Chase Improves Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card Online Summary

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Update: Triple points on the first Friday of each month is no longer available. 

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card  offers double points on dining and travel, which makes it my all around go to card for everyday spend. That being said, up until now Chase’s website hasn’t been very good at breaking down a summary of points earned by transaction. That seems to have changed recently, because now when you go to your activity summary you can see a breakdown of points earned with each transaction.

For example, the below parking transaction in Seattle earned double points (as it should, since that counts as “travel”):


Meanwhile an Indian restaurant I ate at a couple of months ago earned triple points since it was the first Friday of the month, on which Chase offers triple points on dining:


Meanwhile it appears as if the coffee shop I go to all the time isn’t categorized as “dining,” as I haven’t been earning any bonus points:


Anyway, I find this new feature on the Chase website to be super handy, and can only hope it’s expanded to more Chase cards soon.


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  1. Looks like your coffee shop charge came via Square. Are all Square transactions not eligible? If true, that will increasingly become a problem as more and more small business turn to Square.

  2. I have spent way too long trying to find where this activity summary is located on the UR website. Will somebody please point me in the right direction? Thanks.

  3. @Charlie In your Chase account summary on — same place where it lists charges and payments. Not in the Ultimate Rewards site.

  4. Yeah looks like the coffee shop is via Square which doesn’t get reported to the CC by merchant category. As far as I know there is no way around this as long as they keep using Square

  5. I know that Square transactions CAN be categorized correctly, but they aren’t necessarily. I go to a deli that uses Square and Amex correctly categorizes them as a restaurant / dining. I obviously don’t know how this works from the merchant’s perspective – nor do I know if Visa/MC picks up this data like Amex does.

  6. I was also pleasantly surprised to find an airport parking charge categorized as travel. This is a nice improvement for the website.

  7. @ LarryInNYC — Square charges that are properly categorized are fine. As it turns out the coffee shop chooses to categorize itself as a food store instead of dining, which is why I’m not earning double points.

  8. @ kevincrumbs — Absolutely. Only the total of all transactions at the end of the statement is rounded to the nearest point. But for individual transactions they round it to .01 points.

  9. All of my square purchases from the food trucks in DC are showing up as dining and hence giving me 2X the points.

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