Air Canada Does Katy Perry “Fireworks” Video

I’m always amused when airlines or airports put together “music” videos, and I just stumbled upon two such videos from Air Canada.

The most recent one is done to “Fireworks,” and features their Toronto ground staff:

The one from earlier this year is done to “Call Me Maybe,” and features their inflight crews:

I still think Munich Airport deserves the award for the most “unique” video ever:

Or maybe Brussels Airport:

Which is your favorite?


  1. I think this stuff is fantastic. While I know it’s just a small percentage of Air Canada’s total employee base, I can’t help but think that they have a highly engaged team. That’s a great thing. I’m not sure you’d ever see something like this coming out of the United employee ranks at present… Morale seems low.

  2. Canadians are so weird! LOL. I loved how “literal” the Firework video was–even holding up four fingers for the “fourth of July” lyric!

  3. Brilliant stuff. I’ve had our teams at previous airlines do music videos but never anything as professional as these! 🙂

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