Tablets And eReaders Now Allowed Gate-To-Gate On Delta And JetBlue!

The FAA updated their policy on the use of electronic devices under 10,000 feet on Thursday. Through the ruling they decided the use of electronic devices under 10,000 feet was safe, and suggested most US airlines would update their policy by the end of the year.

Well, it seems both Delta and JetBlue wanted to be the first airline to allow personal electronic devices under 10,000 feet, and both carriers received approval and updated their policies as of yesterday afternoon.

For all the details of the new policy, check out Delta and JetBlue’s websites.




Hopefully other carriers will follow soon!


  1. I really see this as a bad thing. All of a sudden you’re going to have cell phones going off at final approach because ppl assume that all electronic devices are allowed. Flight attendants are put I harms way because they have to try and enforce that before landing… I dot know I just see this as a big “uhoh” waiting to happen.

  2. Looks like American filed their plan with the FAA yesterday. Buried at the end of this article:

    “American Airlines said in statements that they’ve started the process of asking the FAA to approve broader device usage. American will submit its plan to the FAA today, Andrea Huguely, a spokeswoman, said in an e-mail.”

    As usual, the FlyerUnfriendly airline has yet to make any such statements.

  3. @James you’re reading my mind! All the articles I’ve seen on this, my very first thought is…performance enhancing drugs, what? Ohhhh…I get it…

  4. Technically electronic devices are supposed to be stowed during the actual takeoff and landing. Heaven help any crew member who tries to enforce it, though.

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