Redeem British Airways Avios For Discounts On Shorthaul Flights

British Airways announced a useful new way to redeem Avios as of today. While redeeming Avios for shorthaul redemptions is already a fairly good value (since they don’t pass on the fuel surcharges which make up most of the intra-Europe fares), this new offering is a nice addition.

Executive Club members can now redeem Avios for the following discounts on shorthaul flights:

  • 4,500 Avios gets you £30 off a shorthaul flight
  • 3,000 Avios gets you £20 off a shorthaul flight
  • 1,500 Avios gets you £10 off a shorthaul flight

With the current GBP:USD exchange rate of 1.61:1, that’s over a cent of value per Avios. For a “good as cash” redemption that’s not bad, especially since you still earn Avios and Tier Points for tickets purchased using this method.

To take advantage of this offering simply go to the purchase page of a shorthaul booking. For example, I looked up fares for a roundtrip economy class ticket between London Heathrow and Frankfurt.


On the purchase page I was given the option of redeeming for a £10, £20, or £30 discount, which was instantly applied.


Anyway, ultimately there are better uses of British Airways Avios out there (like for longhaul premium cabin travel), but as a more or less “no strings attached” option I don’t think this is half bad. This discount can be applied in Euro Traveller (economy class) or Club Europe (business class) bookings, and is even valid for one-ways.

So while it doesn’t change my valuation of Avios, it is a nice new option.


  1. I don’t suppose we could buy down AA or AS tix in dollars in the US?
    These things are proving useless given where I live(my fault).

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