Earn Cashback On Hyatt Stays

Hyatt seems to have just joined Ebates, an online shopping portal that offers cashback at hundreds of retailers. By visiting the Hyatt website through the Ebates shopping portal you can now get up to 2% cashback on Hyatt stays.

If you’re not yet an Ebates member you can sign-up using my referral link (though feel free to post your referral link in the comments section below) and you’ll get a $5 bonus after a $25 purchase.


There are some restrictions associated with the cashback for Hyatt stays, as follows:

Exclusions: Cash Back not available on bookings that have a travel agency IATA reference, corporate or government account code, or Gold Passport redemption code in the booking. Cash Back will not be rewarded with cancelled reservations or visits on days other than the intended booking.

So corporate rates, government rates, and bookings made with an IATA number don’t qualify, which doesn’t seem unreasonable.

While in and of itself 2% cash back isn’t a game changer, combined with the other ways to get huge discounts on Hyatt stays I outlined a couple of days ago, this can really add up. As I mentioned you can get a 10% discount on Hyatt gift cards with a Milepoint premium membership, and if you pay for it with The Starwood Preferred Guest Business Card you’d earn 5% cash back plus one Starpoint (which I value at 2.2 cents each) through the American Express OPEN Savings program (up to $10,000 per year).

So that’s potentially already the equivalent of 18.5% cashback on Hyatt stays. Add in the Gold Passport points you’d usually earn for Hyatt stays (in my case 6.5 points per dollar since I’m a Diamond member, which I value at 1.6 cents each), and we’re looking at close to a 30% “return” on Hyatt stays without even factoring in any promotions.

Hyatt is already my favorite major hotel chain, so all these discounts only make me love them even more!


  1. How do you figure 6.5 points per dollar? If I use the Chase Hyatt card, I get 3 pts per dollar plus 30% bonus for being diamond member plus amenity of 1000 or 500 points.

  2. @ Marshall — As a Gold Passport member you earn five base points per dollar spent, plus a 30% bonus, for a total of 6.5 points per dollar spent.

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