Southwest offering double Rapid Rewards points for flights through November 21, 2013

Southwest is offering double Rapid Rewards points for flights booked and flown between October 14 and November 21, 2013. Registration is required prior to travel. That means you earn 12 bonus points per dollar spent on Business Select fares, 10 bonus points per dollar spent on Anytime fares, and six bonus points per dollar spent on Wanna Get Away fares.


Obviously not a promotion that’ll get me to step foot on Southwest, but if you have a flight coming up on them you might as well pick up double points.


  1. Makes sense for short domestic trips where you’re traveling with a companion (that you’re hosting) and you have the companion pass. Southwest’s implied rebate on travel for top-tier is high, like 20-40%. But decidedly unglamorous and not good blog material unless you’re going for a Walmart vibe.

    Still, traveling at the equivalent of $40 per person r/t on short trips is pretty cool.

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