One day left to take advantage of US Airways’ 100% bonus on shared miles

A couple of weeks ago US Airways announced what is hands down their most generous promotion of the year, whereby they’re offering a 100% bonus on shared miles. I just wanted to post a quick reminder of this promotion, since it expires tomorrow, Tuesday, October 15, 2013.


Through this promotion they’ll give you a 100% bonus on all shared miles (meaning transferring miles from one Dividend Miles account to another), up to a total of 50,000. The cost to share miles is one cent per mile, plus a 7.5% tax, plus a $30 transaction fee. The major catch is that you can’t transfer more than 50,000 miles into a single Dividend Miles account under this promotion, and accounts have to be at least 12 days old to participate.

This is basically a way to generate Dividend Miles at ~1.1 cents each, which is an amazing value. You can redeem just 90,000 miles for a business class award ticket to North Asia via Europe, so at 1.1 cents each that’s just $1,000 for that many miles.


  1. Does anybody know if the points transfer instantly? I just made a transfer into my brother’s account, but he hasn’t got the points yet. He was going to send 50k points back to me, but does not have enough points to transfer back to me until he gets the points I have transferred into his account.

  2. How quickly have these been processing for folks? I initiated one yesterday that has still not been processed.

  3. it took about 10 seconds to show up in my account last week when i transferred the miles. i imagine the processing time would increase as the deadline approaches

  4. did transfers back and forth last night. both of them together took about 3 minutes with bonuses and everything.

  5. I did a lot of transactions with this promotion. I discovered that If the receiver account open for sometimes maybe 3 months prior, It will post instantly. For receiver account that have just opened, it will be hold around 24-48 hours.

  6. Thanks tim and Lantean.

    I spoke with US Air…apparently is holding some transfers that get flagged as possible fraud, and customer service is closed for Canadian Thanksgiving. Since my wife had just created her account 13 days ago (for me to transfer in and out of), I am sure that’s why mine was not immediately processed. Looks like I’ll have to call tomorrow and get this ironed out so I can do the return transfer before the deadline.

  7. if my sister transfers 50k to me, it will cost her $567.50, she will lose her 50k points but I will receive her 50k plus another 50k miles? total of 100k?
    I can only receive once? my wife can’t transfer?
    thanks. my sister has 58k, i have 63k, wife has 58k. My sister is least interested in miles & points thing, so I can get her points. Pls explain how should I take advantage of this deal?

  8. @ jim — That’s correct, she’d lose 50,000 miles and then you’d have 100,000 miles in your account.

    You can at most transfer 50,000 miles into an account under this promotion, so you couldn’t get 50,000 miles from two people, for example. If your sister has 58,000 miles maybe have her transfer 31,000 miles to your wife’s account (getting her up to 120,000 miles) and then 29,000 miles to your account (getting you over 120,000 miles).

  9. @lucky,
    if my sister has 58k miles, she can only transfer up to 50k right? transferring 25k to me & 25k to wife’s account will cost her more in fees?
    My sister has 58,049 miles, I have 64,203 miles, wife has 58,571 miles.
    They think I can have all their miles.

  10. Im still looking for a friend to transact this with. Account over year old, yet empty at the moment…

  11. I just called and their recording said they are closed for the “Thanksgiving holiday” opening again on the 15th. Good luck if your points don’t post instantly, lol.

  12. Alright you finally convinced me to give this a try. I had 40K USDM sitting around in a rarely used account and shared them over to another account that will hopefully have doubled the miles when everything is settled. Then I just need to finagle another 10K or so and I’ll be ready to book some sort of business class award. Or if the offers keep coming I might keep building up the miles until I have enough to cover more than just one ticket. Can you comment on what the likelihood of finding 2-4 J seats on the same routing is?

  13. @ Jim

    I think Lucky made a small math mistake as your sister can not transfer 60K as he suggests. But she can transfer 29K to your wife and 19K to you. If you need to get over 120K, you can apply to Barclays MC USAir and get an additional 30K after first purchase (plus some more later). It will cost your sister an additional $35 in fees and for you $89 for the MC card. Enjoy.

