JetBlue introduces family pooling

JetBlue just introduced a really innovative feature to their TrueBlue program, at least as far as US frequent flyer programs go. Effective immediately it’s possible to create a “family account,” whereby you can pool the points earned from up to two adults and five children (anyone under the age of 21). The two adults don’t have to be spouses, but can be friends, relatives, etc.

Upon joining each family member will select how many points to contribute upfront (with zero transfer fees) and the percentage of points they want to contribute on an ongoing basis per transaction. That just seems kind of silly to me, since best I can tell there’s no reason not to contribute 100% of points to the family account. The head of household is the only one that can redeem the points, though they can be redeemed for anyone, and not just members of the family account (unlike British Airways, which restricts redemptions to members of the account).

Here’s a video that explains the entire program:

This is a really smart move on the part of JetBlue, in my opinion. On the down side (for them) it may very well increase the number of “usable” points balances out there. While it’ll take a once a year flyer a while to have enough points for a redemption, seven once a year flyers will have enough points for a redemption much faster.

But on the plus side for JetBlue, I do think this will increase loyalty among families substantially, creating not just a preferred carrier for the road warrior, but for the entire family.


  1. OMG, Pure Genius move from Jet Blue. This seems like something Southwest would have thought of first!

    My hope and desire for other airlines, like American, Delta and United to follow Jet Blue’s lead in the family sharing of miles is greater than my passion for chocolate.

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