Giveaway: Hello Kitty Jet Swag

I promised to bring back some goodies from my Hello Kitty Jet flightย on EVA Air last week, though may have gone a bit overboard with the Duty Free merchandise. What’s embarrassing for me is good for you though, and I have tons of Hello Kitty airplane swag to share!

As my first Hello Kitty jet giveaway I have a Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Accessories Plush Set, aviation-themed, of course,ย along with a Hello Kitty EVA Air apron, the same as the flight attendants wear on the Hello Kitty plane.

To enter just leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts on the Hello Kitty service — is it awesome or horrific? You have until 11:59PM PT on Monday, October 21, 2013, to enter, at which point I’ll randomly pick a winner.


Hello Kitty and all her friends wish you luck!


  1. the hello kitty service is so awesome! it’s a great way for the airline to make money since there is a large hello kitty following!

  2. I have to say I think it is awesome that in this day and age where most airlines don’t seem to care about the passenger experience that EVA goes to these lengths. I am not a Hello Kitty fan but I want to fly on a Hello Kitty flight as I would like one of those HK aprons.

  3. I assume it’s awesome for little girls and Asians but not sure how stoke did be about it. My daughter would love a hello kitty flight attendant. When I showed her she immediately asked if it was our airplane.

  4. I am not a huge Hello Kitty fan, but I think it would be fun to fly the themed flight. I am not so sure my travel partner would think it was cool. I am beginning to think about an Asia trip so Taipei might need to be on the itinerary.

  5. @Gunther Schwinsteiger if you promise to carry this for a week, if I win.. I will give it to you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I think its awesome since its a unique experience. Great way of getting the young ones excited about air travel.

  7. I love love love it. Its so purrrrdy and pink and rainbows, butterflies and unicorns! <3 ๐Ÿ˜€ xxx

  8. I flew the Hello Kitty service back in July on BR’s ICN-TPE route and I personally liked it! Not because I like Hello Kitty, but because of the novelty factor. It’s quite a refreshing change to the usual run of the mill product and the crew was especially awesome on that flight for some reason.

    Now, give me that goodie bag! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. It’s a unique marketing segment to attract. Trying to find the right balance is important but it is certainly a delight and crowd pleaser for Hello Kitty fans! For the non believers it might go into sensory overload!

  10. I showed your trip report to my wife; she’s now demanded we give this a try on our next trip. Looks like something she’d absolutely love.

  11. To put this much effort, it has to be awesome. My daughter will be on another BR flight, but I promised her we will go on a HK flight one day…

  12. I think it is great for an airline to find a way to set themselves apart and possibly get attention that they wouldn’t get otherwise.

  13. Even tho I’m not into it, it would be a unique experience to try once…plus a generally-reliable blogger says the business class service is great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I have yet to fly and experience the Hello Kitty service but from what I hear it’s pretty awesome and simply different/innovative from the usual plane service up in the air.

  15. Totally awesome! My husband loves hello kitty and we’re in Seattle so you wouldn’t even have to ship it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Awesome, my daughter loves hello kitty. Imagine how much worse a Dora plane would be! My husband admitted he didn’t know that Hello Kitty was the name, thought it was hello………kitty as in hi kitty!

  17. Would love to win the Hello Kitty Eva air apron but any Hello kitty items would be great. I can’t wait to book a trip on EVA Hello Kitty Biz class from Tapei to Los Angeles.

  18. I think flying on the hello kitty plane would be full of excitement. My sister and I would have the time of Our life on that flight. Hopefully they send one to Dallas soon. Awesome trip reports!

  19. Awesome, from a branding stance. They make it an experience unlike most metal flying today. Would I seek it out no but great marketing by EVA,

  20. For me, travel is not just about the destination. Its also about getting there – the research, , the planning, the anticipation, the what to bring, the lounge, the flight, etc….you know – all of the “pre” stuff. While I can’t admit to being a Hello Kitty aficionado, I think being on a Hello Kitty flight would be the height of awesomeness, and make getting there exponentially more fun!

  21. I think the Hello Kitty service is AMAZING and it’s on my life to-do list. (The Hello Kitty cafe at ICN is the closest I’ve come to a Hello Kitty-related aviation encounter.) I looooooooooooooooove Hello Kitty everything!

