Giveaway: Airline Swag!

After my US Airways 90,000 mile round-the-world award ticket last month I gave away some Hello Kitty swag. I have some more goodies left over, and appreciate y’all sitting through so many Hello Kitty posts, so figured I’d run another giveaway.

The swag bag consists of:

  • EVA Air Rimowa amenity kit
  • US Airways Envoy amenity kit
  • Air China business class amenity kit
  • Air China business class pajamas
  • Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Accessories Plush Set
  • Hello Kitty folding tote bag
  • SPG hat, sunglasses, and iPhone case


To enter just leave a comment below letting me know which airline or product you’d most like to fly.

You have until 11:59PM PT on Sunday, November 17, 2013, to enter, at which point I’ll randomly pick a winner.

Good luck!


  1. I’ve done LH F, SQ F (though not suites), and have NH F upcoming. I’d really like EK F, nothing like a shower in the sky.

  2. I’d like to fly economy on Porter… seriously. I mean, who wouldn’t be charmed by their savvy raccoon mascot!

  3. Easy, the one that I think of all the time for not doing before it was too late. The one that is most clearly out of reach. I was too scared my friends would say I wasted my money had I bought a ticket since I did not have sufficient miles: The Concorde. My second pick? Space Shuttle.

  4. Singapore Suites is my next goal. Also would love ANA F or JAL F but they are further down the list. wouldn’t mind trying the new JAL J they are putting on their 767s.

  5. I always had a bad impression of Air China, BUT after seeing your trip report, I now want to give it another shot!

  6. Having just flown LH’s 744 F, I can’t think of anything else I want to fly. The separate bed — which I’d assumed would be cumbersome to navigate — was more comfortable than anything I assumed an airline could provide. I haven’t been in an SQ or EK suite, but I have been in F on BA (777) CX (777) & TG (388), and LH is so far above those, that they don’t seem like the same category. Add that the bed is designed for you to look out the window as you snuggle under the duvet, and you get a wonderful romance-of-flying factor (similar to sleeping in a great train bed). The only-ok IFE is more than made up for by the the tremendous hard product, the elegant & personable service, and the (really) superb caviar.

  7. Buffalo Airways DC3 wins the tree any day. (And for me to get there from Singapore requires a segment on two in SQ Suites)!

  8. Eva Air JFK – TPE on their Business Class for 15 hours of luxury in their amazing reverse herringbone seats.

  9. I really want to experience a walk-up bar in flight (like on the new AA 777-300ER). Don’t ask me why; I just think it would be a very cool in-flight experience.

  10. Austrian business. Now if only they’d open up some space for my spring dates before united redemptions shoot up! 🙂

  11. When I showed my daughter your Eva Air Hello Kitty posts, she declared she just had to ride on that plane.

    For me, I would have to say Lufthansa First… after seeing all your posts on the subject.

  12. I would love to try Singapore’s 1st class suites!

    Thank you for the chance and I appreciate your sharing your travels with us!

  13. Just for the sake of trying it – Air Koryo.
    Want to know if it’s as horrible as they say it is… . 🙂

  14. BA Concorde.

    But alas, not all dreams can come true (especially since my other dream is to fly a CX 747 into Kai Tak one last time)

  15. SQ First anywhere just because it looks so bad ass. Or LH Frist because I want to try out the FCT in FRA so I can get a rubber ducky.

  16. LX F. I’ve had reservations more than once but always had to cancel — and very soon it will be all but impossible to book unless you’re a Miles & More SEN or HON 🙁 .

  17. Hello Kitty plush set please, my 3 girls would love it! I have to figure out how to get all 4 of us on that Hello Kitty plane!

  18. I’ve travelled a number of times in Business Class, but never First Class. I think for me it would have to be the Emirates First Class! There’s something about taking a shower at 30,000 feet!!

  19. I want to go back in time 6 months and ride on Spring Airlines when they still had Maid and Butler uniforms for their flight attendants. Barring that, Ethiad F’s customized grill meals looks so nice.

  20. Toss-up between DL’s CRJ200 and US’ de Havilland Dash. I love gate checking bags!

    (Seriously though, it’s actually a toss-up between SQ F suites and Emirates A380 F)

  21. EVA Hello Kitty.
    Anything “Hello Kitty” would be nice.
    The young daughter of a friend of mine goes nuts for “Hello Kitty”.

  22. I just flew LH first class and had a great time. but i would love to try Singapore First class or Cathay. Cathay you get a Ermenegildo Zegna kit! 🙂

  23. I’d totally take my kids on an EVA Air Hello Kitty flight. In economy b/c – let’s face it – i can’t afford (with cash or miles) to take them in business class!

  24. Definitely Hello Kitty/EVA, to Japan with my daughter! Thanks, United, for squashing a small child’s dream flight with the new awards chart.

