Free Airport Parking From The Parking Spot: Winners Announced

Last week The Parking Spot sponsored a giveaway whereby five readers would each win a three-day parking pass. All you had to do was comment with your best or worst airport parking experience.



You guys are always hilarious, and I loved the stories! 142 of you left comments, and the winners were chosen via

The first winner is comment 95, written by Garyst16:

Worst experience: Waiting 30 minutes for shuttle to show up after international flight when they “run every 5-10 minutes”. Best experience – Parking Spot!!

The second winner is comment 32, written by Joe-SC1:

Worst, Louisville in winter years ago heading to Vegas. Big snowfall the night before and plowing reduced spots open by 15-20%. So I had to park about a zip code away. With the forgotten time change (my fault), I made it to the gate as they were closing it. From then one, I’ve headed out a few minutes earlier. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

The third winner is comment 86, written by Josh:

Every time I have to find parking at EWR. It’s such a mess to get around that place sometimes.

The fourth winner is comment 70, written by Jose A:

Does parking across the street from a car rental location and using their shuttle count as airport parking/shuttle service experience?

Just kidding….maybe.

Thanks, Ben.

The fifth winner is comment 1, written by steve:

Spring Break 2007.
I didn’t plan ahead for a work trip. Drove to the airport 3 hours before my flight. ALL of the lots were full because it was spring break.
I spent 2 hours trying to find a spot. Finally found one at Parking Spot 2. checked in 30 minutes before my flight. Checked bag didn’t make it to the plane on time.

Now I always reserve parking in advance.

I’ll be in touch with the winners today. Thanks to everyone that participated, and thanks to The Parking Spot for sponsoring the giveaway!

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