W Hotel Store 50% Off Black Friday Sale

The W Hotel Store is running a 50% off promotion for purchases made through Tuesday, December 3, 2013, using promotion code BLKW3.


Historically The W Hotel Store regularly runs 35-40% off promotions, though back in October they ran a 50% off promotion for the first time I can remember. This is the second such promotion I’ve seen, and represents a pretty amazing value, in my opinion. For example, a King Plush Top Mattress will run you ~$885 through this promotion.


So if you’re in the market for a new bed or anything else from The W Hotel Store, this is a good time to buy!


  1. I took advantage of this 50% off sale last time it was offered and ordered a Queen Size W Bed, Box Spring and Bed Frame.

    The bed is comfortable and, overall, I’m glad that I replaced my mattress. I don’t know that the W Bed experience is what I expected, though.

    It was delivered by independent contractors for 1800MATTRESS / Sleepy’s. They refused to take away the old mattress (even though the W Bed purchase is supposed to come with removal) and I had to get Sleepy’s to send them back (they were not happy) to get it. They will not take out or disassemble an old frame.

    The box spring is just whatever random one the warehouse had sitting around. It’s blue instead of white, which is not a major issue, but is not what I expected. Also, the bed frame (which is not described or shown on the W Hotels site) is just a cheap inst-a-matic, available for around $80 on Amazon.


  2. Thanks for sharing! FYI. Even though they advertised 50% site wide with no exclusions, they refuse to give the discount on the bed frame. I wonder what else they don’t give it on. Mind you, they never mention it, I had to look at the receipt and do the math to figure it out. Pretty shady w hotels!!

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