Woman goes crazy on flight to Tampa

Not funny since clearly there are bigger issues here, but oh my…

I guess my big question is why the crew didn’t restrain her?

(Tip of the hat to Nick)


  1. I hope she gets the help she needs. The gentleman in the mentioned she said she recently lost her mother.

  2. I had a PTSD flashback on a long-haul flight once and the flight attendants were awesome. They gently took me to the galley, let me sit on the floor in the corner and rock and cry, and kept bringing me sips of water. So I wonder why the attendants didn’t even attempt to contain her in this situation…

  3. Would be interesting to know how this was handled after the plane came to a stop at the gate. Hopefully the FA’s called emergency services to help this lady deal with whatever demons she was facing. The guy next to her looked like he was trying to calm her down, but I suspect you can’t do much in that instance. Being aggressive with her given that the flight was landing would not have helped IMO.

  4. I’d be pretty upset if I was about to land in Tampa too…

    In all seriousness, I hope she got some help on the ground.

  5. I would have screamed loudly at her and told her to SHUT UP, maybe once or twice. Maybe someone already tried that. Even Jesus screamed at lunatics as part of the “cleansing” process. It works. Then I would have asked the flight attendant to do something – at least go there and ask the lady to be quiet.

    Big question – WHAT AIRLINE was this?

  6. the passengers are all remarkably calm. thats awesome. the girl in the aisle is kinda hot. she also had a bag on her lap on landing. interesting. hope the lady going nutso is ok. Who knows what the news of her moms passing did to her. wish her well. and kudos to the passengers for their composure.

  7. I’m glad someone recorded this because it disturbed me. I think if a passenger eruption occurred on a flight that I was on now…I wouldn’t be quite as freaked out because I have seen it before.

  8. Besides the fact that the woman on the aisle is hot, I think I would have had to ask for some kind of compensation for that flight. I was getting a headache just listening to this short video…..

  9. She must have learned that Lucky no longer lives in Tampa. You can get re-booked to Seattle, so please calm down. 😉

  10. I was impressed with her ability to multitask. Looks like she was reading a magazine, using her mobile device, AND having a meltdown.

  11. @Nick yes, I am sure all that this woman needed was a flight attendant to tell her to be quiet and she would have. What would jesus do if he was kicked back, sandals off flying American and this happened? According to Nick, scream Shut Up in her face. Come back from the dead for these people and they still ruin the last 20 minutes of my vibe on my way to vacation in Florida. Some people, I tell you.

  12. Agree that there is no point in posting this, either this thread or the original YouTube upload…sigh

    Can only hope the lady is doing better now

  13. I’m not sure what to say about this.

    Sometimes Lucky’s blog seems to rise above the endless snickering of other travel blogs.

    Then he goes and posts something like this.

    I can kind of understand someone recording this for purposes of handing it over the authorities or the airline or whatever, but posting it on YouTube or on a public blog serves no practical purpose whatsoever.

    Schadenfreude much?

  14. I’m stunned that people say he shouldn’t have recorded this. This woman clearly knew she was nuts and should not have flown, just as a fat person knows they need two seats.

    Don’t they have mace onboard that they can use to spray down people like this? Obviously they would need to put it right in her face so as not to bother the other passengers, but a little shot of mace would shut her up or at least teach her a lesson.

  15. @ Dax — I posted it because I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to why a passenger wouldn’t be restrained in a situation like this.

  16. Even though she’s being extremely loud and annoying she’s still a woman, so maybe that scientifically irrelevant but culturally significant attribute helped to subconsciously allay fears that she represented an imminent threat to the crew or other passengers?

    My guess is that she was told she either needed to sit down or she would be restrained forcefully. Perhaps the guy next to her knows her and volunteered to prevent her from getting up again. If enough of her mental capacity was still working that she was able to comply with the demand to stay seated then maybe the FA’s decided to allow her to remain unrestrained.

    Based on what she’s saying it sounds like she could have some sort of inherent mental defect. Or it’s possible she’s suffering from extreme indoctrination or a severe drug interaction. The honest truth is that there is not nearly enough information to work with here. Maybe we should wait until more information comes out or just let it go.

    This isn’t some multimillion dollar meat sack like Terri Schiavo we’re talking about here. At some point this woman will still need to find some way to go on living her life once she’s gotten past whatever it is that’s ailing her. The plane landed, everyone survived, and now it’s time for the experts to have a look at her.

  17. WOW…she really needs help. I’m sorry but it make me laugh a little when that man was trying to calm her down and she was: “God yout my savior…dont f***g touch me – God your my savior…”

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