  22. Anything you can do to add a new consumer group is a great business decision, even if it’s a niche market. The U.S. Carriers should take note…

  23. I think a Hello Kitty flight is worse than United putting on logos of CHASE credit cards on their napkins and on the trays.

    Having said that, I know a little girl that would go gaga over Hello Kitty stuff.

  24. I’m indifferent on this one. I think it makes the whole flying experience (especially in J) feel comical/cheap, though I guess HK is quite popular in Asia. Just for as long as the background music on the website is not being played on repeat on the airplane, I think I’m ok with that.

    P.s. How did they come up with these names for the planes???

  25. I think it is awesome and would love to experience it one day. Probably would bring my daughter along so I wouldn’t feel foolish getting excited over it. But seriously, how is Hello Kitty so popular??

  26. I can’t say that I would ever enjoy being on a Hello Kitty flight, but the novelty of it is kind of cool. I know my niece would love it.

  27. It is awesome. My 8 year old niece will be thrilled if I could one give her of your hard to get price. Thanks.

  28. I’m not a Hello Kitty fan myself, but I can certainly see that this would make an airline trip very special! So that makes it awesome!

  29. I think the whole Hello Kitty experience seems bizarre to me. That being said it puts a smile on my face. I’d love to take my niece on a Hello Kitty flight one day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I’m very impressed with the Hello Kitty service. I haven’t been a fan; but reading your trip reports now has me wanting to get on one of these planes.

  31. Over the top? Absolutely! Would I love to have this experience? Absolutely! I don’t blame you for bringing home so much “Hello, Kitty” swag! I would have done the same.

  32. 58, straight, Anglo, married male with latina gf 4, who believes she is a princess, feels that more airlines should have a little character to them. This truly is a breath of fresh (shtick) air.
    I totally approve.

  33. its actually pretty cool! im surprised as I didnt think I would care about the product but now i want one of those boarding passes! lol

  34. I like the fact that they are totally owning the theme. Like you mentioned, some airlines just paint the outside and that’s it. I love how over the top it is. Will I go out of my way to fly it, probably not though.

  35. It is awesome! Though, it could be more awesome-er if the FA’s dressed up as Hello Kitty and talked like a cat for the entire flight. Nyeow that would be interesting.

  36. I think it’s really great. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s something different and unique. The industry needs more excitement and less devaluations.

  37. I don’t get Hello Kitty, so I’m disinterested in the service. But if it the makes the cabin a happier place, that is great.

  38. Given my name, how could I not enter this one? I enjoy seeing airlines try different innovations, even if they end up being a bit…how shall we put it…extreme?

  39. i watched people steal the economy class pillows off the HK jet from TPE-HKG and loved it so much that I booked myself on the evening HK TPE-LAX service for later November. i am looking forward to chomping on Hello Kitty shaped food.

  40. More on the horrific side than awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it would be one thing to have the plane painted that theme, but they take it to a whole new level. However, I have a little daughter that would love the themed swag!!

  41. It’s awesome only because of all the attention to detail that went into it. They didn’t just do it. They did it RIGHT!

  42. I am planning to check it out in two years when I return to Taiwan but it might be embarrassing cuz I’m in my 30s lol

  43. The Hello Kitty service is awesome, and I would love to experience it. (Don’t really need the swag though – if my number comes up, draw again.)

  44. I’ll admit I’d love to fly on that Hello Kitty plane. My wife on the other hand would much rather not! Haha.

  45. Hello Kitty is awesome for me because I love all kitties. My ultra dignified and distinguished looking husband would look silly in the T shirt, but he’d give it to me.

  46. Their service is awesome. Food is good between Tokyo and Taipei. Seat on this route is not lie flat but still very comfy.

  47. I think Hello Kitty is an awesome service. I think itยดs a really unique experience for both adults and children alike!

  48. I can’t imagine there being so many Hello Kitty fans that they would find this to be a good business decision. I find it super cute though.

  49. This is way tooooo cute!!!! It must been a terrific flight for you. Cannot wait to fly it myself one day! LOVE IT.

  50. Who wouldn’t love Hello Kitty Swag? I would love, love, love to fly on a Hello Kitty flight, especially with my daughters and granddaughters. But, my marshmallow husband would laugh so hard and have a blast too. What a great conversation topic! “Guess what I did last weekend?”

