Air New Zealand’s amazing new safety video featuring Betty White!

Air New Zealand sure is innovative with their safety videos, and has had some really creative ones in the past, everything from an almost unbearably obnoxious one starring Richard Simmons, to a really cute hobbit themed one.

But I think they’ve just unveiled their best safety video yet, starring Betty White. I’d argue it’s probably the best safety video of any airline ever. Check it out:

What do you guys think — amazing or amazing?


  1. So far as committee approved low offense humor goes it’s fairly good. On the other hand if Air New Zealand was my home airline and I was forced to listen to this video over and over again I’d still get completely sick of it in no time. Has anyone done any research to determine if the folks who benefit from these types of videos are even worth saving in the event of a disaster? Maybe we should leave the people who are too clueless to buckle a safety belt or too clumsy to get around a seat that’s reclined two inches behind?

  2. I have seen all of ANZ’s safety videos and loved them all, including this one (my love and bias for Betty White notwithstanding). What ANZ should do is cycle through them all, such that you never know which safet video you’ll get on your flight. They’ve proven they’re creative, they can take it one step further and shuffle through the great videos.

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