  25. Is this the best swag giveaway yet or what??? Sadly, I’m on One World, but (thanks to you) now I wanna fly Eva Air Hello Kitty Royal Laurel and Lufthansa new First Class!

  26. Lufthansa First as apparently soon I won’t have to contend with all the award travel folks joining me up front. Ha ha…. 😉

  27. I’ll be realistic and say that,after reading trip reports, I’d like to try EVA or Air China 777 business class. Not enough miles for first.

  28. Spirit Airlines. 😛
    OK, for commercial flights it’s actually a tossup among Emirates shower, Singapore double bed, and Lufthansa separate bed

  29. I’d really like to fly Emirate first class with the shower at one point in my life time ^_^

    I’m going on my first first class flight on Cathay tomorrow.. VERY EXCITED!

  30. I briefly flew Air China 1st class from HKG to TPE. Not long enough to appreciate it. I’d love a longer flight.

  31. Ooh, hard choice between Singapore Suites and an Emirates Suite. Would also like to try a service catered by Do & Co. Too bad there’s no overlap here.

  32. My 5 year old daughter, Rosie, desperately wants to fly the Hello Kitty plane on Eva Air. When I told her about it, her eyes widened in sheer disbelief.

  33. AF business class Houston – CDG … living in Texas, I almost feel like I am already back home when I check in at houston …

  34. ANA. Yes, despite the fact that I’m moving programs and crediting all my miles to them now, I’ve never actually flown with them before. That’s how frustrated I’ve gotten with EVA’s FFP.

  35. If NetJets doesn’t count, then I’d have to say NH F JFK-NRT. I’ve only ever flown NRT-JFK-NRT on DL J which is great and all, but looks like coach in comparison to NH F.

  36. i would love to fly in any airline but in first class, it has been a dream for me since i remember i floew for the first time, a

  37. Any will be fabulous..I can swap some QF Products if you wish
    Rimowa 1st Choice followed by any amenity kids…me to pay postage 🙂

  38. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class. Not just for the superior air experience, but also for the departure/arrival lounges, dedicated security line, and chauffeur car service.

  39. Lufthansa first class, OR I would like to try one of those fancy middle easter airlines like Quatar Airlines

  40. Hanian Airlines (no more what class) but they are 5 star airline even though on international routes they flow cathay pacific’s old seating A340-600 and they are the first airline in china to recive the B787. Also one of the world’s five star airline.

  41. Eva Air! I have never heard of Rimowa until I started following your blog! And now that my daughter is 5, It’ll be nice for her to visit her grandparents in Business from NY to Taipei as opposed to them flying over! I remember taking Eva Air as a college student in economy class more than 10 years ago, and even then, I was blown away by their attentiveness and food! I’m figuring business is a 1000x better? 🙂

  42. US Airways Envoy suite just because I want to see if I get the flight attendant who says “Oh you mean the fish” or “Yaall better drink up now

  43. Since I am already booked RT Cathay ORD to HKG. I am hoping the lucky gods look down kindly on me, and hopefully Cathay releases 2 First class seats. One way would be great, but RT would be incredible!

  44. I would like to try Emirates 380 first as well as singapore 380 first class. Eva’s hello kitty is desirable as well.

  45. I would like to have Air China pajamas since I want to see its quality comparing to other pajamas from other airlines that I have collected. My partner is always against things made in China.

    The flight that I have enjoyed the most up to now is SQ A380 Suite class. Thanks for RGN fares that I have been up there 3 times. In-flight foods and the private lounge foods are just amazing. SQ A380 would be on my top list.

  46. Virgin Galactic or Air Koryo… I can’t think of anything more exclusive (but commercially available) than SQ Suites aside from these two. 😉

  47. I have enjoyed the A380 Singapore in business, but I would like to try the First class suites class on a long haul.
    Vegetarian food options seem to be improving on airlines, too!

  48. EVA Royal Laurel! Starting in BKK, but flying TPE to LAX on July 12 in Royal Laurel. Used United Miles and chose chose connecting EVA RL over Air China Biz to IAH due to your posts and pics. Thanks for the help!

  49. Picking from the list you just had your trip report on, I’d go with BR business, but overall want to fly SQ first.

  50. Would love to fly Lufthansa first with my wife. I have saved up the miles but have never had a first class Intl trip on any airline yet and it would be a real treat for the both of us!

  51. Flown a few of the airlines mentioned, but haven’t got around to EVA yet. I’d like to try their Hello Kitty on Biz, though unfortunately I’ll be going on China Airlines Biz to SFO next month.

  52. Transaero Airlines obviously!! I heard they got the communist Mickey Mouse themed Ilyushin Il-96-300!!

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