Hyatt Offering 10% Discount On Gift Cards And Checks

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Several weeks ago I wrote about the opportunity to earn huge discounts on Hyatt stays. Basically for buying a Milepoint premium membership for $49.95 you get a coupon code for 10% off Hyatt gift cards. You can purchase up to $5,000 in gift cards per Milepoint premium membership, and there’s a $6 cost for shipping regardless of how many gift cards you purchase. But beyond that, if you pay for the gift cards with The Starwood Preferred Guest Business Card you’d earn 5% cash back plus one Starpoint (which I value at 2.2 cents each) per dollar spent at domestic Hyatts, for a total of 7.2% back. That’s because the Starwood American Express participates in the OPEN Savings program, which Hyatt is a partner of.

That means right off the bat you’re looking at ~17% savings on Hyatt stays.

In addition to the above promotion (which has a cap of $5,000 and requires purchasing a Milepoint premium membership) it appears Hyatt is also running a promotion on the purchase of gift cards through the end of 2013. Gold Passport members can get 10% off a purchase of up to $2,000 in gift cards for entering promotion code GPGIFT at the time of checkout. As above, if you use the Starwood Preferred Guest Business Card you can get an additional 5% cash back plus one Starpoint per dollar spent on the purchase.


In practice the promotion code even seems to work on the purchase of stay certificates, which is potentially extremely valuable. I wrote about stay certificates in this post, which are basically certificates valid for one night at select hotels spread across six categories. They’re capacity controlled but have the potential to be an amazing value.


Keep in mind that on top of all that you can still earn 3% cash back on your Hyatt booking through TopCashBack.

This all translates into huge savings potential for Hyatt stays with a bit of planning!

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. Lucky, were you a Math major in college? I would have to be drunk and cross eyed to figure out these costs. Thanks for doing the work!

  2. Lucky,

    When prompted whether to get a Hyatt Gift Card or Check, which do you suggest? I assume the Check is paper / email – and perhaps able to be reprinted in the event of misplacement (which I notoriously do).

    Also, can you combine the Milepoint coupon code with the GPGIFT code?? or only use one?

  3. @ Jeff — You can’t combine the two coupons towards a single purchase, though it essentially lifts the limit on the amount of gift cards you can buy to $7,000.

    As far as the difference between gift cards and gift checks go, gift cards can be used in smaller increments meaning you can have a residual balance, while gift checks can’t have a residual balance (meaning you have to use the entire value of the check in one stay).

  4. Is it not the case thst that then discuount cards can not be redeemed for advance purchases. If can’t get the 20% of the room that comes with an advanced purchase why bother?

  5. @ Levy Flight — Correct, they can only be used to settle the bill at the hotel. That being said, AAA rates are often similar to advance purchase rates, and for that matter I don’t generally find it worthwhile to book advance purchase rates. Hotel rates drop all the time, so I’ve often been burned by booking an advance purchase rate, only to later find that the flexible rate ended up being even lower later on.

  6. Another note is that check certificates can be used at international properties while gift cards can only be used at US, Canada, Caribbean properties.

  7. Hi Ben,

    I’m a little confused about how you can get the AmEx Open 5% savings on the purchase of the gift cards.

    I was under the impression that this special savings is only available for charges made directly for stays at certain U.S. Hyatts.

    How would we realize the savings by purchasing the gift cards? You indicate that if the gift cards are used to pay for stays at these locations, then you get the 5%, but that doesn’t make sense.

    Is AmEx definitely giving the 5% Open savings to purchases of the gift card?


  8. @ Craig — That’s correct, it was my understanding as well, but people have reported getting the 5% savings even on the purchase of gift cards.

  9. It says on the Hyatt website that you won’t get Gold Passport points paying for a stay with a gift card. Is this true in practice?

  10. I have an upcoming 5 night stay at the Hyatt Regency Hua Hin in Thailand. I’ve already paid for the Club Room using points but was thinking of getting one of these certificates to cover any incidentals that we’d encur. Would that work? MM (above) said that check certificates can be used internationally. If so, how does that work? Does the hotel convert the charges to USD and then apply the check certificate against it? I wouldn’t mind getting an additional 15% off food/drink/services at the hotel using this if it would work.

  11. re Lanny- yes but how much is it worth if the hotel’s chosen exchange rate is 10% worse than paying with no FX CC? which is often the case. so you’re saving what- maybe 5%- and you can get roughly that much by using chase hyatt visa at 3 pts per…and far less hassle–
    i’m skeptical- only because i’ve seen how much hotels manipulate that exchange rate. anything that relies on THEIR choice of exchange rate is bad news…for that matter- i’m wondering the same thing re cash&points- the USD copay but converted to local currency. so much opportunity for dynamic currency conversion. would LOVE for hyatt to issue some clarity on this and exchange rates that will be used. anyone have experience with this and the check certificates? anyone have any news re this in regard to upcoming cash copays?

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