  51. Hello Kitty is a great differentiator for EVA, to be DIFFERENT than other airlines. I like it, and actually hope to fly BR2198 TPE-NRT to get my Hello Kitty experience!

  52. Honestly, I’m not a Hello Kitty fan but the marketing is working. Look at all the fanfare it’s getting. And even bad publicity, is still publicity.

  53. I always thought hello kitty was Japanese. Maybe they will have a kitty on the plane like SWA has Pete and Penny the penguins.

  54. I think if MTV were to start a new series called “Pimp My Plane”, the Hello Kitty concept would make an awesome pilot.

  55. Hello Kitty is one of those companies where every knows it even though we don’t associate ourselves with it and don’t even know how it all started and continues to be loved by many people. I think this is a great idea and interesting concept. I’m curious to know why EVA has it and not a Japanese Airline.

  56. Initially I was horrified, but from your photos it’s clear that it’s a lot of fun. My niece is a Hello Kitty fan, and, heck, now I’ve been converted. I’ll check your posts to see what it takes to fly Hello Kitty.

  57. I am a fan and I want the aviation-themed plush sets! Thanks for getting on that flight and bringing us awesome reports.

  58. So jealous of this trip. Would love to fly on the HK plane. I’ve been to Sanrio Puroland in Japan and love all things HK. I think the whole experience would be fantastic BTW, 50 y/o male. Cheers and keep the fun posts coming.

  59. It is so awesome that I’m leaving a comment here and crossing my fingers in hope that I won some hello kitty swag!

  60. Fun, Fun!!! I am a cranky old bat who thinks this is awesome…so nice to see something besides corporate button-down, lowest common denominator mentality!

  61. We’re flying one of the Hello Kitty routes in April-looking forward to it. I think it’s a brilliant marketing idea of EVA air!

  62. Hello Kitty Jet is AWSOME! Brilliant marketing strategy on Sanrio and EVA! I can’t wait to experience it!

  63. I’ve been a fan of Hello Kitty since elementary school. It will be a great experience to ride the Hello Kitty plane. That is the next step.

  64. The idea of being on a plane with a bunch of screaming brats….is horrifying. In order to put up with that I would need a constant dose of either drugs or alcohol.

  65. I think it’s really sweet. What a fun way to distinguish their product. Not everything has to be so serious.

  66. I love it! I’ve been checking back every chance I get over the past few days wondering when you’ll post the trip report. I absolutely love it!

  67. I am quite impressed by how thoroughly they’ve rolled out the theme across so many aspects of the product!

  68. I think it’s pretty cool actually! My daughter is big on Hello Kitty and besides that, nice to see something unique on a plane!

  69. I thought it was completely weird until I saw the photos from your report, but now I think it’s fabulous!

  70. Totally awesome! I love Hello Kitty! FYI… u can find me queuing up for McDonald’s value meal just to buy their Hello Kitty merchandise! LOL

  71. It’s strangely awesome and horrific at the same time… Something to do once in your lifetime! ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. I’m not ashamed to admit that I still love hello kitty although I’m in my thirties. I think this flight concept is pretty neat!

  73. My wife is a huge Hello Kitty Fan (almost 50). When we hike the national parks, she takes her big Hello Kitty purse instead of a backpack. She wants to take that flight so bad that we are saving up miles to make that come true for her.

  74. OMG, I just can’t resist Hello Kitties! Bravo to Eva for making dreams come true, and to you, Lucky, for sharing the awesomeness with us!

  75. I think I would just giggle the entire time, so maybe awesome for me but terrible for everyone seated near me.

  76. sorry but this is terribly childish. Maybe fun for the kids but if you’re older than a teenager it’s probably time to let go ๐Ÿ˜‰

  77. Seems like they should also give out footed Hello Kitty PJs and coloring books to the adults as well.

  78. It serves a niche and quite frankly anything that brings back the excitement in air travel can only make the experience that much better. Bravo to EVA!

  79. On the fence actually…

    For me, it’s way too tacky and I wouldn’t go out of my way to choose an airline based on the cheesy stuff they offer.

