Two days only: American selling Admirals Club day passes for $35

Through 12:00PM CDT on Thursday, October 24, 2013, American is selling Admirals Club day passes for 30% off. Ordinarily the cost to purchase a day pass is $50, though through this promotion they can be purchased online for $35.


It’s still not a bargain, really, but do keep in mind that these are day passes and not single access passes, so if you’re transiting multiple airports in a day it can be a fairly good value. Given what you’d otherwise pay at many airports for wifi and drinks, this can definitely be a decent value for someone that doesn’t otherwise have access. The passes are valid for a year, so are quite flexible.


  1. It’s pretty decent value if you’re going to be stuck at JFK on multi-hour layovers on a trip where you don’t get lounge access via elite status or being in a premium cabin…

    Of course, that rarely describes you, does it? 😉

  2. Any idea if this can used for a Qantas Lounges (being OW and all)… Flying SIN-MEL on a QF codechare (EK Metal) next weekend.

  3. @Adam:

    Rules on the purchase said AA lounges only. Since AA doesn’t fly to SIN or MEL… 😉

  4. @Lucky do you get a commish from AA? Last I checked these things were selling on ebay for $15 or so (maybe less in quantity). Why pay more? I just used a couple of UA passes when I had some time to kill, they are so cheap I can just replace them as needed.

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