Ends today: 50% discount on W Hotel Beds

The W Hotel Store is running a 50% off Columbus Day sale for beds, mattresses and sheets, which expires today. The W Hotel Store frequently discounts mattresses and a 35-40% discount isn’t uncommon, though I’ve never seen a 50% discount on these mattresses.


For example, through this sale a queen plush top mattress is just $529.50, which is pretty tough to beat.


I have a king pillow top mattress at home from the W Hotel Store that I’m really happy with it. At 50% off it’s an absolute bargain, so if you’re in the market for a mattress I’d definitely jump on this.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. I’d rather stay at a hotel we paid less for than worry about mattresses. (of course this pisses my wife off, lol!) I do that on purpose.

  2. I split for the cash and bought a king this afternoon…..now I got to go out and buy sheets to fit it!

    Love the W Hotel Bed and love the 50% discount!

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