Delta’s Holiday Safety Video

Check out Delta’s holiday themed safety video:

While it’s no Air New Zealand, for a US airline I’d say that’s pretty damn impressive!


  1. Awesome video. At least Delta recognizes the Holiday Season. I wish the other major U.S. Carriers would follow suit and that it would become a tradition. Thanks for sharing.

  2. As someone who happens to be OBSESSED with Christmas (as in October 1st is when holiday music is loaded onto my iPhone), this is wonderful. Can’t wait to see it onboard! Any idea when that would be?

  3. The style is from Air New Zealand promo, but so what? It still rocks. And they included the leg lamp!!!! Only thing missing was, “You’ll SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT, KID!”

  4. wonder how much had to pay to have their website featured in the ad. cute little video, though.

  5. I love the reindeer hoofs shown behind the passenger getting his life vest from under his seat…Great demo, Delta!

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