    I might think differently if my daughter were younger. I also agree with some of the other comments that anything that brings the fun back into flying is a good thing.

  80. I love Hello Kitty. I can only imagine how fun this flying experience would be. Perhaps it’s a reaction to raising teenage boys but I’ve wanted to fly EVA Air’s Hello Kitty Jet Service since I first read about it. Seeing the broad range of swag only makes it more appealing! Sign me up!

  81. I am a guy but I think that Hello Kitty planes and related service/swag are absolutely hilarious! I seriously want them to give out HK-themed PJs so we could all witness a cabin-full of grown people wearing HK apparel ๐Ÿ˜€

    P.S. HK & Daniel Aviation set is going for more than twice its retail price on eBay right now.

  82. My 39 year-old daughter has been a Hello Kitty addict since she was a little girl. She has a Hello Kitty diaper bag as well as everything else Hello Kitty (wallet, towels, clock, guitar!) so this would truly be special!

  83. I cannot imagine how it looks like when people giggle in their seats as they are checking hello kitty out. I wonder if the crew hates to work in one of those flights.

  84. It’s really surprisingly good EVA is at taking the branding. everything is Incorporated with the Hello Kitty theme very well that it’s a great selling point and something to look forward to. It doesn’t feel gimmicky at all. Hello Kitty might be hard for a guy to understand, yup I applaud EVA’s effort in the theming strategy.

  85. Greetings from Australia. So glad you posted a review on Hello Kitty Air. You didn’t mention how the Hello Kitty Foie Gras tasted? ๐Ÿ™‚ Was it any good? Was the Hello Kitty toilet paper scented as well? haha

  86. It is a great marketing tool for both EVA and Sanrio. I bet the Japanese airlines are hitting themselves for not doing it. The service and all of amenities on board are very thoughtful even for the people in the back. Great job EVA.

  87. I am a big time Hello Kitty fan. I am going to try their LA to Taipei service next summer. So excited. I think it will be great!!!

  88. I think most Asian girls like Hello Kitty and I’m one of them. I would love to try this airline! I love the theme airplane.

  89. Absolutely Awesome! Branding at it’s absolute best! Who could ever resist or deny their child such an awesome “experience”!!? I would also be excited to experience some other “themed” airlines. Do any exist? Maybe there is an opportunity for another awesome story! Thanks for the opportunity to comment “One Mile at a Time” on Hello Kitty/EVA AIR JET’s awesome service! Keep up the great work & StaySm:)ing!
    / /
    ( UU )

  90. We flew EVA last month. Both my wife and daughter got a kick out of the Hello Kitty gate area, the inflight shopping, etc. Now that Hello Kitty is supposedly going to be available from LAX, I’m giving serious consideration to flying them back to Asia, even over SQ and NH. I’m certainly not in the standard Hello Kitty demographic, but they hooked me… Seems like a pretty awesome tactic, at least from a marketing perspective.

  91. I think it is awesome marketing and branding. Not sure I’d want to eat Hello Kitty shaped food though. That just seems a tad creepy. No?

  92. OMG. Hello Kitty is literally the most awesomest thing any airline can base a flight theme on. It is so kittydorable!

  93. I’ll need to get myself from HKG to NRT for an open jaw trip next year. Really hoping to be able to do it on one of these planes. It’ll be the kind of thing I’ll be telling people about back home, as much as anything on the ground.

  94. As a kid, I loved all things HK. I still love HK but wished it was more accepted and now its grown in popularity which I am stoked about! Next trip to Asia will be on Eva!

  95. It’s awesome! There is a big HK fanbase and I think it’s interesting that an airline would try to target that. I do understand that not everyone is as enthused, but at least it’s nothing too offensive to the senses. Now imagine if a US airline did something similar.. Justin Bieber airplane? eek.

  96. I think it is awesome marketing! I didn’t realize the extent of the experience until I stumbled across the Hello Kitty gate in TPE this summer and read some more about the in-flight offerings.

  97. I LOVE this! I can’t wait to try it…especially with their new Cathay-like business class seats! Anything to make traveling more exciting is a plus.

    Their branding is top-notch…like a Hello Kitty Disneyland on a plane. Whether you like HK or not, you have to admit…. you can’t help but smile when you look at her and her delightful friends.

