Win 25,000 Emirates Skywards Miles From American Express

Several weeks ago Emirates was added as a transfer partner for the American Express Membership Rewards program, allowing 1:1 transfers from Membership Rewards to Emirates Skywards.

They’re even running a 25% transfer bonus from Membership Rewards to Skywards through this Friday, November 22, 2013.

They’ve generously given me 25,000 Emirates Skywards miles to give away to a lucky reader. There are two ways to enter:

Enter via the blog:

Leave a comment below answering the following question:

Where would you go if you had a head start with 25K Emirates Skywards Miles?

Enter via Twitter:

Follow me on Twitter, and Tweet me the answer to the following question along with the hashtag #AmExEmiratesOM:

Where would you go if you had a head start with 25K Emirates Skywards Miles?

An example of an eligible Tweet would be:

@onemileatatime I would use those miles towards an A380 business class upgrade #AmExEmiratesOM

You can enter to win once per day per entry method, and you have through 11:59PST on Thursday, November 21, 2013 to enter.

Good luck!


  1. Where would I go??? I’d kick in a bunch of my Amex MR points (with bonus) and go to Auckland the long way in “Shower Class”

  2. Would love to go to Dubai to meet my sister and brother in law! Haven’t been there yet, Emirates would be great to travel in for that!

  3. Back to Thailand! Took Air Emirates on a leg out to Thailand about 10 years ago; brand new plane, good food, and beautiful flight attendants!

  4. Manila or their new destination of Clark and head over to the central Philippines to help in the typhoon-stricken areas.

  5. Dar Es Salaam and then onward to the saychells! Safari, then beach (and sharks)…mixed in with some pirates and see good friends!

  6. “Where would you go if you had a head start with 25K Emirates Skywards Miles?”

    I’d take a shower in F on BKK-HKG.

  7. I would use the 25,000 Skywards miles towards a trip to Milan since North America East to Western Europe is a sweet spot in the Emirates chart, requiring only 45,000 miles in coach. With the 25,000 Skywards miles, I’d need only 16,000 Amex Membership Rewards points, factoring in the 25% bonus, to reach 45,000 Skywards miles!

  8. 25k would give me enough to upgrade from business to first (round trip) on the AKL to SYD route. While it’s not a lot of time, it’s enough to experience Emirates first and more importantly the shower.

  9. JFK-DXB in first class on the A380! Thanks in advance for helping solve my long dilemma of never showering at 35000 ft.

  10. I would go to Bangkok via Dubai! I live in Boston, so I’m very excited about Emirates coming to Boston next year! 777-200LR from Boston to Dubai, then the A380 from Dubai to Bangkok 😀


    Simple, first class to experience Dubai properly then go visit some ladies in Shanghai then spend a few days having lovely fatty french food then home

  12. I would use it to fly business class from IAD to LHR for my babymoon! I have a decent amount of ultimate rewards points and this 25k is perfect to top off my account.

  13. It seems there’s so much bling in Dubai that it has to be seen to be believed, so I’d head there. (Should be a nice contrast to my previous trip to the Middle East: RUH on Saudia.)

  14. I would use the 25,000 miles in addition to transferring some of my own Amex points to go business or first to the Maldives 🙂

  15. I want to take my mom who just fought breast cancer back home to India. I have some amex points which I can convert to skyward miles and with 25000 miles I will be able to book tickets.

  16. I would have to save up some more and figure out how to get to the Maldives via DXB and get a chance to try the A380 F!

  17. Milan for sure! I lived there for three months and have always enjoyed visiting since. I would fly into Milan and then head up to the Lakes region

  18. I would use those towards getting two economy tickets to Dubai to take my wife on a cruise from the Middle East to India!

  19. I’d use the miles to upgrade on the way to Dubai (on bucket list, haven’t been yet). A client recently flew Emirates FC there and back and called it a must.

  20. Anywhere in first on an A380, add 25,00 miles to my staggering total of 16,000 and I must be close to a round the world trip in first…

  21. I’d add them to my existing Emirates Skywards Miles balance to do a business class upgrade from the US to Asia.

  22. I would use them to visit Japan, a place I have loved from afar from 5 years old but have never visited. I am now 33 so it’s a long time coming!

  23. I would use the 25.000 miles (+ my already earned ones) to fulfill a dream, I would make a trip to Sydney with a short stopover in Dubai.

  24. If it allows a stopover in Dubai or China, of course I’d love to go to China or Dubai. Hit two birds with one arrow.

  25. Laos or Vietnam….I want to find an asian unicorn in the wild (Saola)…so rare…why not go there?

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