Starwood 2014 Bring On The Nights Promotion

Starwood has just announced the details of their first quarter 2014 promotion, entitled “Bring On The Nights.” The promotion will be valid for stays between January 5 and April 30, 2014.


Through this promotion Starwood will be offering 2,500 bonus Starpoints for every five eligible nights you stay, up to 10,000 bonus Starpoints and 20 eligible nights. You also get an additional 5,000 bonus Starpoints when you hit 25 eligible nights. So basically if you max out this promotion and stay 25 nights you’d earn a total of 15,000 bonus Starpoints, which comes out to an average of 600 bonus Starpoints per night.

The thing that makes this promotion better than past ones is that all properties are participating in the promotion. Historically Starwood lets hotels choose whether they want to opt into a promotion or not, which is rather frustrating as a consumer since you’re loyal to a hotel chain, and it sucks when individual hotels choose not to reward that loyalty. So that’s a huge benefit, in my opinion.

For a bit of context, Starwood’s current fall promotion is entitled “Take Two,” and offers double base Starpoints on all stays without limit, and an additional 2,500 Starpoints for every five eligible nights you stay, up to 10,000 Starpoints. So the promotion early next year is arguably less generous than their current promotion, though I do appreciate that all hotels are participating, which is a step in the right direction.

I’ll post when registration for the promotion opens, which should be in a couple of weeks. It’s worth noting that previously booked reservations will qualify for the promotion as long as you register in time.

And here’s to hoping for more lucrative hotel promotions than this in 2014 (though I’m doubtful). While this promotion is better than nothing, it’s not anything that will sway business one way or another, in my opinion. But I guess with hotel occupancy as high as it is, they don’t need to offer lucrative promotions to fill rooms.


  1. Yawn.

    Although, I’m glad it rewards nights instead of stays. I don’t need to do hotel hopping. Next year I’m going for top tier with Hyatt + SPG, taking a break from Marriott. If Hyatt doesn’t announce a Promo, i’ll just target SPG first.

  2. It’s nice that all properties are included; double-points is a good promo and frequent travelers probably would prefer that but having a 5K bonus for 25 nights is very nice as it was a bummer that double-points promo capped bonuses at 10K.

  3. this promotion is way below average.

    nov 12 – feb 13, spg offered 2K spg pts per stay at Le Merien. it overlapped 1/1 – 2/28 with double points promotion. a single night stay at le merien earned ~3,000 bonus pts, not to include plat arrival bonus 500 and base points X3 for plat members.

    i could have waited until 2015 to spend 25 nights to maintain my plat (that expires feb 28, 2015). so, unless a new, overlapping promotion occures, i will skip this promotion.

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