    Not having grown up with HK, I can relate to HK fever though, and would gladly partake. She’s just too cute!

  98. I think it is fantastic!! I haven’t flown and experienced their service yet, but I know it will be great! Hello Kitty!!

  99. Agree with the Sponge Bob comment above! Anything to distract from the humdrum airport/airplane experience would be welcome. Love the HK Foie Gras!

  100. My young girls keep asking me if we can take a family vacation to Asia so they can fly on the Hello Kitty planes. I respond, “Once Daddy gets a couple hundred thousand more miles, we will go.” They just frown. Being selected for your prize pack would definitely help them out ๐Ÿ™‚


  101. While it is a little bit ridiculous, I think it is really cool to see a themed flight of any kind. My nieces would absolutely love it but i’m not sure I could handle a 12-hour flight with them ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. Hello Kitty planes are awesome! I wish more planes were branded with cartoons – would make travel more cheery! Maybe a Ninja Turtle plane?

  103. It is interesting. Even though I am not a Hello Kitty fan I have a friend who would love to fly with this service.

  104. awesome…for some, like my friend’s daughter who has just discovered hello kitty. i told her about the hello kitty service and now she wants to fly to taiwan. not really possible for her, but i’d love to give this to her if i win.

  105. Although my older daughter (8) has aged out of the HK phase, my younger daughter (5) would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  106. It’s pretty funny. I like the idea of giving people themed flight choices. I can think of some better themes.

  107. Absolutely awesome. I want to fly one of the Hello Kitty planes with my sister and embrace the girly cuteness.

  108. I have 3 girls and the LOVE Hello Kitty. I’ve been trying to get on that flight but it never works out.

    Long Live Hello Kitty!!!

  109. Thank you for the giveaway. I will definitely take it as it adds to my daughter’s EVA Air Hello Kitty collection!

  110. This is awesome! Half of my daughter’s wardrobe is hello-kitty branded. She’d be super exited to fly on this jet

  111. Wow – that’s pretty cool to see, thanks for sharing all the pics. My wife would love some of this Hello Kitty goodness ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. Hope you had fun on your Eva Air Hello Kitty flight… Thanks for giving back goodies to your readers ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. I think it is innovative of Eva Air to attempt differentiation and inject some fun back into air travel using themed planes.

  114. I think this is AWESOME!! who wouldn’t want to eat a hello kitty “chicken or pasta” dish and then wipe it up with hello kitty toilet paper as it comes out the other end!

  115. If the Hello Kitty outfits look as cute on the stews as they look on the little girls I have seen wearing the outfits; Sure It would make it a better flight.

  116. I vote awesome. It isn’t the Hello Kitty aspect as much as the fact that they are having a bit of fun in an otherwise mostly sterile industry.

  117. I vote it as awesome from a marketing standpoint. They have formed a partnership with an existing brand that does appeal to so many people.

    While I would not choose to fly on the plane for the branding myself, I would go out of my way to bring back pictures and swag for relatives and co-workers children.

  118. I think the Hello Kitty flight would be awesome. I lived in Japan and collected Hello Kitty goods from all the places I visited. Love Hello Kitty!

  119. Thanks for the brief feedback on the flights. I’m glad to see you had a great time & to learn that the plane was actually all themed out, now that’s awesome!

  120. I just flew a HK plane for the first time as well, last Friday. It’s pretty awesome from a marketing standpoint how full an experience it is from check-in and throughout the flight.

    I have friends who would love some more swag. Thanks as always for sharing the love, Lucky!

    Does anyone understand why the people who think this is horrific have left comments and entered themselves to get this horrific swag?

  121. I think it’s AWESOME! It’s super cute, even if you’re not a fan ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope it spawns similar thing (with different characters) elsewhere! ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. It scares away customers so keeps their prices low and seats empty and when full it’s Chinese women who are small, courteous and sleep a lot so perfect seatmates. EVA is best kept secret in transpacific air travel. Their premium economy is almost like business and I did it from HK to JFK for $1,200. Even their economy has an extra inch of recline as far as I can tell. Also their exit rows are often empty and easy to request. Unlike United when there is huge fight for them. So dowdy image but good value

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