHX flight to see all my family! It was Lufthansa first class, but I’ll take it.

  259. I am most thankful every time I can go back to the US to see my family, which is not so easy as an expat based in Beijing.

  260. I’m thankful for getting upgraded from Business Class to First Class on Singapore Airlines last February.

  261. The trip I am most thankful for was to Sydney last year. I spent 7 months in Australia finishing my degree, travelling around and meeting some truly incredible people. I feel in love with the country and its people; so much so that I’ve my heart set on moving back.

  262. I’m thankful for traveling to Vancouver this Sep with my family, my sister’s family and my mom. We haven’t taken a trip together in a long while and it’s great to take a vacation with them.

  263. I won’t mention one of my dull business trips out of AMS, but an upcoming flight in January. Inspired by your great blog, I decided to invite my father for a trip to Hong Kong, to which I am very looking forward to. It will be in economy however (BA, A380), as both my wallet nor my KLM’s Flying Blue status permits two Europe-Asia return flights, haha… Despite that, I’m sure the experience will still be the best!

  264. And a little comnent from overseas 😉
    Always from Berlin thru London to Mexico. Because I love the english breakfast and the flights bring me “home” to the second part of my family (godmother and cousins)

  265. The last business trip of the year. Such a huge sense of relaxation when we touched down, knowing that I would be home for at least a month straight!

  266. My month-long graduation trip in Europe – all that freedom that comes with being a graduate but not having the responsibilities of an adult and enjoying it with my best friend makes it really special.

  267. Given that I too am turned off by the Delta ffp, don’t think I’d ever get the Delta Tumi kit…

    Keep up the good work!

  268. I am thankful for the trip I am currently on; half price fare to Paris for Thanksgiving weekend with my wife.


  269. Most thankful for my trip to India last summer- some how I managed to eat street food for 3 weeks on my trip and didn’t get sick! Now that’s something to be thankful for!

  270. I’m thankful for the trip LAX-HAN on KE business class last year. First time ever flying on business class!

  271. My last trip with my parents taking them to their two dream cities for their first time: Roma and Paris!

  272. My favorite trip recently was to Oklahoma City to see the OKC Thunder. You see so much more live than on TV!

  273. Thankful for the round trip to Argentina in LAN business class I’m taking with my girlfriend this spring, with free one-ways on either side! If it weren’t for the blogs I wouldn’t be putting my AA miles to such good use 🙂

  274. I’m thankful for the trip I took with my husband to celebrate my 60th birthday cruising from Rome to Barcelona because my doctors found my breast cancer just before my birthday, but got me done with treatments in time for my trip that November. And I’m 4+ years cancer free!

  275. Thanksfuk for the trio last year to south Africa because i got to spend time with my sibling and parents.

  276. Most grateful for getting bumped from DL to AA to Hawaii – first class product was far superior.

  277. I think my favorite trip this year was taking my wife to Florida and getting to watch her enjoy Disney World.

  278. Thankful for the trip to Asia in business class with colleagues and friends last winter! Got to travel to Cambodia, Hong kong, South Korea , and Taiwan using miles & points.

  279. Most thankful? The one-day-early flight home this year that allowed me to surprise my family. 26 trips and 300,000km this year.

  280. I’m most thankful for my trip to Argentina, which was right after its financial crisis…it’s a beautiful part of the world I had never had the opportunity to visit before, and even though our friends warned us to be careful, we met some lovely people and enjoyed seeing so many wonderful sights.

  281. Recently I flew BOS-LGA;JFK-TPE-SIN-BLR in Eva and SQ Biz Class. I thought I am really happy for being able to fly all of those. After getting off in BLR my parents met me and I booked an upgraded Suite at a non brand boutique hotel named Chancery Pavilion in Bangalore. It is by no means ‘fancy’ in many of our terms but that was the first time my parents stayed at such a big property. I could really feel the enthusiasm and excitement in my parents’ words given that my father was trying to taste everything in the breakfast buffet, wants to go back to the hotel asap after visiting some friends, trying to observer every possible detail from the worn out property etc. I am extremely thankful for being able to book a stay at that place and makes me do that at better properties in the future whenever there is a possibility.

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