  14. Am I the only one that finds this post funny following your disappointing, yet humorous, service on your US Airways flight today?

  15. @Lucky,
    When is the latest you can make a change to a US Airways international partner award ticket by calling in? 1 day/1 hour/1 minute before the first segment commences?

    Trying to call in right before my flights start to try for LH F for two flights separated by 14 days. It’s gonna be a tight one, haha.

  16. My dividend account is older than 12 days but have no miles at all. How can I take advantage of this offer? Just need to find someone to transfer me 50k and I transfer back 50k ??

  17. @ TrAAveller — Hah, but the great thing about US Airways miles is that you can redeem them on non-US carriers!

  18. @ Mark — Your only real option would be to find someone else with a US Airways account that has miles in it and see if they’re willing to transfer you some miles and then you can transfer some back. Still won’t be a way to generate all that many miles if you only have one account.

  19. @ Walter — Up until departure should be fine, so I guess up until the check-in deadline if you’re hoping to change a flight (as opposed to canceling).

  20. @ Dax — Happy to hear you took advantage of the offer! Two seats is almost always possible, while four seats can be tougher, though definitely isn’t impossible if planning in advance and flexible on routing.

  21. @ jim — To be clear, the 50,000 mile limit is before the 100% bonus. So if you transfer 50,000 miles you really get 100,000 miles, and that’s allowed under the rules.

  22. @CY, @Ryan –

    Any updates on whether your transaction went through? Tried doing it last night but it never processed, though is showing a pending charge on the credit card. Read from another page that someone had the same situation, but got the transaction cancelled after 5 days.

    I only have 50000 miles in a friend’s account, and was trying to transfer it to another new account… Now I’m trying to decide whether or not to just try to process another transaction and share those 50000 miles back to my own account…

  23. @ ryan or anyone else with frozen transactions, is there an update this morning from either US Air or I was transferring points between 7 separate accounts this morning (all of them open for >1 year). I was using 3 different credit cards for these transactions – 4 have gone through, 2 are frozen and 1 is still waiting on bonus to post before I can complete the transaction. Should I call someone or just sit tight and pray the points post before the deadline?

  24. My transaction is frozen/pending. Card is fine, but it’s still only temporarily authorized. Just waiting for, but I’ll bet they don’t come through. Not possible to talk to customer “service”, of course: all you can do is email or leave a voicemail. Amazing…

  25. @MillValleyMom – My miles finally transferred last night overnight (which was initiated Sun evening). I initiated my final transfer back, which is also now frozen/pending, but US said I’d be good as long as the request was made prior to the cut-off (even if it had not processed yet). Hope it helps!

  26. @Ryan – thanks for the follow-up and glad to hear that everything worked out for you in the end. I hope you are going someplace fun! Unfortunately for me, I think I may have started the process too late. I think my frozen transactions will be fine, but I still had one final 50k transfer to make. Let’s hope that US Air runs a Buy Miles promotion next month!

  27. @chris – No progress. Transfer is still pending. Guess I am not going to be able to make the return transfer before the deadline

  28. @KP – I managed to get a agent over live chat and had her request an expedited review of my transaction around 3pm today, and it went through around 5pm. Unfortunately it seems that their live chat agents are offline now…

  29. @lucky

    How often do these share miles promos turn up? I saw one in April 2010, and October 2012, do they usually happen in October? Or do they pop up in the Spring as well?

    I ask because I opened up new accounts for my parents to help them with points, and the plan was for me to share 50K with each account, then from one of their accounts, to share 50K back to me (to replenish the 100K I shared), and 50K to the other parent account to consolidate 200K in one account.

    Unfortunately, the transactions did not go through until the next day Oct 16. Is there any use in asking US Air to let me complete the sharing as I originally planned (with the bonuses) citing the long delay, or should we just let it go / wait until next opportunity?


  30. @ W – They seem to offer the “share miles” promos once a year or so, though I wouldn’t rule anything out. I doubt you’d have much luck getting them to honor the bonus after the fact, though keep in mind you can book awards out of anyone’s account in the meantime.

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