Delta offering double miles on new routes from Seattle to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco

As I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, Delta is continuing to increase their presence in Seattle, which potentially has some interesting implications for their partnership with Alaska Airlines. While they’ve hugely increased their international presence in Seattle and announced service to Hong Kong, Seoul Incheon, and London, they haven’t boosted their domestic capacity all that much until recently.

Now they’re adding five times daily service to Las Vegas, seven times daily service to Los Angeles, and seven times daily service to San Francisco.

To promote the new service they’ve announced a promotion whereby they’re offering double miles on these new routes. Registration is required, and the promotion is valid for tickets booked by December 31, 2013, for travel through October 31, 2014. There’s no limit to the number of bonus miles you can earn through the promotion, though registration is required prior to purchasing the eligible ticket.

You don’t actually have to purchase a ticket exclusively between the above city pairs to qualify for the double miles promotion, though you’ll only earn the double miles for nonstop segments between the above city pairs. This means that if you fly from Los Angeles to Seattle to Tokyo Narita, for example, you’d still be eligible for the bonus miles for the flights between Los Angeles and Seattle.


This is a very nice promotion, and certainly almost makes it tempting to fly Delta…


  1. I am rather confused and surprised by the DL build-up at SEA. I kind of get the SEA-SFO and SEA-LAX routes if DL wants to win more corporate accounts in SEA and give pax the option of DL metal for upgrades and the like (although I think it’s all RJ flying.)

    But SEA-LAS doesn’t seem like a corporate route. I wonder if the code-share economics are difficult for DL, and it’s better for them to move Asia pax visiting LAS on their own metal instead.

    Or if DL wants to give AS motivation for considering a merger.

  2. @ Carl — My guess is that Las Vegas is a VERY popular vacation destinations for many Asians, and given the amount of flights to Asia they have out of Seattle, the Las Vegas flights will probably be filled mostly with connecting passengers.

  3. I agree that Asia is a popular destination for Asian tourists, and it would be easy for SEA to be a better connecting point than LAX, and a decent alternative to SFO. I think DL’s flights arrive at various times of day, so a spread of flights makes sense. It’s still kind of interesting that DL feels they have to offer their own metal, except it’s RJs so not really that different than having AS operate it. That’s probably also the rational for SFO & LAX – important destinations for inbound Asian pax. Maybe they have worked on some tour contracts that require DL metal and/or unpublished fares that they can’t sub out to AS.

  4. And the promotion requiring tickets to be purchased by 12/31/13 is great for those not realizing that fares are likely to fall with the increase in frequency between the new routes.

    Those focused on miles aren’t necessarily price-conscious — and Delta is likely to win.

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